September 30, 2011

Debby Ryan’s New Disney Show, Jessie

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Debbieryan_130x130_9.12 The adorable Debby Ryan from Suite Life on Deck and 16 Wishes is in a Disney show called Jessie. In the show, Debby Ryan plays Jessie, a small town girl with big dreams who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when she decides to move to New York City. She accepts a job as a nanny and moves in with the Ross family — dad Morgan, a famous movie director, mom Christina, a former supermodel turned business mogul, and their four children.

Conflict and chaos arise as Jessie attempts to live her dream in the big city while caring for four kids – 13-year-old Emma (played by Peyton List from the Rodrick Rules movie); a 10-year-old adoptee from India named Ravi (played by Karan Brar also from the Wimpy Kid movies); Luke (played by Cameron Boyce), a mischievous 12-year-old adopted at age five from Detroit. The baby of the family is 7-year-old Zuri, who was adopted at birth from Africa. Jessie_600w

Are you excited for this new show? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments.

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  1. lizardchocolate31

    I love this show I think it’s great for kids to watch jessie because it’s good and Iwish I could meet the cast.

  2. First Name Only or STACKS username

    I love this show Ithink it’s great for kids to watch and I think you should keep watching that show.

  3. wafflefriendly14

    i have watched jessie a lot of timez and i liked it i wish i could meet th acters of jessie.

  4. Aphem

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  5. gameboard5

    Jessie emma suri u are the best characters and Jessie and the other ross family and u are pretty funny suri and Jessie u would make a good actress and emma next time u go to the mall order me a pair of jordans

  6. bluegreen796

    i love your so much.and every time i get on netflix i always click on it.even you are the coolest girl on the show.

  7. minime23


  8. julia

    siabhan could you tell us how it seems racist like percy and harry fan did. Thank you and i don’t mean to be mean but I just wanted to tell you.

  9. chocalategirl

    I don’t think an eighteen year old should be in charge of a thirteen year old and a twelve year old. They can watch themselves, and certainly wouldn’t see her as authority! But I LOVE the show and it is so cute! They do a great job of exaggerating each character’s personality!

  10. Deb

    This is the most rascist show I’ve ever seen. They had Ravi actually eating hot peppers because he’s Indian. We’re teaching our kids that entertainment means making fun of people from other countries through false stereotypes. I’m dissapointed in Disney.

  11. nick

    117 comments hi my name is nick i love your show i like the name luke debbie rhyan you are the most tuffist girl i have ever seen

  12. catblue520

    I think jessie is a good show for kids. Jessie is funny,great,and awesome.I also love Jessie.I think there should make a new one every single day.

  13. ariana

    i love the show jessie it is so funny and cool i love all the characters especelly LUKE he is so cute emma is so cool jessie is so pretty zuri is the cutest little girl i have ever seen ravi is smart mr kippling is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love the show but i don”t think that it will be as good as wizards of waverly place or suite life on deck!!!

  15. bluedolphin1055

    i love her new show.i think she was the perfect actress for this part. i <3 debby ryan

  16. ARTART1049


  17. dolphinpink199

    i love this show and i think debby ryan has gotten more popular out of this show! my fav character is the lil girl she is sooooo cute!:) i forgot her name tho

  18. Shawn123456789

    Debbie Ryan is going to be an ok actor on jessie. i think selena gomez would do a better jo than her

  19. Sophie

    I love the new Disney Channel t.v series Jessie! The show is very funny and is very exciting too! Debbie Ryan is so amazing!:)

  20. puppyblue111

    omg i luv debby ryan she is awsome on jessie cant wait 4 new episode !! :) P.S. I LOVE EMMA & ZURI TTYL

  21. TigerChasing7

    i love the show jessie. it is soooo funny and it is sooooo weird. but it is a good weird. i really like mr.Kiblings. he is a reptile diva. like he took jessies ice cream and was sent to bed. but he probebly had to walk a long time because the ice cream shop is realyy fare away from their house. just maybe. i also like emma. i love that sparkly silver dress that she wore to go to a concert and then it turned out that she didnt go.

  22. julia

    I no you might not be reading this horse happy23 but u really made me happy by agreeing with me no 1 ever really cares about me comments:( so that means a lot thank u so much

  23. Shaniya

    jessie is soooooooooooo cool i like all of them but i didn’t know zuri luke was adopted i knew ravi was adopted but ema’s the only one not adopted

  24. blackfangs86

    i know it might be weird but i have not seen jessie or what her name is i just know the it is so goood i cant what to whatch it this weekend

  25. icarlydancing

    I like the show! Most of all I love Zuri and her sassy attitude. I also love Ravi’s accent when he talks or gets angry.

  26. cocolious63509

    i just watched one of the shows last night and it was sooo and my lil sis wre watching it together .my sister gets in trouble at school for talkin because she was telllin her boyfriend about debby ryan.debby ryan is a good roll model for younger children . i look up to debby ryan i dont just go around the internet talkin about people.

  27. cocolious63509

    this show is lik so awsome .i just lovvveee deby ryan. sha is lik the best disney actress. i really think people need to litten up a bit and stop haten.

  28. catjade48

    yeah i watched that show before i like it to but the person i like is emma the most because she is really smart and i also like jessie and zori. Zori is the person i like 2 because she is the one ispire me and jessie she sounds like a fun babysitter that i would want

  29. greensports10

    Some people say that jessie is horrible but i personally think it is as good as it can get so i think it rules!!!!

  30. darkangel117

    i love that show it is in my top fav fives.debbie ryan is so awesome i wonder if she can write me back.
    dark angel 117

  31. browniedance6

    There is this boy in my class who is so like Luke acts like him looks like him everything about him is Luke!!!!!!!!!

