September 27, 2013

Deadtime Stories

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Deadtime Stories

There are only 34 days until Halloween, and we are getting ready to celebrate! To start your Halloween season right, we have an EXCLUSIVE video clip from the new Nickelodeon show Deadtime Stories (rated TV-PG) premiering on Oct 3.

In this episode, there’s some kind of Halloween celebration going on at the apple orchard . . .only the witches and ghouls look frighteningly real, and the “Grand Opening” celebration leaves Katie and Andy alone in a town full of appleheads.

Watch the video, but only if you like scary stuff!

Also, check back next week for an interview with the star of the show, Jennifer Stone!
–Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. zeusphoenix491

    i love deadtime stories i have two bakervill and apple heads i haven’t read them yet but i will

  2. Yesenia

    I LOVE that movie i watch in my houes i wish my sister didnt tell me;-) and family are lond wish they had been quite:-)

  3. Olivia

    i LOVE this show! its the best. i watch it every year it comes on. cant wait to see it this year. i hope its way spookier than last yeah! :)

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