May 30, 2011

Create a Hogwarts Character

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Harrys_130Skyelark Moon from the Harry Potter Message Board has this awesome assignment for Harry Potter fans.

If you were able to go to Hogwarts, what house would you be in? What classes would you take? Who would your friends be? Create your perfect Hogwarts character here!

This is what my character would be:Hermione

  • Name: Skyelark Moon (Girl) 
  • Year: 3rd year
  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Appearance: She has long, straight blue-black hair and black eyes with purple in them. Tanned skin, and has a dreamy look on her face.
  • Personality: Skyelark is really nice and caring. She always wants other people to have a better time and she accepts everything as it is. Also, she is a problem solver and really smart!
  • Favorite classes: Transfiguration, DADA, Quidditch
  • Patronus: Phoenix
  • Wand: 12 inches, cherry wood with unicorn hair core.
  • Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Skyelark would play as the keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.

I hope you make a character!

I hope you make a character too. And wouldn’t it be so cool if we were all at Hogwarts??? I would LOVE that! I can’t wait to see your characters! Leave them in the Comments or on the Harry Potter Message Board.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Images by Mary GrandPre

  1. Stacks Anon

    Name: Ellis
    5th year
    Half-blood; muggle-born father, pureblood mother
    Appearance: Average height. Black-brown hair, dark eyes. Medium skin.
    Personality: Quiet, serious, enjoys reading. He has several very close friends.
    Wand: 12.5 inches, black walnut, dragon heartstring, unyielding
    Patronus: Wolf
    House: Ravenclaw
    Favorite classes: All of them
    Quidditch position: Chaser
    Pet(s): Owl named Cognus

  2. StacksUser10

    5th year
    Tall with blue hair and tan skin. Red and beady eyes
    Care for Magical Creatures
    Cold and Spiteful. Loves to play tricks on people
    Patronous is a tiger
    Wand: Maple with phoenix feather

  3. randompanda

    Name: Isabelle “Izzy”
    Year: 4th year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Tall, Long wavy chocolate brown hair, big blue eyes, pale skin, and freckles
    Personality: Izzy is very intelligent and loves to read and make up stories. She is also very creative and loves to put her own spin on things. She often is seen drawing or daydreaming, and is a little bit awkward . She is very kind and carefree.
    Favorite classes: transfiguration, charms, DADA
    Patronus: Dolphin
    Wand: , laurel and phoenix feather, slightly springy
    Quidditch position: Keeper
    Pets: a snow owl named Moonbeam
    Best Friends: Hermojne and Luna

  4. confidentwitch26

    Name: Sophia Levaso
    Gender: Girl
    Year: 6th year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Tall, long and wavy blonde hair, green eyes, peach-colored skin and a few freckles.
    Personality: Sophie is a kind girl but a little picky. She is also very smart and a homework helper and a problem solver.
    Favorite classes: Herbology, DADA, Transfiguration and Charms
    Patronus: Cat
    Wand: 11 inches, maple wood with unicorn hair core
    Quidditch position: A chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
    Broom: Nimbus 2000
    Blood type: Pure blood
    Family: Sophie has a mom named Anna and a dad named Victor. She also has a twin sister named Henrietta (Henny for short).
    Pets: Sophie has an owl named Cuddy

  5. confidentwitch26

    Name: Penelope Star
    Year: 7th year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: She is tall, has long orange hair, blue eyes, peach skin, a few freckles and a dreamy look.
    Personality: Penelope is a nice girl and always does her best. She is always trying to help everyone. She is also really smart.
    Favorite classes: Herbology, Transfiguration, DADA and Quidditch
    Patronus: Goose
    Wand: 11 inches, elm with unicorn hair core
    Quidditch position: Penelope would be a keeper and captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.
    Broom: Firebolt

  6. wittywizard18

    Name: Arwen
    Year: 3rd
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Tall, Long light brown hair, gray eyes, kinda tan
    Personality: Flippant, a certain talent for trouble, top in DADA and transfiguraion, on house quidditch team
    Fave Classes: DADA, Transfiguration, Quidditch
    Patronus: Labrador Retriever
    Wand: 13 inch Hawthorn unicorn hair wand
    Quidditch: Chaser
    Broom: Firebolt II (Next generation Firebolt)

  7. vv

    Name: Maxine (prefers to be called Maxie)
    Year: Whatever Harry’s is
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Long black hair, Green eyes, rather pale
    Personality: Daring, outgoing
    Fave Classes: DADA n transfiguration
    Patronus: Eagle
    Wand: 13 inch birch, dragon heartstring
    Quidditch: Keeper for Gryffindor

  8. Silvermoon24

    That’s so awesome, Skylarkes! I’ll try to post, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be bumping it.

  9. friendlyfairy10

    Name: Natalie (Girl)
    Year: 5
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Tall, Long Wavy Black hair, Grey eyes, White skin, Freckles.
    Quidditch: Seeker
    Broom: Firebolt
    Favorite Classes: DADA, Potions, Quidditch, Transfiguration.
    Patronus: Owl
    Personality: Smart, Shy, Kind, trustworthy, she is a Ballerina and always has a smile on her face.
    Wand: 12 1/2 inches Ash and Dragon

  10. blackjaw25

    Name: angelina
    House: Slytherin
    Appearence: Tall, with white blonde hair very unfriendly
    favs: potions and herbology
    patronus serpent
    wand 13 in. oak unicorn hair

  11. ARTART2107

    Name:Haleigh Year:4th Appearance:Tall,short blondish brownish hair,blue eyes,white skin,mostly wears dresses and skirts. Personality:odd(in a weird way),smart and has stage fright. Favorite classes:Music and Art Patronus:Dog

