February 8, 2010

Create a Caption: Dude! Who are you?

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Create a caption: Dude! Who are you?Halloween Costume Create a Caption

Where do I even BEGIN with this picture? As you can see by the date on the lower right hand side, it’s Halloween and not any other day; otherwise this would just be weird! So in taking this awesome picture, I pose the following challenges below.

First challenge: Guess the costumes!
I’m thinking maybe a really laid back version of Jesus with some sort of Samurai soldier holding a Star Wars light saber?

Second challenge: Fill in the bubbles!
Guy in bathrobe: “Right on, little soldier dude.”
Boy in warrior costume: “This is Luke Skywalker’s sword and I’m not afraid to use it.”


Time for you to accept the challenges!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. AlanRickmanfan

    Obi-wan:”Anikan, Have you gotten shorter?”
    Anikan:”I’ve been using the force too much.”

  2. AlanRickmanfan

    Obi-wan:”Anikan,I’m Obi-wan.Y’know,we’ve been training together all of your life!”
    Anakin:”Obi-Wan is my father?”

  3. Katherine

    Dude: “Hey mom get a picture!”
    Anakin: “Isn’t this atraction for 8 year olds?”

  4. puppies125

    It is Anakin Skywalker and Old Hippie Obi-Wan.
    Anakin: Master Obi-Wan! How did you get so…so…messy?
    Obi wan: Well…I may have let myself go a little…
    Anakin: *slaps face* oh, here we go again.

  5. Emma

    1. Star wars dude and Jesus with bed-head
    2. Star Wars Dude: “May the Force be with you”.
    Jesus with Bed-head: “Nuh-UH! PEACE be with you. Follow the word of the Lord.”

  6. Elly202

    bathrobe guy:yeah man
    star wars guy:either this this guy is a wise guru or a maniac

  7. SmileMonkey

    Obiwan: May the force be with you, dude.
    Anakin: You scare me, you know that, right?

  8. veronique11

    little boy:obi-wan soo let himself go
    guy in bathrobe:i thought anikan was suppost to be taller?

  9. adelia

    little guy: judge me by my size hmm? Size matters not!
    Mr. bathrobe: well young skywalker your time is up… at this house come on trick or treat!

  10. Sarah

    Guy in bathrobe: “OMG take a photo I’m with Luke skywalker!”
    Luke skywalker: “Who is this Dude!”

  11. SorcerersStone

    “This is Luke Skywalker’s sword and I’m not afraid to use it”-HA HA! that’s so funny LOL

  12. Cleo

    A weird man named Dill and his jedi buddy Anakin Skywalker. Dill is thinking: “Oh man, I forgot to wear socks” and Anakin thinks: “Oh man, Dill forgot his socks!”

  13. JAMIE

    guy in bathrobe: I’m just holding him up, thats all.
    Kid: If anyone says anything, I’ll zap you with this thing!

  14. Maryy<3

    1. the boy is Luke Skywalker! duh! and the strange man in the bathrobe is possibly obi-won…hmmm…
    2. strange man: sweet! im taking a picture with THE Luke Skywalker! ohmygoodness!
    Luke: Dude, don’t touch me. I WILL use this light-saber for defense!

  15. Bookworm288

    Star wars rocks!
    Person from behind the camera: Um, wow.
    Bathrobe dude: Chillin’ with my buddy!
    Annikan: Could you PLEASE get this guy away from me?!

  16. writersrule101

    duh that is so someone from Star Wars brought into real life.
    Star Wars Dude:that guy is hairy!!!!
    Real Life dude:Who the heck is this guy??????????

  17. Josephine

    The kid is a Star Wars thing? I don’t know a thing about costumes. And the man is in a bathrobe.
    Star Wars: Now stand behind me and look like you care about me you buffoon!
    Bathrobe: This ‘kid’ is a kidnapping lunatic maniac with a real gun hidden in the sword! Help!!

  18. Victoria

    Bathrobe dude: Man, I wish i’d thought of wearing a Star Wars costume like my little buddy here and not be wearing a hippie costume.
    Little Starwars kid: Boy, I wish I could wear that hippie costume. This mask is tight. How am I gonna eat my candy?!

  19. jazzymoon1996

    ummm. lil dude is sayin was up daug and the big one is saing the sky! and they clap hands and laugh

  20. Greenfreak123

    The short person is Annikan Skywalker and the tall guy is Obi-Wan Kanobi. Obi-Wan: I THOUGHT WE HAD SO MUCH OF A RELATIONSHIP!!! IT’S OVER!!!! Annikan: Who are you?

