August 18, 2009

Dear Dumb Diary Trivia: Take Two

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Ddd_130Way back when (aka February), I posted a trivia question about Dear Dumb Diary, the hilarious series by Jim Benton, and less than half a day later, the very first commenter got the answer right. And while I can't guarantee these questions are any harder, I can guarantee there are more of them. So, give it your best shot—leave your answers in the comments and I'll be back next week with the answers!

1. What does Isabella buy with the money that is donated to The Juvenile Optometry Foundation?

2. Jamie's mom claims the children in what (made-up) country would appreciate her cooking?

3. What does TUKWNIF stand for?

4. What number is Hudson on the list of cutest boys at Mackerel Middle School?

5. Which two guys at Mackerel Middle School can go by the initials M.P.?

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Moi

    Isabella buys plain contact lenses which she later colours in with a green marker
    Jamie’s mum claims that the children in wheretheheckistan would appreciate her cooking
    TUKWNIF stands for that ugly kid whose name I forgot
    Hudson is number 8 on the cute guys list
    Mike pinsetti and mr prince both have the initials M.P

  2. Jasmine

    I love thesse books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m so glad we have thesse at my school!!!!

  3. ministar22

    3.that kid who’s name i forget
    4.8 prince and mike pinsetti

  4. judyblume98

    Hey thanks emi for the heads up. I just saw in my libary!! I so will toatlly be getting it now!!!!!

  5. M.D

    I think there great and funny. I love the drawings on it and how it relates to real life stories.

  6. misspopularcutie

    ive never read it before but i think someone recommended it to me.i may start to read the dear dumb diary books.

  7. Covered Dish

    1.Contacts, I believe.
    2.Wherevertheheckitis or something like that
    3.That Kid Who’s Name I Forget.
    5.Mike P.
    Mr. Prince

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