December 21, 2009

Create a Caption: Winston on the Web

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Createacaption When Nancy took a break from working, her stuffed animal friend, Monkey, took over for her. I wish I had luck like that. But, no. When I wanted a break, I left The STACKS in the capable hands of my parents’ new puppy, Winston. I thought he had you guys covered. But then I came home to find him goofing off and playing games! I guess you can’t count on a puppy to do a person’s job!


What do you think Winston was thinking when I caught him slacking off? Leave a comment and let me know!

image from kids.scholastic.comCarly H., STACKS Staffer

Since Readingstar5 asked “What kind of dog is it?” I guess I should mention that Winston is an English Bulldog.

  1. willows2468242

    I think the adorable puppy is thinking…
    “Can you quit distracting me?!?!?! I’m in the middle of a very important game! I must defend my title of highest score! Don’t laugh at me! It’s a matter of life or death!”

  2. Katie

    the little puppy is saying , “Yo what up dawg? I’m trying to go online but my arms are to short!!!”

  3. kidswithwings

    (LOL my dog does that sort of thing too. It’s cute, but she’s 42 lbs. and still growing! The cursor enraptures her.)

  4. Katherine

    “Well 17 Again was a little slow at the begining but who can’t love Zefron?And post!”

  5. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    1. Puppy face!
    2. Uh…hi! (Puppy face)
    3. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it!
    4. I better get paid for this
    5. My favourite liver page!
    6. I’m trying a dog dating site–I got a date with a french poodle!

  6. Mini Mickey

    “Hey look what I found! Do I still get my treat for my wonderful deed to the human race?”

  7. NinjaJuice

    I think I’ll stop by a doggy day care site. I need a sitter for tomorrow…”
    “My paws are to big. I always end up typing like this: jfala.”
    LOL. That is SUCH a cute dog!!!

  8. puppies125

    This is what he is saying:
    “Oh no, she’s here! (closes the window.) Oh, I wasn’t playing! No way. See? I was working this whole time. What? You think I was updating my Face-bark page? No way! What? You’re accusing me of playing on Mini-Chihuahua and Free-bone-arcade? Fine, I confess…

  9. Bucky1515

    my masters computer never works. I can’t even get on online. i hate this well im goin to go eat some treats later.

  10. Charles

    Little do my owners know as they took my picture I posted there last years embarrassing family
    Christmas video.

  11. Shannon

    Do you know what I found a diary on the computer! Oops my owner is here I’m going to get in trouble um bye.

  12. rhonda

    ahahaahahahah he so cute hes on the computer reading are message and laugh so pretty lil puppy.

  13. pamela

    “do i look sad? my master put me on ebay. r u sad yet. im putting him on there 2″

  14. ANGEL


  15. ashley: ) (avatar super awesome movie) lol

    i think this dog is saying can i please go on the coumputer!!!lol ; )

  16. sillyfish

    I think he’s saying:Oooo.. look at that avatar..HEY I CAN BUY STUFF AT EBAY FOR FREE!(clicks)omg she’s coming!come on.. load..yes!get out get out GET OUT!

  17. kitties95

    hi im new here anyone want to talk to me. Im veryyyyyy new. :-) but good news to you guys LOVE to read. Anyone?

  18. chocolatechipcookies123456789

    i want to order some more dog treats
    hello?? hello?
    an operator will be wih u in one minute
    I DONT WANT A STUPID OPERATOR i want my stupid dog treats
    hello hello?

  19. skittlecandy

    “oh, how much? ahh, i see, 5 dollars! ahh, she’s here. um,how do u turn ebay off? lets see, NO! NOT THE BUY BUTTEN! oops!

  20. campingtooth

    a puppy on the web!!!!!!!!!!! gess what i m on the web right now! the dog is so cute!!!!!!!i have a dog she is a wheaten terrier. My fish has fin rot it is sad she is a betta I had a frog that hoped away and hermit crabs that change shells.Why am i telling you about my pets? o yeah i have 13 pets in all. its hard!!! how many do you have?I m done so good bye why am i still taking?GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 99randomness

    oh, great! im caught and my tab closed?! uh oh, this aint what it looks like. no more myspace 4 me!

  22. adelia

    omg he is so adorable!!!!! well I think he is saying no way polly the poodle just dumped me on online!online! ugh i thought what we had was real curses you poodles!!!!!

  23. violet656

    My puppy face will let me do anything! Now, how do I use this thing with paws instead of fingers?

