August 20, 2009

Create a Caption: What’s That?

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CreateacaptionAh, there’s nothing like a good hike through the woods. The fresh scented smell of the trees, the feel-good accomplishment of getting exercise, and the ”wow” factor that the scenery brings.

When I was back home in Minnesota, my family and I got in touch with our nature side (the little of it we all have) and went on a hike through the woods. As we trekked over the rocks, climbed along the paths and hauled up the way-too-many hills that we encountered, we all took in the unfamiliar, yet beautiful, view.

Here’s one particular image of my sister-in-law gazing up at something. I can’t remember what she was looking at so I’m leaving it up to YOU!


I’ll start it off: “I wonder if those people in that plane can see me?”

Now it’s your turn!

—Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. AlanRickmanfan

    “Awww look an eagle.Aww, it’s dive-bombing!Aww, It’s coming over to hello!Awww,It’s-AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

  2. willows2468242

    “why is there a guy sitting on that tree branch up there???…he really needs some more clothes…”

  3. jazmine

    its a bird,its a plane,no,its a dude in a cape and underware omg call the police and get me some bleach for my eyes that was scary!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mandiebabie

    Ummm…how am I going to get found if the trees block the rescue helicopter from seeing me?

  5. violet656

    Hey, look! What’s that white thing that the bird just dropped that’s falling directly at me? It kinda looks like… oh no!

  6. thammy

    man i swear i should of left that floaty guy in the white ro-. o darn is was jesus wasint it i. hate goin to roit parties.

  7. yasmin

    that women look like she never saw a forest before ………………………………. da what other thing is it gone to be

  8. Kristina<3

    “Oh wow is that a bird what the?!?! Oh no it’s not a bird and it’s coming staright for me ahhh! Oh oops that was a bird! Lol hahaha!

  9. Simply Meh!!

    “Oooh! The sky looks so prettyful! Is that a new Coach bag? I have been SO out of it lately since I’ve been looking for sales in this rainforest…”
    LOL kinda weird..

  10. sam☻♥☺

    I love harry potter so much!! It is the coolest book and movie in the world.Give me a shout if you like it. peace over and out!☻♥☺

  11. Hannah

    Amazing! I NEVER thought I would ever get to see a bird like that- loooook at that is’t that just fasinating…?!

  12. HarryPotterPerson

    Is that superman? Oh…wait. It’s only grandma skydiving again. She better have my cookies ready.

  13. ajnin_the_ninja

    “Whats that hairy thing in the trees?” “Wait thats my sister!” Hahaha luv ya sis!

  14. quitypans

    i dont think they can see u and plus the bushes and trees are covering u up so that’s this is quitypans holay back yall

  15. shatori

    i would like to visit there with my parents and frand and cuzin and family and the school and it look so sacred down there u better watch out fro snakes and things us

  16. whinygrl

    “Is that bad smell coming from up there? It’s like a mixture of old sweat, mashed bananas, and raw clams. Hmmmm…”

  17. kourtney

    ithougth they were weird bi am duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. rmememe2398

    I can tell this won’t be good um why is that cat so big um wait never minsd i think i should run now…. BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rmememe2398

    I can tell this won’t be fun and im really getting…………………….AHHHHHHHHHH BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Solarial

    “Wow! Here, in this area you can see kookaburras? I must notify the Natural Science Museum…”

  21. rockstarms

    I love harry potter so much!! It is the coolest book and movie in the world.Give me a shot if you like it. peace over and out!☻♥☺

  22. tony


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