June 20, 2012

Discover More Technology

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Discover More Technology

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Smartphone looks like? Or how an Xbox Kinect works? Or who invented the iPod? Find out all this and more in Technology, the latest book in the Scholastic Discover DiscoverMore More series.

After you read Technology, use the digital code to redeem the free companion digital book, Cool Tech Heroes, onto your Mac or PC. In the digital book, you can read about the inventor of Facebook, the guy who invented Super Mario Bros.TM, and Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic female astronaut.

Take a special sneak peak at Technology!



–Miriam F., Scholastic Nonfiction Publisher

  1. pinkaqua201

    I would love to learn who invented thing technology wise.I would like to learn who made how they made it and who they make it work i would also want to meet the person as long as there not dead

  2. pie cooker

    it’s weird how the phone got smaller in the past years now we have smartphones and all that kind of stuff

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