June 21, 2010

Create a Caption: Summer Bear

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Createacaption Ever make your stuffed animals do wacky things? I vividly remember as a toddler, I had this giant plastic baby doll, aptly named "Big Baby." She was as tall as me, I guess about 3 feet at the time. I used to freak my mom out and make Big Baby sit on my potty seat, or drag her around and dress her in my clothes. Well, check out this stuffed bear from my house. Looks like he's all decked out for summer. What do you imagine he's thinking?

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Leave your caption in the Comments below!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. LOL&Co.

    WHAAT? Of course I’m reading and not just laying a book open in my lap and wearing sunglasses so that you wouldn’t see my eyes NOT looking at the book!!! Where did you get that idea??

  2. gamemonkey66

    My Caption: “I love to just sit here and sip and relax. *Sigh* It’s too hot out here; I think I’ll go inside.”

  3. sushicatluver(srry i don't wanna use my real name or user name)

    I love summer more because then I don’t have to sleep forever

  4. kym

    “ahh. its summer vaction. time to relax with a nice heavy book and a cool drink of lemonade. oops milk of course”

  5. Danielle

    Im bored. This book is boring…. *looks up as in picture* Oh. Hey random boring person…. Doing anything boring?

  6. J

    that is so funny and cool and cute & I say hes ready to suntan cause hes ready for summer after winter

  7. James

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…….. The summer is the best season in the year, now I can have a great tan Oh Im alrready tan He He

  8. tinyemu

    “Excuse me….a little privacy please! I’m on vacation. What? Mom wouldn’t let me go to Hawaii, so Hawaii is here now.”
    “Ah, here comes the sand now…..OVER HERE!”

  9. pottercrazy407

    AHHH. This is THE LIFE. Well, it at least beats sleeping with a drooling kid all night. So, ya. back to relaxing. AHHH. LEAVE ME ALONE!

  10. AlanRickmanfan

    “To all you other stuffed teddy bears out there-EAT YOU”RE HEART OUT.I’M LIVING THE GOOD LIFE!”
    _I hope this urges you to spend more time with you’re old stuffed animals.They need you!!!!

  11. Lauren

    Bear: Kickin’ back with a book on an island…wait! Then this must be coconut milk! I am deatly allergic! But who cares… I just really love this book…

  12. Peyton

    Hey! Can you give me some privacy? Yeah, it may be unusual for a stuffed bear to be drinking milk and reading a book, but still – go live your life and leave me in peace!

  13. Zain

    Where is my waiter for cookies! Anyone seen her? She is 4.5 ft tall and is not wearing anything but fur and doesn’t know how to read! Sad right! I used to be that way!

  14. moochie

    man isnt it a great day out here!!!!!!!! great view, sunlight, great milk and of course great milk. Wait i could use some more milk.Heyyy mmoooooooom may i get some more milk ppplllleeeasse????? thanks!!!!!!!

  15. prettypink5462

    “Well,I’ll be darned!I can see! Now if only I could read…”
    (His brain really is stuffed :-D )

  16. brightpeppersock

    I like what the bear is sitting down reading.But I have been hanging out with my friends a lot too

  17. kat

    Just what I need sun and milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Caballo amante

    “It was a dark and stormy night…” I think it’s actually a pretty sunny afternoon.

  19. fastlion88

    It’s beary fun to relax after such a hard day with a beary good book and some milk.

  20. Christy

    “Hmm…I’m a little bit hungry. Maybe I should go make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…….Nah, I’ll have Martha get it.

  21. jenny

    mmm I’ve got everything a bear could ever want. *a pillow is given to him*correction now i do… I love my life

  22. GinnyW123

    here is what I think he (or her!)is thinking:
    If its SO hot out… then why am I drinking milk instead of ice cold water? :)

  23. Mini Mickey

    I think he is saying to himself “Hmmmm….This isn’t the best book I have ever read. Maybe if I pour milk on it….Mom won’t notice. Then I won’t have to read it.

  24. golden stream

    Hey, get out of the way your blocking my sun and I need light to relax, read a book,drink some milk and get a tan.

  25. stephie10

    Cute little teddy bear!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet he’s enjoing the book he’s reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  26. sonofhades

    “i wonder why i can never grow a moustache some of the greatest writers had moustaches yet i cant even grow stubble i wish i were really alive”

  27. blushy197

    Nothings better than some cold-ish milk and a good-ish book in a soft-ish chair. Oh, lets face it. This is just terrible! This milk expired years ago.

  28. Shelby

    Just because you lost me under the bed, locked the doors, and left for vacation, that doesn’t mean i can’t have a good time?

  29. iluvcookiedough123456789

    omg there is a pretty teddy bear and a stacks camera person where do i go to? i wanna be famous no i dont AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  30. iluvcookiedough123456789

    Well I think he is saying ahhhhhh the part of relaxtion! AHAHHH dog in front of me scary scary dog!! oh great max you juust go milk all over my fur!!!!! MOMMMMMM TELL MAX TO GET AWAY FROM ME AND I NEED A NAPKIN AND MILK AND COOKIES AND LAYS CHIPS AND TOASTER STRUDELS AND LOTS OF JUNK FOOD EVEN THOUGH IM STUFFED STILL IM AS SKINNY AS A STICK FEED ME WOMAN FEED ME

  31. jamie

    thats cute i cant believe that its a bear what is the bear read and drinking. (the bears kind of scaring me some how it just stares 247 at you.