  12. Natasha

    Name: Natalia
    1st year
    House: hufflepuff
    Appearance: long black hair blue eyes tall and thin long eyelashes but rarely smiles.
    Personality: hate slytherins top of the class am friends with lots of people.
    Favorite class: transfiguration, potions and charms.
    Patronus: cheeta
    Wand: 11 inches, cherry bark, veela hair.
    Quidditch: beater broom firebolt.
    Best friends: Ron, Luna, Cedric, Ginny, padma,Draco(yeah I know)and Susan.
    Boyfriend: Cedric diggory

  13. Lily

    Name: lila
    First year
    House: ravenclaw
    Appearance: long black hair brown eyes tall and thin a few freckles.
    Personality: shy smart and am always laughing. Have never got a detention.
    Fav classes: charms, transfiguration and potions.
    Patronus: owl
    Wand:12 inches long, willow and phoenix hair
    Quidditch: she plays seeker and if one of the chasers can’t play she will play chaser.(she has a firebolt)
    Best friend: Luna
    Boyfriend: Dean

  14. Jazz Black

    Madeleine ‘Jazz’ Jasmine is a Ravenclaw, and reminds you of an sneaky fox. She has round hazel eyes that are like two windows on the afternoon sky. Her thick, curly, long hair is the color of chocolate milk and is worn in an attractive style. She is short, but has an amazonian build. Her skin is pale. Her long wand is supple, made of walnut, and has a core made of dragon sinew. Her school career includes playing Quiddich, as a Chaser.
    Name: Madeleine Jasmine (Girl) 
    Year: 3rd year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: She has long, thick, curly, light brown hair and large, round hazel eyes, pale skin, a short, amazonian build, and has a mischievous smile.
    Personality Jazz, as her close friends, Fred and George, call her,  is really funny and smart. She is constantly getting into trouble with them , yet somehow manages to keep both the twins and herself on top of class work. She is competitive and determined, and never accepts defeat. She is also a little bit of a flirt, but get on her bad side and she will not hesitate to defend herself.
    Favorite classes: Transfiguration, DADA, and Charms
    Patronus: Fox
    Wand: 16 inches, walnut and dragon sinew, supple.
    Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Jazz would play as the chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.

  15. Kate

    Name: Thorn (Girl)
    Year: 7th year
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: She has long, straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. Tanned skin. Tall.
    Personality: Brave, loyal, smart. She likes helping people. She is prefect, and she’s got a barn owl.
    Favorite classes: Transfiguration, Potions, Spells and Quidditch
    Patronus: Ferret
    Wand: 13 inches, pine wood. Phoenix feather. Rigid.
    Quiddich position: Gryffindor’s seeker

  16. Luna

    Name: Luna
    Year: 1st
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Tall, long black hair that’s usually braided, tan, black eyes with silver flecks, pierced ears, usually wears feather earrings
    Personality: Tough, quiet, slightly shy, practical, logical
    Favorite classes: Astronomy, Herbology
    Patronus: Owl
    Wand: 13 inches, willow, dragon heartstring, flexible
    Pets: A barn owl named Phoebe
    Other: Loves reading, basketball, stargazing, gardening and climbing trees

  17. flitting shadow of an elf owl

    Name: Artemis Silverthorne
    Year: 1st
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Tall, long black hair that’s usually braided, tan, black eyes with silver flecks, pierced ears, usually wears feather earrings
    Personality: Quiet, slightly shy, practical, logical
    Favorite classes: Astronomy, Herbology
    Patronus: Owl
    Wand: 13 inches, oak, dragon heartstring, flexible
    Pets: A barn owl named Phoebe
    Other: Loves reading, basketball, stargazing, gardening and climbing trees
    @JadeJoyful17 it’s care of magical creatures
    FYI my old pen name was anonymous

  18. JadeJoyful17

    Name:Claire Star
    House:Gryffindor prefect Appearence:Short-Medium, Medium dark brown hair, Tanned,Brown eyes
    Personality:confident,so smart that she is taking all of the advanced classes for her N.E.W.T.s
    Favorite Classes:DADA,Care of Magical Animals,Ancient Runes
    Patronus:Giant Panda
    Wand:13 inch holly phoenix feather
    Quidditch:Captain for Gryffindor Quidditch team;

  19. anonymous

    updated version
    Name: Artemis
    Year: 4th
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Tall, long black hair that’s usually braided, tan, black eyes with silver flecks
    Personality: Quiet, slightly shy, practical, logical
    Favorite classes: Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Study of Ancient Runes
    Patronus: Owl
    Wand: 13 inches, oak, dragon heartstring, flexible
    Quiddich position: Keeper
    Broom: Nimbus 2001
    Pets: A barn owl named Diana and a kneazle named Phoebe
    Other: Tiger animagus, loves reading and climbing trees

  20. anonymous

    Name: Artemis Silverthorne
    Year: 4th
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Tall, short black hair, Asian
    Personality: Quiet, a bit shy, practical
    Favorite classes: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Study of Ancient Runes
    Patronus: Owl
    Wand: 12 inches, laurel, dragon heartstring

  21. nugget811

    Apperance:short brown hair with bangs some pink streaks,white,brown eyes with her puppiles orange, and super pretty
    Personality:nice,pretty, smart,thin,no face blemishes
    Fave class: transfiugeration
    Wand:10 inches,mapple wood with a phoinex feather
    Posion in quiditch: beater