  32. harpsealgrl

    I like the show, but I feel that they need to change the theme song because it isn’t really that original. Basically all they say is “Hey Jessie!” (no offense, of course).

  33. sadie

    i think it awsome i have no idea how hard it is to act with someone like luke but his funny and cute

  34. Nuha

    hi i am Nuha I like to share my story to you all called Jain saved her family and i have other one called Maria and her friends having fun am still writing it
    Thank You

  35. Alley

    I LOVE Jessie!!! I am REALLY excited about this show!!! Debby Ryan is a a great actor and so are ALL of the other actors!!! But I dont like the theme song though….

  36. purplebrownie123

    it is okay i love Zuri LOL my bff tried out for the part of Emma i wish she got but Peyton List is a good actor wasnt she in Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Ravi??

  37. camille

    This show seems like a funny, enthusiastic show that i would love to watch this relates to my next door neighbors. They have four kids and a nanny. Their nanny is young like jessie and has the same character traits as her this is why i really would love to watch Jessie.

  38. randi

    i watched the first show 2 weeks ago and it was awesome my favorate carachter is zuri and i like all characters but zuri stands out i hope the vidios keep playing forever

  39. aquacloud33

    hey that is one good show the oldest daughter is with the blonde hair is my favorite person in the show. She is super pretty.

  40. blackpanther82

    I like Zuri, she is so funny and loves to play tea. I like the episode when that reptile got away and one of the ladies was complaing and said reptiles are not allowed then Zuri said you live here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ

  41. Opal Eagle

    An awesome show but not as good as antfarm! Jessie is still a cool show though. Only I want to change the theme song. Not really catchy.

  42. birdbeetle107

    i saw the first show and i had loved it it was amazing i wish i had saw the next one i’m just so happy to see the new show!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. DogFootball31

    I love the new show Jessie because it’s very interesting, I think everyone that likes Debby ryan should watch it!

  44. TigerChasing7

    I love to watch Jessie becaause it is funny and it is like my babysitter Jaid. it is funny because she is just like my babysitter.

  45. JESSIE_FAN_1O1


  46. joel

    The JESSIE show is so great never a boring minute they have the best cast all perfect for their parts they play,Debby Ryan is great and a good role model, I am so glad she got her own show Disney knows how to pick them and she will make them proud

  47. yonnie

    i really kike thee little girl skai she is so so adorable in funky only thing i dont like is the theama song it should have been more better

  48. horsehappy23

    I watched Jessie last night and I loved it! It is sooooooo funny! I would recommened it to everybody. Just one question. Why are all the characters adopted exept for Emma.

  49. sharpiegirl

    I love Jessie!! I watched it this morning, and it was great! It might not hve been as good as some other shows, but it was good.

  50. BritN

    LOVED Jessie! Debby Ryan was amazing and the show was so funny and warm. I really can’t believe how good it is.

  51. Cheerfulheart15

    I watched it last night, and I like it! Its a little weird on how they find Jessie and how they fly a private plane, But other than that, It was great! I love Zuri & Ravi! :)

  52. jadenight7

    hey people comments are written so u can change em duh.
    oh and i know u wont put this on cause apparently u pple dont like us expressing are feelings otherwise known as COMMENTING
    bye <3

  53. jadenight7

    the only thing i dont like is the title song
    thats cause debby keeps saying “hey jessay”
    i wouldnt be surprised if she squeezed the word essay in the song

  54. miniartemis

    Peyton List is so cool, and Debbie Ryan is awesome, I loved her in Suite Life On Deck!!!
    I haven’t watched it yet, but I can’t wait to see it!!

  55. dolphinfin27

    loved it cant wait foir the next episode AWESOME YOU GUYS ROCKED. LUKE is so funny and zuri is sooo cute.

  56. dejah b

    i love that show its cool and funny i love Zuri she is so cute and funny lolo lucke loves debby lol emma is so tall lol i love this show

  57. G

    Well, I always loved really much the Disney shows and Debby, so I hope this new show will be as good.

  58. percy and harry fan

    I watched the show like…Sunday on Demand, and it’s BORING and STUPID. In my opinion… I’m not a fan of Debby Ryan’s acting…
    Also, I find Ravi’s Indian accent racist. At school, people already make fun of Indian accents, and now THIS is to add.(I’m Indian) Not amusing, at all.

  59. clubbee8

    Luke is funny!!! because at the seek peek Luke put Ravi’s sleeping bag on the door when Ravi was sleeping and Luke ring the clock and Ravi weak up and find that he’s sleeping bag was on the door and Ravi said “get me down from here”and Lake said’ if you say so” and un zip the sleeping bag and made Ravi fall on the carpet and he prabley got hrt.

  60. clubbee8

    Zuri is so cute and I didn’t know that Zuri was adopted at brith from Africa I wonder who adopted her.

  61. demiandselenafan123

    I like the show, but it’s not as good as other Disney Channel Shows, such as Wizards of Waverly Place, or So Random! Debby Ryan is an “okay” actress. I still think Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the best! :D Totally a Lovatic, and a Gomez, I guess. ♥

  62. blackpink79

    i will love this show i no it i can tell by the dinsney stuff i can tell its gonna be funke fun and funny

  63. stacks_girl

    i’m not that excited. the show doesn’t look that good. i don’t know what’s happened to disney shows, but there just not as good as they used to be. and i’ve never moved debt ryan.
    but…i’ll watch and tell you what i think afterwards!!! who knows, it might surprise me!

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