March 3, 2014

Create a Caption: Smokey Dog

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Smokey the Dog

Smokey is such a beautiful dog! Doesn’t it look like he is posing for a picture? I think Smokey could be a model appearing on the cover of Doggy Vogue magazine!

Smokey the Husky dog photo

My caption: “Okay I’m all ready for my close up! You can come over here with the camera now. Should I lie down in the grass like this? Can somebody get me some Terrier water and bone? A doggy model has got to eat ya’ know!”

What do YOU think? Write your own caption for this picture in the Comments!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

  1. Lindsay

    I’d like to be the helpful pet of Smokey The Bear. By helpful I mean help Smokey The Bear with his duties.

  2. shrewddreamtime11

    okay should I pose like i’m looking far away or the poodle sassy look ohh I think I should do the sitting casual and add a dog pant to class it up okay i’m ready for my close up!! cheese I mean bone (click) ohh this is totes going to get on the cover of coverdog!!!

  3. beakhamster8

    I have a dog like that, but she is an Australian Shepard, and that one is a Border Collie…. Almost same difference

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  5. platinumpaw32

    The only reason he’s doing that is because someone opened the 50 pound dog treat bag.

  6. horsecow39

    I think he’s thinking * I am waiting for the paw-pawattzi and a round of a-paws! * Get it?

  7. catcat

    i love dogs but I am afraid of them case I got attacket by 6 dogs and I cant have case my mom wont let me

  8. purplegalaxy41

    “Can I have my picture now? I have been posing for a long time. Do I look pretty? I think I do. Can I please have my picture.

  9. gracie

    i think that he kind of does look like he is ready for a picture and i think that is a little weird sometimes dogs are like that though i have two dogs myself and they are always like that but they don’t necessarily always look like that but that does look like he is doing a pose and is acting like he is a celebrity

    but then now i am thinking twice and i think that someone is remaking the picture to make the dog look like that

  10. Aaliyah

    Well it is kind of werid because its like the dog is talking because it says this “ OKAY I`M ALL READY FOR MY CLOSE UP!” Then it says this “YOU CAN COME OVER HERE WITH THE CAMERA NOW. Then this , SHOULD I LIE DOWN IN THE GRASS LIKE THIS? Then it says ,“ CAN SOMEBODY GET ME SOME TERRIER WATER AND BONE?

  11. megan

    I want to go on the cruise that is leaving in 5 days!I want to go somewhere warm, sunny, no snow or mudslides, and lots of fun! Hopefully I will get a tan!

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