July 24, 2013

Creepella von Cacklefur’s Summer

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ReturnOfTheVampCreepella’s Summer Adventure by Geronimo Stilton

Hello, mouse friends! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer! I wanted to share with you a spooky little story that my friend Creepella wrote. Her pet bat Bitewing just dropped it in my lap insisting that I post it. So here it is!

“The Slimy Swamp Ghost” by Creepella von Cacklefur

It was a humid summer day. “What perfect weather for the beach!” Creepella exclaimed to her niece, Shivereen. Shivereen cheered and leapt into Creepella’s hearse, and they sped off toward the Slimy Swamp. On the way, they picked up their friend Billy Squeakspeare.

“Do we have to go to the Slimy Swamp? I hear it’s haunted by an angry ghost!” Billy said.

“Don’t worry so much, silly Billy!” Creepella replied.

They got to the green, muddy Slimy Swamp. Creepella ran down to the water, and the muck oozed around her paws. “Summer is mouse-tastic!” she cried.

Billy was just about to dive in the water when he heard an eerie moan. He shrieked and leapt backward.

“It’s the ghost!” Shivereen exclaimed. At that, Billy started running away, but Creepella caught him.

“Ghostie, why are you moaning?” Creepella asked.

A slow, eerie voice answered, “I’m just so lonely out here. And when I try to make friends, everyone runs away!”

“We’ll be your friends!” Creepella and Shivereen cried. They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with their new ghost pal. Even Billy had a race with the ghost through the swamp . . . which he lost, of course.

At the end of the day, the mice said goodbye to the Slimy Swamp ghost. They would be back to visit soon!


Find out more about Creepella’s adventures.

  1. pinkrabbit316

    i have read this……..i just loved it!!!! whoever is reading this if they have read this pls do reply……

  2. cupcakeblue129

    Well this book was good.One thing that I realized was that crepella has a favoraite nephew just like geronimo.I am still looking for the book when crepella and geronimo met in the library so I dont know alot about crepella.

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