June 11, 2012

Create a Caption: Madame Cat

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Create a Caption Cat Writing Prompt

It’s been too long since we had a cute animal Create a Caption, right? You know how much I love cats, so I couldn’t resist this beauty with the pink wig. Isn’t she GLAMOROUS??

Cat with pink wig

Flickr photo by Weelakeo

What do you think she is saying (or thinking in her pretty, pink head)? Leave your caption in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer


  1. Akshta

    Meow! Just saw the hairstylist today, she thinks it’s good, and you? I’ll be flaunting it through the ramp tonight with my killing CAT-walk.

  2. icedragon325

    Cant you do anything right! First you mess up my bubble bath, now my perm! God, arent there any good butlers around here anymore?!

  3. scarletwuizard49

    shes thinking :i got adopted by a person right?i got a flea bag thing on my head!people im not a flea dog ,i a purrrrfect cat.bt the way im not lady gagas dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if people cant get that ill eat me pink thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I think she is rapping like Nikki Manaj. My second guess is that she/he is her dream to be like Katy Perry.

  5. Anonymous

    the only reason i think she is saying this is by the way her head is turned but anyways i think she is saying “What in the world id this thing on my head”!!!!!!

    from katelyn

  6. joselin

    that is so ulgy not trying to be mean but that is the truth like at 15 time and u will see it ………………….

  7. joselin

    nonononononononono what the heck is that ……… is it a cat or a person I am like at at at at ….,……..

  8. Kelsey

    “Why did you put a pink wig on me? I thought you loved me! And you know I can’t get things that are on my head off! What are people going to think about me now?”

  9. continentsushi7

    what is everyone staring at? they never saw a cat with long pink hair? they meowst be jelous

  10. Katie

    “Why are looking at me like that? What did you do to me this time? Please tell me you didn’t dye my fur pink again.

  11. surgeondance7

    i like the way you like lift the cat there and then you added the hair pink and the neckless pink to

  12. Keanna

    Actually according to physics the cat can’t talk I also know that cats are one of the smartest pets

  13. Keanna

    Oh I didn’t see the question I think the cat is saying I look good what do you think ? LOL

  14. Keanna

    The cat has a pink wig on if it’s a cat why should it have a wig on like a human being I know most people that wear wigs but it doesn’t look good on a cat

  15. seamoth5

    once upon a time there was a boy named Anthony he was a great man a great woman appeared in the man,s face she said she was a witch I am sorry.

  16. Alison

    Hello. I assume you’re here for you’re appointment? Or perhaps the fashion show afterwards?

  17. emeraldice49

    This is what I think this cat is saying:
    “OMG! Someone just put my favortie wig through the washer with a pink sock! What am I going to do now? I have a very important VIP event to go to tonight, and now my outfit is ruined!”

  18. Adorable Apple12

    She is saying ” Pink hair are so last season! Purple are the ‘it’ thing now!”

  19. Limecalm3


  20. Tanner

    Is that cat Nicki Manaj’s cat? The cats hair looks like it. I wonder if that cat can sing like her. THe cat really looks like her. It really does.

  21. witchunicorn5

    i think the kat is trying to be Niki Minaj!
    ‘Pass me a bucket while i puke!’she says.i say,’girl r u trying 2 be cute?’ she says,’Aren’t i?’ i reply,’No,Nikki Minaj.’
    *the kat leaps and srcatches my face.this is the look she gives wen she says,

  22. frostsprite2

    “What’re you looking at? If you come ONE STEP CLOSER I’ll scratch your eyeballs out-what? A pink wig? GET IT OFF ME! I HATE PINK!”

  23. beegreen164

    i think she is saying “what are you looking at? but from me is that she has some really fun looking hair.

  24. onyxkoalabear5

    Why are you staring at my necklace? You’re supposed to be admiring my hair!!!!!!

  25. bluecrest17

    “Oh, are you here to dress me up in another silly little outfit? Because I could really use some Fancy Feast… I am SUCH a princess!”

  26. Kai-A

    I think that since it looks like it would be staring at you that it is thinking,Why are so many people staring and commenting on me.

  27. eliza

    i think the kitty is saying….”are you laughing at me???? who do you think you are to laugh at my awesome hair … or are you just jelous of me?? ha ha

  28. PurpleArtemis25

    - “Hey! Where’s my matching costume?!?!?!”
    - “Hi! I’m Kitti Minaj!”
    - “Shh.I’m trying to act casual!”

  29. PurpleArtemis25

    ” What do you mean,it wasn’t hard to guess that my owner was Nicki Minaj?”

  30. Dreamerathena4

    See me now Mom? I told you i could achieve my dreams. Being lady gaga!! Now wheres that pizza dress?!

  31. bluedog1727

    nice pink hair it is so cute on the cat! P.S. the cat is also so cute! i wish i had a cat….. i don’t i only have two dogs.

  32. InkyZombie

    “What do you mean, my hair looks fake?! I’ll have you know this style is all natural!”

  33. hotelfeathers2

    haha that’s cute and funny and also a little bit mean. Mind me i didn’t read the whole thing

  34. emily

    me;lol when you read my coment!!!!:D

  35. Chimeradragon

    I refuse to take off your wig until you accept to my demands; a bowl of cream, a live mouse, and pink dye for my fur.

  36. Rachel

    Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa,
    Watch out your being replaced except this purr-fectly!
    And Katy Perry, that’s what you get for naming your purr-fume after me!

  37. Horsecheery11

    Poor kitty! If I tried to that to my cat, he’d scratch me until i ended up in the emergancy room.

  38. Rain

    She is saying: Wow, the more i look at you the more i realize how much more fabulous I am!!!

  39. Estella

    “I think Lady Gaga came around when I was dozing off…”
    “Did Katy Perry puke on me and I didn’t notice?”
    Lol, this is such a cute picture, BTW!!!
    I hope you do more!

  40. bullfighting26

    I am betta than all of you cause i have long pretty pink hair!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My comment:You might have long hair but who can sing betta lol jp/jk

  41. ipodpanda6

    kitty says: I will find whoever made me look like Kitty Minaj………….you just WAIT

  42. eagleguitar9

    oh so that is how you have fun? well get ready to be pounced on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u r going DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Lavender Cloud

    I think the cat is saying- Oh,should I get this pink one or the purple one or maybe the blue one…oh I just dont know what do you think?

  44. periwinklecoach3 & kneesbeige3

    “Look how pretty I am.Im so fashionable!No one could ever be pretty than me!ahahahaha”

  45. chartreusebird31

    “Hands off, human. That treat is mine, mine, MINE. Don’t even think about taking it!”

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