  22. MidnightDreamer11

    BTW I’m also pegasusninja4 and midnightdreamer10. Here’s an advanced version of Chrystal.
    *Year:I put her in 5th but same as Harry.
    *Appearance:Bobbed red hair. A few freckles. Blue-green eyes. Always has on a mischevious look.
    *Personality: Kind but very opinionated. Not very shy. She always is coming up with blown-out-of-porportion ideas. Crazy clever.
    *Favorite classes: DA ;) , Transfiguration, and Care of Magical Creatures
    *Patronus: Pegasus
    *Wand: 9 in., Cherry, Pheonix feather core.
    *Quiddich position and broom: Chaser and Nimbus 2002!
    *BFFs: Luna, Ginny, and sorta Hermione.
    * Special: She is working on a cat animagus, but so far can only get the ears :)

  23. Me7

    Sorry I keep for getting to say some details about Alex well she is super skinny and athletic her parents are always gone and her mom and mrs.weasly use to be friends so alex is always at there house and has known them since she was born

  24. Me7

    I love Harry Potter I have made tons of people and me and my friend play Harry Potter.
    Name-Alexandra Jamie Draco Black Malfoy (people call her Alex for short)
    Year-same year as Harry
    House-Gryffindor(of course)
    Apperance-Bleach Blonde hair, hazel eyes usally green,tall,light tan skin(unlike the rest of the malfoys),mostly wears worn down black high-tops t-shirts and worn skinny jeans AWESOME glasses.
    Personality-She is all here own person very sneaky and out going loves playing tricks (mostly on Ron and the rest of the wealsy boys)she has a hard time learning but is still really smart.
    Favorite classes-Herbology,DADA,quditch
    Patronus-Baby Elephant
    Wand-15in. vine carved plantation teak with dragon heart string(I really have tyhis wand)
    Quditch postion-beater for gryffiondor(after the weasly twins leave)
    Animal-Barn Owl (female)

  25. Caroline

    Name: Margaret
    Year: 4th
    House: Hufflepuff
    Appearance: Short, chubby, curly blonde hair, one grey eye one green eye.
    Personality: Really good at potions, not popular
    Patronus: Hippo
    Wand: 2inch dragon heartstring , oak
    Qudditch: none

  26. PegasusNinja4

    Appearance:Curly Red hair, green eyes,constant smile
    Personality: Caring, Outgoing, Smart;always challenging her cleverness
    Favorite Classes: Transfiguration, DA ;) , Care of magical creatures
    Patronus: Pegasus
    Wand: 9.5 in. Cherry Pheonix core
    Quidditch Position: Keeper
    Broom: Nimbus 2002 :)
    (Working on cat animagus)

  27. bluehawk42

    name:kat danger 2nd year
    appearance:purple hair, orange eyes, black tee and skinny jeans
    personality:same as last name
    favorite classes:
    wand: 20 in.unicorn tail
    enemy:anyone and everyone

  28. reinie

    Name:Tori D
    Apperance: 5 2/3 foot, long blak hair, a whietesh tan
    Personality:Smart but populer
    favorite classes:DADA, transfigration, and quditch
    anameal: oul
    wand: maple, phoenix feather, and unicorn hair. 9 and a have inches.
    Quditch: Keeper, Captin
    Broom: Feirball

  29. artblack145

    wow you guys are good!im in 3rd grade but my teacher will not be here monday for a dumb meeting….Boring

  30. Gracie

    Name:Selena Mirrorman
    Appearance:Midnight black hair with a bunch of red and gold streaks, almond-shaped bright green cat-like eyes, tan, always wears a black leather jacket under her cloak.
    Personality: 2-sided personality. 1st half nice, smart, funny, friendly, weird. 2nd half tough, keeps to herself, loves art and music.
    Favorite classes: Potions, Charms, TransFiguration
    Patronus: Fire-breathing Dragon
    Wand:11 inch, blossom tree wood, phoenix feather core

  31. Alice

    Name: Elizabeth Stronghead
    Year: 3rd
    House: Ravenclaw
    Apearance: Long Light Blonde hair with very bright blue eyes
    Personality: Unique, loyal, very serene. People think of her as strange and quiet. She is a person that is often asked for advice. Smart and is good with potions.
    Favorite classes: Potions, DADA
    Patronus: A tiger
    Wand: 15 inch Hollywood, Pheonix feather
    Quidditch: Does not play but loves to watch

  32. poseidongriffin4

    house:gryffindor appearance:middleheight,shortish blackhair, brown eyes, black skin, wears a graphic tee and some jean shorts most of the time
    personality:smart, funny,sharp
    favorite classes:quditch, transfugartion, DADA
    wand:17 inch phoenix feather and cherry wood
    qudditch:seeker on the gryffindor team

  33. Lara

    Name: Lana
    Year: 1 (for the beginning)
    House: Gryffindor,
    Appearance: She has a long, straight brown hair and wonderful deep blue eyes, that are big with a normal skin color. Her mouth are plump, and she’s normal height. She is in great shape.
    Personality: She’s really brave, extremely powerful and talented, with a great mind and wisdom. She’s also a very ambitious and loyal and hardworking girl.
    Favorite classes: She loves all classes (she take all possible classes, just like Hermione in her third year, first term.) because she’s talented for all of them, but she likes the most classes that include using wands (transfiguration, charms and D.A.D.A)
    Patronus: Phoenix
    Wand: Her first wand is a wand made out of all kinds of magical woods and with some part of every magical creature, 12 inches. Later in her life (with 20) she’ll win the elder wand (the deathly hallow), that she will pass to her daughter, by asking her to disarm her before she died.
    Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Seeker of Gryffindor team.

