June 6, 2014

Dog With a Blog Interviews

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Meet G Hannelius and Blake Michael (a.k.a Avery and Tyler on Dog With a Blog)

Calling all Dog with a Blog fans! We’ve already been lucky enough to interview the stars of the show starring a talking dog, but we happily caught up with G Hannelius and Blake Michael to see what they’ve been up to since we spoke with them last. On the show, G and Blake play siblings Avery and Tyler. In real life, they’re also good friends. Read on to see what it’s like working with a real dog, their most embarrassing moments (well, Blake’s most embarrassing moment), and more. Check it out!

Q: On the show you guys fight all the time like a real brother and sister, but you love each other.
BLAKE: That’s pretty much it.
G: We fight all the time, but the dog really brings us together.

Q: How do they make Stan the dog talk?
G: They do it with CGI.
BLAKE: We have a great team of really talented CGI animators and artists, and they are very good at what they do. They usually spend weeks per episode animating the dog. It’s a really big process.

Q: Do you kind of wish he did talk?
G: Yeah! He’s a sweetheart.
BLAKE: Absolutely.

Blake Michael and G Hannelius in Dog with a Blog

Image credit Disney Channel

Q: What’s one thing you believe can make the world a better place?
G: Laughter.
BLAKE: More water, because I know a lot of places are in need of water.

Q: What’s the most unusual talent that you have that no one knows about?
BLAKE: G’s really good at circus stuff, juggling and stuff.

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment?
G: I don’t have one.
BLAKE: You don’t have one?
G: I don’t get embarrassed!
BLAKE: I remember a few premieres ago my mom licked her hand and set back my hair. That was pretty embarrassing.

Blake Michael and G Hannelius in Dog with a Blog

Image credit Disney Channel

Q: Blake, when they cut your hair on the show—was that really your hair, or a wig?
BLAKE: That was really my hair!

In case you missed it, we’ve got excellent individual interviews with G Hannelius and Blake Michael, too (plus these videos of Blake and G and a Dog with a Blog Would You Rather Quiz) Can’t you tell we love them? Share your thoughts in the Comments below!

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image from kids.scholastic.com — En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Sue Schneider
Images courtesy Disney Channel


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    dog with a blog is so funny i cant stop watching it or reading stuff from the show

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    I love your show so much. G is so pretty, smart, and kind. Blake, G, and Cleo are like brothers and sisters.

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    En-Szu, that nice of you to do the whole interviews with G Hannelius and Blake Michael

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    I really like the show dog with a blog because they act like there a real family and they have so many good tips you can use in life.

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    Dog With A Blog is an awesome t v show on Disney channel. I’m kind of glad it’s still going on. It kind of got boring in the first season but the other season(s?) are great!:)

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