August 19, 2013

Create a Caption: Teen Beach Pugs

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Create a Caption: Teen Beach Pugs

Don’t Mikko and Maxine look beachy perfect in their matching Hawaiian print outfits? They could be extras in Teen Beach Movie!

I think they are saying, “Hang 5! Keep it alive! Hang 10! Hot-dogin’ again! Let’s Goooo! SURF’S UP!”


Write YOUR caption for these cuties in the Comments!
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer


    (one on right) “check it out mommy I look just like you!”
    (one on LEFT) ” are you kidding me?! I look just like my daughter!”

  2. sushicatluver(srry i don't wanna use my real name or user name)


  3. Olivia

    (One on the right) “Check it out mommy I look just like you!” (one on the right) ” Are you kidding me?! I look like my own son!

  4. Cheerymermaid22

    Mikko is saying,”Let’s go surfing!” Maxine is saying,”Can you tell me where the hot tub is?”

  5. wolfarrow77


  6. dogcat4204

    It is cute but it remind me of mommas girl dresscode UHHH!
    I so not like when moms and their kids dress alike

  7. GorrilaPolorBear757

    My caption is….
    Bigger Dog: I wonder, would the “surf,sun and sand” be as great as the movie says it is?
    Smaller Dog: Nah, I have sensitive skin. I burn not tan.
    Bigger Dog: Really. I tan. Sorry for you but i’m hittin the beach! Lets see if it is that great!

  8. emeraldpanda144

    Look, its not my fault that you got me a size 6 instead of a 10!
    Can you move? I cant move. I wish I could move. Im frozen from embaressment!

  9. FairyFairy281

    Well, look on the bright side. It’s a BIG improvement from last time: Pink heart patterned-ballerina outfits…

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