August 1, 2014

Disney Stars Read Books

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Find out what these stars are reading this summer.

We are always curious/nosy to know what people are reading. You never know where your next favorite book will come from. So we asked a few stars of Disney shows to tell us what they are reading this summer. Here’s what they said . . .

Francesca Capaldi in Dog with a Blog

Francesca Capaldi from Dog With a Blog is reading Cupcake Cousins by Kate Hannigan.

Calum Worthy in Austin & AllyCalum Worthy from Austin and Ally is reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Really?

Maddy WhitbyMaddy Whitby from Radio Disney’s Morgan & Maddy in the Morning is re-reading the Harry Potter series.

Leave a Comment and let us know what YOU are reading this summer!

Photos courtesy Disney Channel


    I love Cup Cake Cousins and
    Green Eggs and Hams
    never read Harry Potters seen some of the movies

  2. nimbehummus

    I love the hunger games I have re-read the trilogy ad least 5 times this summer. luv u suzane collins

  3. unicornaphrodite139

    im reading lots this summer(over 12) : pippi long stocking, zebra wall, the word eater, the westing game, rubby holler, 3 of the penderwics, rainbow magic fairies, magic tree house, 39 clues, molly moon, a Sacromento discovery, cupcake dieries, and a-z mysteries.

  4. unicornAmethyst52

    I’m reading The Island Of The Blue Dolphins and the book is mouth watering and i want to keep reading it.

  5. chattyindigo41

    I am reading lots of books! Like The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, The Baby-Sitters Club, American Girl, Geronimo Stilton, and Bully. Those are all great books!!!!!

  6. chattyindigo41

    I am reading The Amazing Days Of Abby Hayes, The Baby-sitters Club, American Girl, and books borrowed from the library. Those are really good books!!!!!!!!!

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