  21. A.J.

    idk so i’ll guess…
    1. Jesus dude: Yo man put your thing down don’t hurt me!
    2. puny dude: never! you have offended me! i’m not a man! i’m a fictional character- anakin skywalker!

  22. lemonpie65

    Anakin and a hippie.Anakin:What do you need? Hippie:Wishing you luck with your fight. May the force be with you.

  23. rickriordanfan

    The big guys Obiwan and the plastic thing is Annikin.
    Obiwan: Let’s train you in the force. And no you cannot hit me with your blue stick.
    Annikin: Little do you know that I’m an evil man who is going to take over the world along with the Jedi Counsel. And it’s a lightsaber!!

  24. candy97

    guy:I wish he does not stick to me.
    SSF:what am I doing?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. Astha

    “Can i take a picture with you,”guy in the jesus costume said.
    “W-w-why?”the short dude said.
    Theguy in the Jesus costume saw the short guy and thought the guy was really interesting,so he wanted to take a picture with that guy!

  26. Kayla

    1. Actually, the little boy is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the big guy is probably Obi Wan Kenobi or something.
    2. Little boy: “I wonder if this thing works…”
    Dude: “Please don’t hit me with that.”

  27. Miranda LDO

    Wait, that’s your brother as the old hippie couch potato, isn’t it? Is the kid his/your nephew or cousin or something?

  28. Miranda LDO

    1. The little boy is Anakin Skywalker, and the weird dude is some old hippie couch potato.
    2. Anakin Kid: “Who are you and why are you behind me….”
    O.H.C.P.: “Jedi we are both, no? We are freedom fighters! Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow…”

  29. readingstar5

    1. The little boy is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars and the dude in the bathrobe might be Obi Wan Kenobi or just Bath Geek.
    2.Anikin: “Why is this bath geek touching me? Get off!”
    Obi Wan: “For your info, this ‘Bath Geek’ is Obi Wan and I am trying to help you! May the force be with you”

  30. whitney

    1. I think it’s a 5 year old boy in an Anakin skywalker costume and his dad is like Obi-Wan.
    2, Anakin-Dad? Is that Mom’s bathrobe?
    Dude- The store ran out of costumes !!!!

  31. american guru

    american guru says…..
    well i am new to this and i currently have nooo clue who the people are but here goes, little dude goes, ” whoa pretty light, there is now hope for thy world” then big guy says, ” yes, i agree pretty light, now hand it over, my curly beard is no match for your…um….your…pretty light!yea pretty light

  32. american guru

    i have nooo clue who those people are…..
    the short guy (once again i dont know who they are!) ” nice beard…is there ANY hope for this world?” and the tall dude, “thanks for the compliment,er, it took me three days, that hair growth thinggy works like magic” then they both say..”yah..and to be seen they smack hands”

  33. Rachel

    Boy: It’s to bad my mouth is sealed shut.
    Dude: Yo kid, next time get a mask with mouth holes. Smooth move.

  34. ShortyThing

    Here mine is!
    Little Guy: Please get away from me me!!
    Dude in flip-flops: Never! Just please don’t hit me with the sward thingy!!

  35. imaginarytodd

    1. Anakin Skywalker and.. Jesus? I will call him Guy in wardrobe.
    2. Guy in wardrobe: .. Lil’ bro’.. you change costumes.. you used to be Barney!
    Anakin dressed kid: This guy thinks I’m his brother! I will tap him with my sword to make him snap out of it!

  36. Trent

    1:Anakin Skywalker and a harry guy?! Hey Abby, how old are you? I’m 9. I surf,play soccer, and do karate for a living.

  37. lucian97

    Anakin: I can use the force. Mwa ha ha ha (evil laugh)
    Dude: Yeah, well i got pretty rockin’ shades.

  38. paintandcolor

    i agree with Abby i think its probably anikan and obi wan kenobi. hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  39. holesdigger

    1: Anakin Skywalker Costume with bath robe wearing guy.
    2: ASC (Anakin Skywalker Costume):”Who is this dude?”
    Bath-robe wearing guy:”I like this dude. Wait, is he real?”

  40. Abby

    1. Actually, the little boy is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the big guy is probably Obi Wan Kenobi or something.
    2. Little boy: “I wonder if this thing works…”
    Dude: “Please don’t hit me with that.”

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