February 2, 2014

Doggiezzz! Create a Caption

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Create a Caption for Bran G

Look how precious Bran G is snuggled up in his puppy pillow! It seems as if he is about to lie down for his nap. Do you agree? What do you think he is saying? Add YOUR own caption in the Comments!

Dog photoHere’s my caption: “Who says cats are the only ones that can take naps? This bed is sooo comfortable! I’m just gonna snooze for a bit. Don’t wake me; don’t wake me zzzzzzzzzz!”

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

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  1. Lindsay

    I’m a gold dog on a white bed. A golden dog on a white bed. Ruff ruff bark bark goldendoodley do.

  2. Reniah

    your dog is so pretty is it a boy or girl how old it she is so pretty i wish she was my dog awe i would be happy to be you i love that dog.

  3. shrewddreamtime11

    who you looking at? why are you taking a picture of me is there something on my face ahhh get it off if it’s a flea you better get it off if you post that online I will draw a mustache on your face while nap time and post a pic so HA HA HA btw I learned how to get on your phone cause I watched you so i’m pretty sneaky I could even be on that new movie super buddies I hear that the girl is single

  4. applecupid12

    That is so cute I always wished to have a dog like that but no pets allowed in my house,once again cute.


    look at this cute, fuzzy, sweet, little…. (farts) Ok! I think you should either A) clean the bed. or B) Sleep in my bed. If I were you, I would sleep in the doggie bed!

  6. mousewinner13

    “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m trying to sleep here, so leave now maybe?”

    1. shrewddreamtime11

      Ha Ha Ha cute and funny I love how you made it sound like call me maybe it’s now leave now maybe!!!

  7. Olivia

    Look at this adorable little thing laying on your bed! (Farts) Umm you might not want to sleep here tonight!

  8. bears biking

    he does look like he wants to go to sleep I agree. I think he is saying “I want you to snuggle with me too

  9. platinumpaw32

    “The only thing CUTER than a kitten and a baby penguin cuddling is a puppy with it’s head cocked that’s named Bran G.”

  10. hannah


    1. Aenaya

      what is the best game and just want to know so i can play it and make sure i play the right one please i will tell you if i find something that’s the best have you ever played dear dumb diary

  11. UniqueFreak

    “I think I’m going to lie dawn for a while…(yawns, gushing with cuteness).” (*5 minutes later, pops up, hyper): BACON STRIP????

  12. BlueButterfly2906

    “IS this the only thing that I can do that other dogs cant do? Can other dogs sleep as long as me? Well, can theyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

  13. Dara

    I know I am adorable I am so adorable so I should be able to sleep on the bed right I mean I am so adorable right, right? So before you say anything I am going to sleep okay since I am so cute I am going to sleep. poodles! get it toodles?

  14. Bubblyred7

    Here’s my caption: ” Why can’t I take a nap? I’m sooooooo tired! Aren’t I cute enough? PLEASE can I take a nap? At least I said please! Well whatever, I’m going to sleep! ZZZZZZ!”