  34. purplebutterfly355

    Name:lisa (girl)
    Appearance:tall,curly long brown hair,aqua eyes,white skin,mostly wears skirts,boots and T-shirts
    personlity beautiful nice smart brave and caring.
    fave classes:quiditch and transfiguration
    wand:goldwith a small
    white feather wand.
    quditch: captain helper

  35. elfstone2

    Name: Alona
    Appearance: short, straight, red hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes, is goth.
    Personality:crazy, funny, smart, and doesn’t care how other people judge her.
    Patronus: Jaguar
    Wand:16 inch dragon heart string oak wand
    Quditch: gryffindor beater

  36. jordan

    name:Katie rare roof

  37. GuardoftheWorlds

    Name: Syrena
    Year: 4th
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Brownish-black little curly hair, brown eyes, has a tan
    Personality: a leader, a team player, kind and nice to everyone, is proud of who she is, and her best friends are spread out in the different Houses except for Slytherin. She is not afraid to stand up to bullies and maintains a good relationship with all her teachers.
    Favorite classes: Quiditch, Transfiguration, Charms, DA
    Patronus: A Dolphin
    Wand: 12-inch elder wand with a phoenix feather, a strand of unicorn hair, a dragon scale, a gryffin feather. Beautiful twisted elm grip
    Quiditch position: Chaser

  38. honeydukeschocs

    Name: (totally made up) Roberta “Bob”
    Year: 5th
    House: Most likely Ravenclaw (what the quizzes say)
    Appearance: Medium-length black hair, boring black eyes, tan skin, blue glasses
    Personality: extremely weird (in a very bad way), nice enough, really bookish like Hermione, cowardish
    Fave classes: Charms & Arithmancy
    Patronus: Tiger
    Wand: 14 inch elm unicorn hair wand

  39. twilightbastion3

    Name: Citlali
    Year: 4th
    House: Hufflepuff
    Appearance: Tall,light brown hair with black highlights, light green eyes that look blue in the dark, tanish ski
    Personality: Smart, kind, and doesn’t care what other people think of her.
    Favorite Classes: Muggle Studies, charms, and potoins
    Wand:12 inches, black, and has a feather at the end
    Quditch: Seeker of the Hufflepuff House

  40. iqueenengland

    Hey I checked your out now check mine’s out.
    Name: Rosy (not really my name)
    Year: 4th
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Tall, longish curly brown hair,black eyes, whitish, brownish skin, wears skinny jean and t-shirts.
    wand: 32 inches
    Favorite class: potion
    Personality: like to read books,smart,confident,
    Broom: 70 inches, firebolt

  41. iqueenengland

    how do I get friends?? You’re the only one I have as a friend. Besides that I like this one because if I don’t know or get anything I could just ask you!! How cool!!

  42. Patricia

    Name:Selena Cresent
    Apperance:Pure white hair and skin, pink eyes with a swirl of crimson.Wears a bright red bandana instead of the uniform hat.Has a dragon birthmark on right wrist.Wears tinted glasses because bright light hurts her eyes.
    Personality:Very smart and resourceful, and loves stories in general, not just books.A lot of people think her strange and avoid her.She doesn’t mind,she’s a loner anyway. Has a fiery temper, don’t insult her or risk being sent the Infirmary.Very comfortable in natue
    Favorite classes:Astronamy,potions,herbology,care of magical creatures(not in that order)
    Wand:willow with dragon heartstring
    Qudditch:can’t play to save her life.

  43. yarw

    Name:Maria Celestina
    Appearance:average height, dark brown hair with lighter brown and blonde highlights,greenish-brownish-hazelish eyes,tan skin, wears mostly yellow and black (house colors) when not in Hogwarts uniform
    Personality:shy, but kind to everyone, even people who make fun of her, always willing to help, smart and bookish
    Favorite Classes:charms, transfiguration, and herbology
    Wand:10 1/2 inches, cherry, phoenix feather, flexible
    Quidditch Position:faithful fan

  44. Belle

    Name: Anni
    Yr: 1
    House Gryffindor
    Appearance: Long Jet-Black hair and Sea-Green eyes slightly taned skin
    Personality: Kind,gentle, loving and trained to be a killer
    Fave Classes: Hagrid’s
    Partonus: Her cat
    Wand: 21 in. willow pegasus feather

  45. Kattayle

    Name: Delilah Granger
    Year: 1st
    House: Hufflepuff
    Appearance: Short for her age, with really short dirty blond hair and blue eyes.
    Personality: laid back, but determined to prove that not all Hufflepuffs are strange and dim-witted.
    Favorite Classes: Charms and Transfiguration
    Patronus: Otter
    Wand: 13 inches, holly and pixie hair
    Quidditch: Chaser on the Hufflepuff team.
    Broom: Nimbus 2000

  46. psychedphoenix7

    Name: Lily Malfoy
    Year: 3rd year
    House: Slytherin
    Apperance: Shoulder length straight Black and Blonde hair black-brown eyes and pale pale skin
    Personality:Dishonest, Mean a surprisingly good listner, smart rude and Draco Malfoy is her dad so she has a horrible temper but alot of friends
    Favorite classes:Potions DADA Herbology and care of magical creatures
    Wand:Oak with dragon heartstring
    Quidditch Position: Slyterin seeker FIRREBOLT!!!

