October 11, 2012

DIY Halloween Costumes

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HalloweenDIY Halloween Costumes

A while back, we did a post on book-inspired Halloween costumes. Well, it’s Halloween again, and we’ve got some budget-friendly, super-creative ideas for an awesome Halloween costume . . . or a wacky, everyday disguise. Check out these DIY Halloween costumes!


Get 4 of your friends (plus you equals 5). Dress in stylish, preppy clothes (polo shirts, button-down shirts, blazers with jeans and sneakers). Apply plenty of hair gel. Carry microphones. Have the song “Live While We’re Young” playing on repeat on an iPhone hidden in someone’s pocket. Now for the kicker – apply white and grey zombie makeup to your face! You can actually make this work for a lot of different characters. Turn any character into a zombie. I did this one year as a Girl Scout Zombie and it was a big hit.

Dress in old-fashioned country garb (brown pants, vests, work boots). Katniss and Gale should carry a bow and arrows. Peeta should carry a loaf of bread. OR Katniss can wear a fire-engine red dress as “the girl on fire.” When people give you candy, answer with “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Wear tight green clothing and stuff it with newspaper to make it look like you have bulging muscles. Wear green gloves and stuff them with newspaper also. Paint your face green. Mess up your hair so it’s disheveled. When people ask you a question, just grunt angrily or punch the air with your giant fists.

You’ll need 5 people and 1 real or stuffed dog for this. Family members work nicely. You’ll need 2 boys for Fred and Shaggy.
Fred: blond hair or a wig, white shirt, blue jeans, orange scarf. Catchphrases: “Let’s split up gang!” or “I’ve got just the trap!”
Shaggy: messy hair, green shirt, brown pants. Catchphrase: “Zoinks!!!”
Now the girls:
Velma: Orange turtleneck, red skirt, orange knee-high socks. Catchphrase: “Jinkies!” Daphne: Short purple dress, a green scarf, headband. Catchphrase: “Jeepers!” or “I’ll go with Freddy” since she is secretly/not-so-secretly in love with him.
Scooby: a stuffed Scooby Doo dog is perfect, or you can walk your real dog and call him Scooby.
Have your mom chase you around dressed as a ghost or crazy person, yelling “You meddling kids!” Carry a box labeled “Scooby Snacks.”

Everyone’s favorite deadly female Avenger. Wear all black. A black t-shirt and leggings will do. Frizz out your hair so it’s wild and wavy. Paint a water gun black to carry around. Do body rolls on the ground to occasionally get from place to place. Wear an evil smirk because you’re the most dangerous assassin on earth.

What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for DIY costumes? Any creative and easy ideas for celebrities or superheroes? Let us know in the Comments below!
Happy Haunting!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Teacheractor3

    My friends and I are taking a classic white blanket halloween costume up a notch:
    1) Wrap a white blanket around your body
    2) Wear a belt around your waist
    3) Find gold or silver pipe cleaners or yarn and make a wreath for your head
    4) Find a few accessories to dress as your favorite greek god or goddess (a book for Athena, a harp for Apollo, a trident for Posidon, etc)

  2. Tealtornado8

    cant wait until halloween instead of buying a new costume you can use parts from old costumes to creat something new and awesome

  3. BlackLemon14

    Im working on a white(with black skirt) unicorn, i’m gonna wear a white undershirt my black skirt and i turned some white pipe cleaners and a headband into a unicorn horn. I really can’t wait ti’l halloween!

  4. artemisforest3

    I don’t know which one to be a goddess of a demigod? If a goddess which one and if a demigod from camp half blood what olympian parent? If you know any tips please tell me!

  5. Isla Silvercresent

    omg, last year i did Harry Potter and so i was wearing my mom’s black overcoat, black pants, a white dress shirt, my dad’s red tie, converse, and circle glasses with a lightning bolt painted onto my forehead. I also painted a wooden craft stick with black nail polish (i didn’t have paint!), it was a lot of fun, i kept an english accent all night long

  6. midnightartemis2

    To make the unicorn costume, I’m wearing a rainbow jacket, a neon green tank-top, bright blue jeggings, rainbow legwarmers, a unicorn horn, and i’ll have blood running down my face, and i’ll use flour to make myself pale

  7. Marisa

    I know! I love this blog. The daily poll, etc.
    I just wish they’d add more quizzes, that’s all.

  8. PurpleArtemis25

    Me and my other 2 friend are going to be a gang of cowgirls.All you need a button down shirt,jeans,and a hat!

  9. midnightartemis2

    The zombie One Direction one is good. I’m actually going as a zombie unicorn (hope I didn’t offend anyone with unicorn in their username)

  10. P

    Our class is learning about blogs, and we are also studying a book listed on your website, Holes by Louis Sachar. We wondered if anyone might be interested in blogging about this book?

  11. elfheroine1

    I’m making a Jedi cosplay.
    I’m using a pattern for the top, and belt. I’m going to buy karate pants for the bottom, and then I have to get boots!

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