January 15, 2013

Deltora Scavenger Hunt Answers

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Deltora_coverDeltora Scavenger Hunt Answers

If you’re into magic and monsters, good vs. evil, and just plain good fantasy, chances are you will love the Deltora books. And chances are you did our Deltora Scavenger Hunt last week. And chances are we’ve got the answers below!

  1. How many books total are there in the Deltora series (counting the bonus books)?
    ANSWER: 17! Deltora Quest has 8 + Shadowlands 3 + Dragons 4 + 1 Travel Guide + 1 Book of Monsters. Whew! That’s a lot of Deltora books!
  2. Watch The Golden Door trailer and finish this sentence.
    “What terror lies beyond ___ _____ ____?”
    ANSWER: The Golden Door.
  3. The author, Emily Rodda, lives in what country?
    ANSWER: Australia.
  4. In which game do you catch rats with your “mouse?”
    ANSWER: The City of Rats. Scroll down to see all the games!
  5. Read an excerpt from Deltora Quest Book I: The Forests of Silence. Who dies on the first page?
    ANSWER: The king (King Alton). Check out the Deltora Books page to read excerpts from the other books too.
  6. Name three of the main characters.
    ANSWER: All the main characters can be found on the Characters page. Scroll down to see all the main characters.
  7. How many levels are there in The Dragons of Deltora Adventure games?
    ANSWER: 4! If you log in to the STACKS, you can save your game stats on your Profile.
  8. From whose point of view is the book The Secrets of Deltora told from?
    ANSWER: Doran the Dragonslayer. He is the greatest Deltoran explorer ever, and a friend of the dragons.

So go forth. Fight evil. Slay dragons and monsters. And let us know what you thought of this Scavenger Hunt!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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