  47. Playfulpig

    Name: Dezzy (girl)
    Year: 4th
    House Ravenclaw
    Appearance:Dark brown, wavy hair,golden eyes (very unique),tall and very skinny, tan skin
    Personality: very smart, nice, helpful, sweet, and sensitive
    Favorite classes:charms, potions, and transfiguration
    Wand:Skinny, powerful, golden, smells like coconuts and lime because of her hand lotion
    Broom:60 inches, made of pure gold, but very light, smells just like my hand lotion, maximum speed-150 mph
    Crush: Harry Potter

  48. Katy

    Name: Katy
    House: griffindor
    Appearence: She’d have long blonde hair, eyes the color of the rainbow,light skin, a sweet sensitive smile and medium sized and skinny.
    Personality: Katy would be kind, brave, and a very loyal friend.She always helps a friend or helpless citizen in danger. She is aas smart as Hermione and a HUGE crush on Harry but only told hermioneher best friend.
    Favorite classes: Quititch, Charms, DADA(but only with professor lupin),Transfiguration, and Care for Magical Creatures.
    Patronus: a Stag like Harry though she would never tell anyone untill the battle at hogwarts.
    Wand: 14 inches,cherrywood, phoenix feather core.
    Quiditch Position: Seeker (Stole the position right out from under Harry)
    Tale:J.K. Rowling wrote what the kids wanted him marrying harry but what really happened was : Katy watched Harry fall to the floor for hogwarts, his friends, and her. She ran to his lifeless corpse tears pouring down her cheeks Hagrid walked up to take him away she fought and said no he had to be alive. In the end Harry approached her after the battle and asked her out. And a couple years later they were living down the road from ron and hermione married.

  49. topazstorm3

    Name:Clarrisa (girl)
    Appearance: Very beautiful. Purple hair in the winter, a Pastel Pink with Dark Red highlights in Spring , Lime Green
    with bright orange highlights in Summer, and for fall a Banana Yellow. Can usually find her in the library. Dark Blue Eyes With eyebrows depending on hair color. Often wearing crazy lipstick. Has peace sign earrings.
    Favorite Classes: Transfiguration, Care of magical creatures, muggle studies.
    Broom: Firebolt

  50. crawlingcoach2

    appearence;Tall,hair longer then shoulder length,brown eyes,tan skin,mostly wears softball uniform.
    personality:sporty,funny,and likes to play softball.
    wand: is able to do anything she wants it to

  51. electricitywhale1

    Hey I already made one she’s awsome, I forgot her name but she is in Hufflepuff. her wand was a Dragonheart string her Quiddtch place was seeker, so look for her. THANKS!!

  52. Gracie

    -Xiomora Van Aqual
    -3rd year
    -she has curly golden hair (usually in a ponytail)and deep aqua eyes. her skin is tan and she has lots of freckles
    -she is brave and caring, a real daredevil and her heart is huge
    -her patronus is a unicorn

  53. sally

    name ginny
    house griffindor
    year 3rd
    appearance tall,long brown hair,brown eyes,peach skin,wears robe and jeans.
    personality sporty and fun to be with.
    favorite class quditch
    patronus fish
    wand 13 inches long phoenix feather
    quditch seekeer griffindor house

  54. PhoenixSong3

    Name: Ember
    Year: 1st
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Dark red hair an inch below the shoulder thats always in a braid, deep purple eyes, tan skin, and is tall
    Personality: has few good friends, avoids slytherins if she can, is quiet most of the time and talks only when there is something important to say, doesnt cry easily, is pretty strong for her age, is VERY competitive in duels, and is quick like a fox.
    Favorite classes: DADA and Quidditch.
    Patronus: Fox
    Wand: Rosewood, 12 1/4 inches, dragon heartstring
    Quiditch: Beater on the Gryffindor team.

  55. beastlysaga1

    Name: Quatar (Pronounced Kah-tar)
    Year: 5th
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Long straight as a board hair, the color of maple syrup. Slender fingers and a very elegant uphold in a non-arrogant way. She moves gracefully as if she’s always in a dance. She is almost as skinny as a twig. Her eyes are so dark blue they look sort of purplish and they have silver looking flecks in the irises. She has a loving smile, and a carefree wave.
    Favorite Classes: Transfiguration, Quiditch, and Herbology
    Patronus: Weasel
    Wand: 13 inch, unicorn hair, beech wood.
    Quiditch Position: Seeker on the Gryffindor team.
    Personality: She is very cunning and mischevious as her patronus is a weasel. She is not all there sometimes though, sort of like she has drifted off in her mind. But she is very studious and very smart. But, alas, she’s not as smart as Hermione. She loves laying out in the courtyard on spring and autumn days, usually to practice her patronus. She also pretends to read when she’s fantasizing over the Ravenclaw Seeker. ;) Cheerful, kind, always keeps promises, and never breaks her word.

  56. Noah

    Name: Harrius
    Year: 4
    House: Slytherin (try something different)
    Appearance: Large dark eyes, sleek auburn hair, dark skin, medium height (5’4), green sweatshirt and tan shorts mostly
    Personality: Sneaky, sly, creative, coy, solemn
    Favorite Class: Potions
    Patronus: Cobra
    Wand: 11 inch snake coiled grip
    Broom: Nimbus 2007

  57. bubblypink5

    Name: Meeka Arizona
    House: Slytherin
    Appearance: Beautiful tanned skin, almond-shaped hazel eyes, shiny straight long black hair, doesn’t need makeup to look pretty. Always wears skirt and tank when not in robe.
    Personality: Confident, smart, very social, and desperately wants to switch to Griffindore.
    Favorite Classes: potions, transfigurations.
    Patronus: Magic Giraffecorn
    (unicorn and giraffe)
    Wand: 13 inches, maple wood and troll fur.
    No Quidditch for her!

  58. sandmystery2

    Name: Emma Roseanburg
    Year: 4th
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Tall,long brown hair, with blue eyes.
    Personality: Funny and very smart.
    Favorite Classes: Transfiguration and Herbology.
    Patronus: Dog
    Wand: 20 inch pheonix feather and unicorn elder wand.