  32. Super Ponage Soccer Star

    ALOHA. Sip. Flip page. Sip, sip. Adjust shades. I could get used to this…

  33. Poison_Hunt

    This book looks interesting: “How to Survive in the wilderness”.
    Let’s see… ah ha, chapter one: killing a bear in ten different ways… hmmm…WHAT!?!? AAAARGGGGHHHH. WHO WROTE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!

  34. mackynzie

    ya that is right but i rather sleep than drink milk and read a book but the book is fine but i dont know about sitting in the sun for a couple hours

  35. ellie boo

    what in the world is this thing about anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. bekah159

    agrhhh!!! get me out of this tight shirt and this flowery stuff around my neck! i want to be a normal dog!!! arggghhh!!

  37. hanna love

    i am going to tell you all something if you are reading . If you are not friends with hanna love you might want to becaues all of my friends will get to do exciting things . Im not just talking about scholastic so tell your friends Thank You all

  38. fluffykitten200

    If anyone is friends with a person that has mollymoon in the name could u tell me fluffykitten200

  39. happy4ev

    I think he’s thinking about how good it is to be on a vacation sitting on a comfy chair with his cool shades and relaxing with a book staying cool with a a cold drink and a hat because what else can you think of when this is the life.

  40. Beth

    Mom, seriously, can’t we go to the beach sometime? I can sit on the front porch whenever I want!

  41. Emily

    “Honey, can you come out here and enjoy the weather with me.”
    “Not right now sugarplum.”
    “Oh honey can I have a piece of that delicious pie you made.”
    “What do you want a pie-”
    “I said give me a piece of the pie that you just made!!!”

  42. Emily

    I finally have my iced tea and relaxing in the beautiful sunshine! Waiter more shade!!! Oh and more ice for my drink!!

  43. mybabysheba

    Ahhhh…vacation..lovely! No more bedrooms for a while! whoo hoo! ;) i get to be outside!!
    ok random but maybe

  44. PurpleNinja23

    “Martha,Martha I will get wrinkles from so many people,WRINKLES!And I’m not even 27 years old yet! In Bear years….”

  45. Melissa

    I think the bear is thinking “Get away I was reading an awsome book!” or maybe “I love this book and then you disturbed me!”

  46. cakefrosting76

    What you looking at? What? It’s not normal for a Hawaiann bear to read a book and drink milk out of a parrot-designed cup? Fine! Be that way!

  47. alliefinklerulesgeek1999

    Who knew reading Goosebumps is so chilling even though you have the sun right above you….

  48. kayza


  49. pacoh

    “I’ve got The Last Olympian, and I’m determined to finish it in one day! Hey… can’t a bear get some privacy! I mean really! A stuffed bear reading a book over 300 pages is the most interesting thing you’ve seen?! SERIOUSLY? Or is it my new hat? Are you from Access Hollywood? Wait… SCHOLASTIC? THE STACKS? Is this for the Create a Caption thing? Because I saw a commercial of a singing fish. Talking about some sandwich from McDonalds. I mean, REALLY! A singing fish, now that’s entertainment! ARE YOU RECORDING ME? NO COMMENT!!
    *Camera is covered by paw*

  50. 11purplegirl

    oh my goodness this is the good part the action,romance,thrills and… GET OUT OF HERE!!

  51. soccermvp

    “What is it dear?”
    “Maybe you should come join me. This is really nice.”
    “Ok. Let me just finish the dishes.”
    “Ok. But honey, one thing.”
    “Yes dear…..?”
    “Could you get me a slice of pie?”
    “Uhhhhh, a slice of-”

  52. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    I won my hat a county fair, don’t look at it for over 10 sec bear-cuz I don’t want’cha gettin’ any ideas

  53. Noelle

    This is the part where Romeo runs away to be with Juliett. Hey what is this camera doing here? Go I am enjoying a Shakespear’s classic!

  54. 73bubblegum

    That’s right i’m just relaxing. Drinking my milk reading my book with my new clothes on. Its all good! Hold on a second. Mom! Get me more milk! Sigh….. I just love milk don’t you?It tastes so… so sweet and….

  55. Hermione524

    Ah…this is the life.
    Don’t bug me – I’m reading!
    Can you replace this glass of whatever this is with honey?
    Where’s that cruise you promised me?

  56. cuteipod5678

    Hey! who’s the person with the camera? Mom! There’s a random person from the Stacks with a camera! She’s trying to disturb my nap!

  57. TonksLupin

    Fancy smoothie check.Flower thing check.Shades and hat check.book check.*sigh* the materials for tanning.

  58. Caco Capes

    “Martha, tell the kids to be quiet, Vouge’s cameras are bothered by the noise.”

  59. TheInky3

    Ah, finally summer! I’ve got milk in an awesome cup, a book, and a cool hat…What’s a bear not to love?

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