  24. alaysia

    hey look at this other cute dog on line i wonder if shes my age cause she sure is cute said the dog

  25. cate

    Um….it’s MY turn soooooooo……… LEAVE ME BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Mufasa

    Uh-oh, here she comes! Quick, close that tab! *whistles* Look how hard I’ve been working while you were gone.
    She’s not buying it, is she?

  27. emily

    this is a cute puppy like my puppy what is the name of it carly i will name her her name is spot

  28. CJ

    hey i like that picture so i wish i had it for my profile pic thats how much i like that picture so i need a picture

  29. Kyla

    I would put, “Let’s see what’s on the internet today”! ” Ooooo, Dog Fancy Website I think I’ll order a bone”.

  30. Greenfreak123

    I think Winston is thinking,”cool! Oh my gosh! Nick and Miley!?! again? Wow… OH NO! It’s carly!! I am not doing anything… just doin’ your job…”

  31. Tracy

    The dog looks like he is thinking,
    I have been your best friend for years:
    I play with you,protect you and give you unconditional love!!
    Now,You spend all your time
    playing with this thing!!
    What’s up with that?

  32. 45cookiedough98

    “hello can I have some privacy please?” or “hey can you fetch me a dog bisciut? Thank you.”

  33. Kaci

    That is the cutest dog I have ever seen in my entire life. I think its like an English bulldog but Im not completely sure. All I know is that hes adorable.

  34. Sara LOL 123 Look At Me!!!!!!

    ” Why are you looking at me?? You left your computer logged on. Your fault. Not mine.
    Darn website won’t log me on!!!!! I need to talk to someone besides you!”

  35. Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG he is soooooooooooooooooo cute I totally need a pup like that he’s probably saying ” ahh my password’s denied, but it should still be Samlovesham, wait no it’s Hamlovessam

  36. crazy man 27

    the dog said
    “Um….It’s not what you think it is, I just had to look how to spell a word on Google.”

  37. cara

    the dog is probably saying what i was playing Cat Chase online sorry my chowchow and labrador friends recomended it to me

  38. copier person thing lol

    OMG, he is adorable!!!
    He’s thinking: “Look at these LOLcatz, they is so dumb!”

  39. copier person thing lol

    I’m just a dog!” he exclaimed.
    “Let’s pretend this never happened…”

  40. Winston

    Actually, I was on FaceBark and I was friending Airbud. Then, I got on Webkinz and took care of my dog, Winston.

  41. Monkeys,Llamas, and Frogs! Oh my!

    The puppy says, “I’m so cute right now! But there is an evil little demon inside waiting to jump out and attack you!”

  42. AnaB

    “How do you expect me to get anything done when my paws are to short and I can’t reach the keyboard?”

  43. Amy

    {Looking at Laptop}
    Hehe…I just bought a life sized cut-out of Robert Pattison…
    {Looks at Carly}
    Uh-Oh…Hey, Carly, I got you a present!

  44. Husky32

    He is saying:
    “Oh no! You caught me!…Just please let me have another minute on your laptop! It’s so fun!”
    Hmmm, I’m pretty sure my cat can’t get up on the computer like that. XD

  45. bananasfan23

    If everybody would add me as a friend because i only have one.PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Emmy

    ” Let’s see… I think i will order one doggy bed. Oh, and this designer dog food brand. And I’ll put it all on Carly’s credit card! ”

  47. RaggetyyAnnie

    i am not going to get caught this time… hehe ok whats wrong with facebark (tonks lupin htanks for the tipp.) thsi time hurry up i do NOT want to get caught again!

  48. funkyshoes

    “Ohh! I rate that poodle a 9 on 10! What do you think carly?”
    PS; Ah-dorrahble!!!
    He’s soo sweet!

  49. jaybrezee

    i think that cuttie pie is saying yikes im caught by carly but shell for give me its christmas and im so darn cute i wish u a pawing christmas and a happy bone year

  50. jaybrezee

    i like pie and all i want 2 holla hop like alvine and the chimpmunks on the movie im like gonna c the movie 2day its gonna b gr8

  51. Candysplash

    I think that Winston is adorable! Also,i think he is saying:
    “HaHa! This is cool! Uh-oh. HI! I’m not doing anything wrong.hehe.”

  52. George

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  53. Kevin wifey

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  54. _Lucian_

    That is your dog?! SO CUTE!!!! I bet he is thinking “Ah darn. . . Ah, what do I do? Oh, um… Innocent face!”

  55. monica

    Uh-oh, here she comes! Quick, close that tab! *whistles* Look how hard I’ve been working while you were gone.
    She’s not buying it, is she?

  56. Readingstar5

    He is saying:
    “This site is paw-some!”
    PS. Love the puppy! What kind of dog is it? It’s adorable!

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