  59. readingboy

    Name: Thatawesomeguyoverthere(boy)
    Appearance: Abercrombie and Fitch model(lol)
    Personality:Class Clown,funny, genius, athletic
    Favorite classes:quiditch
    Patronus: Eagle
    WAnd: something really cool
    Quidditch: seeker

  60. hazedemeter1

    Name: Lyla Gray (Girl)
    Year: 5th
    House: Hufflepuff
    Aperrence: Dark brown hair green eyes and always smiling
    Personality: Always wants to have a fun time loves her friends and is dedicated to school
    Favorite Classes: Charms, Potions, Quidditch
    Wand: 14 inch spruce wood hippogriff feather core
    Quidditch Position: Chaser

  61. kate

    name:layla griff
    Appearance:bouncy, tight, brown curly hair,blue eyes, white skin, wears mostly t-shirs and skirts,
    personality:goofy, freindly, kind, and funny
    favorite classes:charms,transfiguera-tion
    wand:birch with fur of griffin

  62. Amber

    Name: Higros Lucinda
    Year: 2nd
    House: Gryffindoor
    Apperance: short, long blond hair, blue eyes,white skin, wears fancy clothes
    Patronus: bunny

  63. firefox153

    Name:Cat Tigerheart Year:4th House:Ravenclaw Appearance:Tall,long black hair,blue eyes,tan skin. Personality:Brave weird(in a good odd way)and a little shy Favorite classes:None Patronus:Fox Wand:15 inch phoenix feather Quditch:Seeker

  64. Foxface12

    Name: Thorn Lions
    Year: 1st
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: 5’4,longish light brown hair with natural darker brown and gold streaks,hazel eyes,tannish skin.
    Personality: Dark,but kind when you get to know her,fiery,stubborn,has a way with animals,cunning,wise,and stealthy.
    Favorite Classes:Herbology,transfiguration,care of magical creatures,and potions.
    Patronus: Grey wolf
    Wand: A 12 inch black cherrywood with a crescent moon on top and a ,leather wrap grip.
    Quidditch Position:Does not play quidditch

  65. B

    Appearence:Long, straight black hair
    Personality:Solstice is determined, brave and caring.
    Fave classes:DADA, Ancient Runes.
    Patronus:grizzly Bear
    Wand:12 in.,Cherry Blossom and Eagle feather core.
    Quidditch:Chaser for Gryffindor.

  66. Erin

    Name: Moonsong Phoenix (Girl)
    Year: 1st year
    House: Slytherin
    Appearance: She has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes with blue in them. Tanned skin, and has a determined look on her face.
    Personality: Moonsong is really competitive. She always wants other people to be crushed by her amazing sport skills and she hates to lose! Also, she solves problems by yelling. She is a teacher favorite and she’s very smart!
    Favorite classes: Quidditch
    Patronus: Squirrel
    Wand: 14 and a half inches, ash with a porcupine quill core.

  67. enormousaqua2

    I love this way more than my avatar. Nick there is no house called “Death House”

  68. enormousaqua2

    Name:Sofia (Girl) Year:1st
    Apperence:Short,Pretty,Blue Eyes,Brown Long Hair
    Personality: Fun, Smart, Sporty
    Favorite Classes: All of them
    Wand:12″ phoenix feather maple wood

  69. Lexi

    Name:Cynthia Kaitlin Dumbledore
    Appearance:Curly dark hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, tall, skinny, pretty
    Personality:Goes by as Kaitlin, very nice, kind, friendly, adventurous, funny, honest, trustworthy, brave, intelligent and helpful
    Favorite Classes:Transfiguration, Muggle Studies, Creatures
    Wand:15 inches,holly wood with unicorn hair core
    Quidditch Position:Not on quiditch team but she does cheer them on :)

  70. Princess Isla

    Name: Isla Silvercrystal
    Year: 3rd Year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: straight black hair with purple streaks and emo cut; fair skin, and black eyes with hints of purple, tall , elegant posture and slightly pointed ears and long carnivorous teeth
    Personality: born leader, kind, has an air for royalty, mischievous when bored, and a friend to everyone, but enemies BEWARE!
    Favorite classes: Transfiguration, Potions, DADA, and Quditch
    Patronus: Unicorn
    Wand: 14 in. Unicorn hair ash tree wood wand
    Quditch Position: Seeker
    Broom: Nimbus 2000 black with electric purple feathers (at the back)
    Familiar: Werecat and a snowy Owl

  71. midnightartemis2

    Name:Zelina Year:5th House;raven claw hair:long auburn Eyes:light blue personality: calm has own ideas. Patronus:guinea pig wand:Willow with unicorn hair

  72. wolfdragon17

    Name: Bridget
    Year: 1st
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Long, red hair usually with braids. She has lots of freckles and wears glasses. She has piercing blue eyes.
    Personality: Kind usually but sometimes aggressive to defend her friends. She is a wolf Animagus.
    Favorite classes: DADA, Charms, Transfiguration
    Patronus: dragon
    Wand: 12 inches long, holly wood, unicorn hair
    Quidditch: Seeker for Ravenclaw since she is very agile. Uses a Nimbus 2000 broom.

