March 1, 2010

Create a Caption: Pillar Face

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Create a Caption on Ink Splot 26 Lady Gaga may have a Poker Face, but today’s writing prompt has a Pillar Face. When I was in Chicago last year, I ran into this guy on one of the supports for the El (which are the elevated trains in the city). Pillar Face was so awesome I just had to take a picture.

And now, I want you to tell me what you think he’s saying.

Leave your caption in the comments!

image from kids.scholastic.comCarly H., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Mini Mickey

    Whatcha doing man?!? Is it like “Run into pillars Day to Annoy Them”. Shees…You think people would have manners.

  2. pacohaley

    psst! hey, kid! Ya mind takin’ my place here for a sec? Whadya mean you’ve read The Titan’s Curse? Oh c’mon your not holdin’ up the world here! yeah, cold blocks of concrete can read too! You shouldn’t act so surprised…where are u goin’? Oh… going to find somebody to take my place? Oh, okay. Thanks.

  3. Emma

    It is saying:
    “Aww! You don’t know how lucky you are. You are pretty not geeky and you can WALK instead of being stuck here HOLDING UP THIS STUPID TRAIN!!!

  4. bobster

    i thinks its saying, ” you aren’t aloud to park there! ya that’s right you better run for a guy that helps a train with other people on it”

  5. Darnell

    I just siting and siting and singing and sitting and singing a long song to you so give me a kitty or I will sing to you and believe me I am not an expert at singing so give me a beautiful kitty or you shall hear my version of bear all over the wall!!!

  6. shawniera

    DON’T hit me.please don’t draw on my face your blocking my sun buddy can you move out the way please.

  7. coolyo333

    but if i had to guess i’d say he was saying “i’m kinda scared. why did you have to paint me here. A car could just come up and run me over.”

  8. Tatyanna

    I do nothing but look and stare a people .I’m used as a dog toilet .I’m just a stiff brick with a pole sticking out my head .

  9. camoshark896

    I think he is saying……..
    that car is ugly.911 that car is ugly.Im here with a bunch of look a likes.911 this is horror!

  10. thera

    he is probaly saying plzzz get me out of here…..Im boreddddd He also thinks no graffitti drawing on me!!!!

  11. scoutgirl99

    That’s the coolest face ever!! I think he is saying:
    Ugh I wish I was off this pole, people are staring at me all day, it gets annoying when people say: Oh look at that awful face! LOL!!!!

  12. Brianna W.

    Omg! REALLY! lady gaga does say shes got apoker face, but not like thisONE! your turn GO FIGURE!

  13. lydia


  14. jasmine

    oh come on you litter in my yard you sit on my head you wake me up with your cars you ride on my back but if i were human man oh man you would be in trouble

  15. Marissa

    “Hey you want to have a stareing contest. Cause I’ll win weather you like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  16. Emma

    1 Car…2 Cars…3 Cars…
    ((2 hours later))
    5,762 cars, 5,763 cars.. 5,76-wait, where was I at? Oh yeah… 5,765…

  17. shanie

    the Pillar is saying
    “Hey, let me rest! Will you?!!? Do you know how tired you get if you have something propped up on you all day!?!?!”

  18. chocolatechipcookies123456789

    Im calling my manager about this and im sewing all of u if u park on my space

  19. chocolatechipcookies123456789

    He is probably saying
    cars are going 2 attack me get me out of here!!!!!
    Also he wants to sign a record label with lady gaga called pillar face
    His concerts:
    august 4th and 5th Monday tuesaday
    july: No concerts :(
    december 4567 concerts evryday

  20. l

    I think he is saying Sup People!! Im not a poker face but i am for sure a pillar face!!
    Hey i should team up with Lady Gaga and make a song called pillar face. It will start like this: Pilllaar facce ppppppillar faceee mmmamammama’

  21. adelia

    I think it says “like o.m.g. I sooooo need a makeover how come all the stars get them i’m a star wanna hear me sing, what you’re not listening see no one appreciates my talent!”

  22. ds

    hay cars don’t run over me i’m special

  23. Emma

    Never stay in one place for to long, or you might find yourself stuck…. Or drawn on when you aren’t looking.

  24. readingrocks16447

    I think it is saying……
    Yo, YO YO. Hey car whatup????? Why are you ignoring me Mr. I hate Chicago Graffiti. Even if that is my face.
    Peace Out

  25. dancingpen

    I think it is saying “Wow, what a traffic jam, glad I am not in it but there is a twist, I can not get away from people writing on me, AHHHHH!

  26. violet656

    I might not be the coolest guy around, but I’m pretty strong! Do you think you could hold up this train Mr. Car?!

  27. Stars shine

    I may be old, but I DON’T need glasses! I wonder why I had such a strange view before those kids added them?

  28. crystal

    i want to know about the another book made the author that made the twilight , new moon ,eclipse and breaking dawn

  29. ree ree

    i like your pillar face …..but i think that poker face is beder than u … you konw what i anit going to make u cry im just a pillar

  30. Roxxy

    Hey you, come back, you need a tic-tac, you should have took the whole hundred pack… and I,m just a pillar

  31. Lexy

    “Slow down you rotten kids! Your blocking my view. Well I guess its not a pretty view. But… HEY! Stop playing on top of me. Ugh! Stop it! Why did that lady take a picture of me? I hate this town.” lol u like. check out my profile! bye

  32. EverTrue

    “Um, Excuse me? YOUR BLOCKING MY SUNLIGHT, BUDDY!” –Mr.Pillar Face
    Thank you, thank you.

  33. SuperSock490

    ” Woah! It looks like traffic here! At least I’m not stuck there! hee hee ha ha….. oh wait… I am stuck here. Cheese doodles.You win again!”

  34. 12345cookiedough12345

    hey you ,you need to stoop driving one my street or i will kick your bot or get that lady goga or wat eva her name is on you cus i cant get up hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is wat it said

  35. abbyp102

    hahahahaha sooooooo funny!!! if i wrote a comment it would def be something like “i hate doing nothing all day” or something weird and grumypy like that!!

  36. TaylorSwiftAwesome!!!

    if i was her, this is what i would say:
    darn! now those dang cars are chasin after Taylor Swift!

  37. leda27

    Hey, stop looking at me, (I know I’m very handsome) but may be you wanna take a photo ? and an autograph ? (yeah I’m just THE one best)

  38. Josephine

    Hey, car? Yeah, I’m talking to you. Do you think that they should give me some braces? Or at lest some floss? I have bad breath!

  39. Ryan

    You, yeah you… I know what your thinking!
    You think i’m stupid, idiotic, you probably think i’m a dolt! And any second now you are gonna pull out your cell and take a photo of me. Even worse you’ll post the stupid photo on the internet… Hey who’s your friend????? She’s cute!

  40. readingstar5

    “Why does Lady Gaga get all the credit? I can sing! Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my pillar face! See, anyone can do that, but it’s better when a real life PILLAR does it! Take that Miss Gaga! A star is born!”

  41. hannah2190

    i bet he’s saying, “Why did that guy have to draw me near the middle of the road? these cars kinda scare me with me being this close to them. lol =]

  42. stuffedmudkiptoy

    How many cars are going to come passed here?! why cant a monkey riding a unicorn ever pass by here?