November 5, 2012

Create a Caption: Puppy Eyes

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CreateacaptionThe most innocent-looking people are usually the biggest troublemakers, and I think the same rule applies to puppies. This photo brings a whole new meaning to the expression “puppy eyes.” How can you resist a face like that? I sure couldn’t.

What caption would you give this photo? Mine would look something like this:

“Hey, dad. I know I accidentally drove your new car into the swimming pool, and I’m really sorry about that . . . but I was hoping I could have $20 to get this new T-shirt I saw at the mall today?”


What do YOU think? Irresistable, right? Share your caption in the Comments!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

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  1. stationfrost8


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  2. Brianna

    “I know I have had a few accidents in the past, but I think it’s time we overlook all of that. Can I pretty please go inside? The grass is so itchy out here!”

  3. kaitlyn

    ”im sorry mommy iwhen u was cleaning the car and you went inside too get more soap i spilled the water please forgive me i mean look at me im cute!!”

  4. Danceblizzard13

    I think the dog is saying that “im soo sorry i did not mean to but on the other hand could you please give me a bone

  5. dizzyferret

    “Okay,okay I know I wasn’t supposed to let the kids outside, but they really wanted to chase that Mustang with me!”

  6. dragondusk58

    here is my caption:
    “I am sowwy mommy, but i accidentwy knocked over your favowite fwower. Pwease forgive me.”

  7. werewolfcat5

    My caption:
    “Oops,I’m sorry.I didn’t mean to knock the food off of the tables.Please forgive me,I was only hungry!”

  8. chartreusedragon44

    It literally has a puppy dog face! Both in the ways of looking pitiful and in the ways of being a puppy dog!