  73. thorposeidon1

    Name:Chloe Black
    Appearance:wavy lustrous black hair, tall but not that tall, striking grey eyes, wears a nice shirt with a vest then a coat and jens and has a grin on face
    Personality:brave, loyal, funny at times, and a tricker
    Favorite classes:transfiguration
    Wand:11 inch pine, phionex feather wand

  74. Lauren

    My 2nd favorite charecter is Ginny Weasly. I have a friend who looks like Ginny and likes Ginny. I am so mad Harry is cheating on Ginny. Harry also kisses Cho Chang. He only kisses Ginny twice and kisses Cho Chang once. I heard Ginny and Harry get married and have 3 kids named James,Albus and Lilly. I also heard Hermione and Ron get married and have 2 kids. I am not sure what there names are? P.S My other friend told me this.

  75. Anonymus

    Name: Athena
    Year: 1st year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Really long, silky, curly wavy,and shiny black hair
    Intent, Sparkly, Big, Deep Gray Eyes
    Naturally long lashes
    Very thin
    Long legs
    Has an owl named Diamond
    Personality: Smartest in her year (If she were taking the owls, her score would be strait Os.) Very nice and caring, very well at dueling (can take on a lot of the 7th years, maybe even a few death eaters), black belts in all martial arts, Knows a bit of extraordinary magic she came up with, excellent at making magical inventions, LOVES HOGWARTS, strong,
    Favorite class(es): EVERYTHING
    Patronus: Dragon
    Wand: 11 in. Cherry wood with a phoenix feather core
    Quidditch: Seeker

  76. Lauren

    I love harry potter my favorite charecter is Hermione Granger. I think she is awesome. I am so mad that Lavender Brown kissed Ron in the 6th movie. She doesn’t understand that she is taking Hermione’s boyfriend!

  77. wolfdragon5

    Name: Bridgid
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: short Irish girl with red-brown hair, freckles, and buck teeth. Wears glasses.
    Personality: cleverest girl in Hogwarts, loves to read, kind and helpful but agressive when she needs to be. She is a wolf Animagus.
    Favorite classes: DADA, Transfiguration, charms
    Wand: 12 inches long, dragon heartstring,holly.

  78. w

    Name: Wilson
    Year: 5th year
    House: Griffendor
    Appearance: He has short brown hair in a crew cut. A musclular body, and a deep voice.
    Personality: Wilson is a very tough individual who stuggles in his classes. But his boyish charm allows him to aquire plety of ladies to help him.
    Favorite classes: Potions and Quidditch
    Patronus: Dragon
    Wand: 14 inches bur oak with a unicorn hair core.
    Quiddich position: Wilson would be a beater for griffendor team and is being recruited by the Chuddly Cannons.

  79. mathmystery1

    LOVE IT PLAESE POST MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. aquabulldog34

    what is the deal with harry potter what does it mean i dont get it at all about wizzards magic and all that nonsense

  81. pumablue3

    My name would be Skye Penderwick and my house would be Griffindor. I would probably have a 11 inch wand with holly and pheonix hair.

  82. cutie3500

    Okay, I won’t create a character because I don’t have time, but I will say, CONGRATZ, Skylark! You’re on the Ink Splot Blog!

  83. Ley56

    Apperance:Short for age long choppy red hair and determined green eyes always in a robe
    Personality: Nice,king, and shy
    Classes:Quidich and transfigeration
    wand:13 inch dragon heart stirg firm and awsome at transfigeration
    Quidich: Beater(pretty good at it)

  84. aquahamster10

    Name:Lily Three
    Appearance:she has brown hair, pink lips and a pink sparkly dress.
    Personality:odd and funny
    Favorite classes:DADA and quditch
    Wand:10 inch unicorn hair oak wood wand
    Quditch:seeker for Gryffindor team

  85. Bastclimning1

    bast (girl)
    blueish/blackish hairone, really beautiful face brown fun loving eyes
    creative, happy being who she is, not scared to show it, and brave
    cute little kitten
    10 inch maple phoenix blood
    great chaser

  86. amari

    i like what do it really so cool and but sothing not very good so now how they are part where he with the dog

  87. 44maplesyrup

    wow thanx skylark 4 this question! i luv reading about all these characters.

  88. AquaPhoenix8

    Name:Kate Dragonhoof
    Appearance:Tall,shortish brown hair, blue eyes,White skin,mostly wears a t shirt and jeans.
    Personality:odd(in a good way),smart and not afraid to show who she is.
    Favorite classes:DADA and quditch.
    Patronus: Zebra
    Wand:19 inch phoenix feather elder wand.
    Quditch:Seeker on the Ravenclaw house.

  89. Dolphinswimming11

    Name: Lilly Graut
    Appearence:Pale, Blue eyed, Brown hair.
    Personality: Smart, kind,Always keeps promises. A prefect.Is caring to animals, she has an owl named Weltz.
    Favorite Classes: Quiditch, charms, transfiguration, herbology.
    Patronus: Phoenix
    Wand:12 inches maple wood,Centaur fur.
    Broom:67 inches,Nimbus 2000

  90. haymaze44

    Name: Nia Astor
    Year: 6
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: long black hair, almond-shaped green eyes, tall, long legs
    Personality: cheery, strategic, cleverest of her year in Charms and Potions
    Favorite Class: Potions
    Patronus: eagle
    Wand: 13 inches, elm and phoenix feather
    Quidditch: Chaser
    Broom: Nimbus 2001

  91. cool club surfer

    .name:Samantha Thorn
    .5th year
    .Appearance- Long dark brown hair,tall, tan skin, brown eyes.
    .Favorite Classes-Quidditch,
    Transfiguration,Muggle Studdies,Herbology,
    River Otter
    .Wand-13 inches,elwood,holly,and twisted wood grip
    .Quidditch Position- Gryffindor Seeker
    .Broom,Nimbus 2001,or a Firebolt like Harry’s.

  92. Nick

    My name would be Shadowclaw.
    I would be a 3rd grader.
    House – Death House
    Appearance- blonde hair, short kid with a camera, purple eys, tan skin,
    Personality – sneaky,quick,
    Favorite classes,Quidditch, transfiguation
    Pratronus – dragon
    Wand – 12 inches, skull on the top, and all black.
    Quidditch – offense
    Broom – 48 inches, a skull on the top, flat black, and it goes 100 mph.

  93. 44maplesyrup

    hey awesome!! i always wanted to do this!
    so here goes!
    3rd year
    appearance: short blond hair,greenish gray eyes,very tan,mischevous look.
    personality:very sneaky and really smart,loves riding on hippogriffs and trying out wierd spells on her friends.
    favorite classes:DADA,COMC,potions.
    wand:15 inches,holly with dragon heartstrings.
    quiddich position:keeper on the slytherin team.

  94. cupcakes4allief

    name- Mona Year- 5th house- hufflepuff Appearance- bright blue hair with hot pink streaks.straight. Personality- Smart.seems tough, but is very sweet.
    favorite classes- herbology and quidditch. wand- 11 inches. cherry wood. phoenix feather core.
    Potronus- horse
    quidditch position- seaker

  95. mintchocolatechip100

    Skyelark Moon sounds a bit like Cho Chang. My character would be in Gryiffindor, play chaser on the quidditch team, and her favorite class would be transfiguration.

  96. Hermione524

    Name: Kylie-Anne
    Year: 3rd
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Longish layered brown hair that is really dark, almost black, in the winter, but gets blonde and red highlights in the summer. Dark blue eyes (sometimes wears rectangular glasses, but their color depends on her mood), tan skin. Is a bit on the short side.
    Personality: Extremely smart (well, duh, she’s in Ravenclaw!), but for nonmagic as well as magic (like she’s good at math and logic, too). Shy to strangers, but extremely friendly once you get to know her. Normally has her nose stuck in a book.
    Favorite classes: Charms, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, and Arithmancy (she’s very busy)
    Patronus: Phoenix
    Wand: 9 inches (short, like her!) oak with leprechaun gold core (it has an enchantment on it so that it doesn’t disappear).
    Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Spectator or seeker (preferrably seeker) but she doesn’t really care if she doesn’t make the team (she knows she’s not the best player in the world).

  97. laila

    Gender: Girl
    House: Gryffindor
    Appearance: Medium sized black and brown hair in a pink bow hairband, gryffindor clothes,Hazel eyes with a swirl of purple, a beautifully perfect face!
    Personality: Full of hope and joy and wonder, got the brains, and great sourcery
    Favorite classes: DADA,Charms,Transfiguration, Potions, And Quidditch
    Patronus:beaver baby
    Wand: 14 inches, holly wood with a single pheonix hair
    Quidditch position:Seeker on Gryffindor
    Wat do u think?

  98. Kate

    Katy (Kat)
    Long strawberry-blond hair, bright green eyes, freckles,
    Kind, brave, likable, super smart and helpful.
    Likes DADA and Transfiguration
    Black lab
    11 inches, oak wood with phoenix feather core

  99. falliscool

    Name: claire
    Year: 2rd year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: She has long, curly dirty blond hair and blue eyes and light skin.
    Personality: claire is really nice and caring. she loves to read. Also, shes really smart and funny!
    Favorite classes: charms, Quidditch, care of magical crethers ,history of magic
    Patronus: otter
    Wand: 12 inches, pine with unicorn hair core.
    Quiddich position: seaker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.

  100. Alexis

    Name:Celestia Luna
    Appearance:Brown hair and eyes, purple glasses, always has a smile.
    Personality:Celestia is caring, brave and always has her nose in a book.
    Fave Classes:Potions,Charms
    Wand:12 in.,cherry wood and unicorn hair.

  101. ninjadragon99

    * Name: Jenna Lane
    * Year: 5th year
    * House: Ravenclaw
    * Appearance: chin-length black hair, her bangs are cut at an angle across her face so that you can only ever see one dark purple eye. Caramel colored skin and very tall.
    * Personality: when you see her, you feel intimidated, but once you get to know her, Jenna is really nice and VERY funny!
    * Favorite classes: DADA, Charms, Potions
    * Patronus: Hippogriff
    * Wand: 14 Inches, Oak wood with a dragon heartstring core
    * Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Seeker for the Ravenclaw team
    that was SO Cool, thanks for the awesome questions Skyelark Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. MEEE

    Name: Rowan Aries(Girl)
    Year: 2nd year
    House: Ravenclaw by Sorting, but Gryffindor by choice. So Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Curly-wavyish hair, pink glasses…
    Personality: kinda Hermione-ish, smart and sometimes a know-it-all, but helpful
    Favorite classes: DADA, Transgifuration, Potions, Quidditch
    Patronus: Pygmy Puff :)
    Wand: 11 1/2 inches, Alder and Phoenix Feather
    Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Seeker for Ravenclaw

  103. D

    Appearance:Shaggy black-and-white hair,black shirt,silver eyes with a little gold in them,a nonchalant look on his face
    Personality:Percy is very intellegent,hates fighting,but will be violent if he has to, or someone goes too far,is very meek,but has a GREAT singing voice
    Favorite Classes:DADA,Charms,Transfiguration,Quidditch
    Wand:12 inches,holly wood with unicorn hair core
    Quidditch Position:Beater on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team

  104. emeraldblue3

    is this a cool thing or what i think it may be weird or cool i never did one like this i did it in school but not on online have u did it in school it is boring with a captil B

  105. fightingleprechaun5

    how do u post messages on your page. im new to this and hv no clue on how to do anything. please reply

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