April 26, 2010

Create a Caption: Puppies

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Create a Caption: Puppies in a Bowl on Ink Splot 26 Oh, these puppies are so cute!! I don't know how they got inside that bowl or how they're going to get out, but I love imagining what they are saying to each other while they're all stuck in there.

I think the puppy on the left is saying "Don't be rude! Cover your mouth when you yawn!"


What do you think they are saying? Write YOUR caption in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by snuzzy

  1. Irene

    Puppy whose hand is in other’s mouth: Heyyy! I said for you to look at my nails, not try to bite them!

  2. camoshark896

    1.get your paw out my mouth
    2.ahh it is a mad house
    3.i am telling on you punny
    4.wanna snuggle

  3. D|N

    In clockwise order:
    Puppy #6: (to Puppy #5) Sorry ‘lil bro, but you just won’t stop yappin’! (puts paw in Puppy #5′s mouth)

  4. prinscess123

    the puppies are asking the camra man:how long do we have to pose like this my arm is getting tired!!!!!

  5. prettypink5462

    “nom nom, your foot tastes good”
    “mwah, i lovez you, mwah, i hopez you don’t mind dog kisses

  6. kidswithwings

    Puppy on the left says, “Hey! I didn’t punch you! I just fist bumped your mouth.”
    And all the rest are saying,”Oh, brother! Not again.

  7. Silverhorn

    I think the one with duh paw in it’s mouth is saying ” Yuck I think there’s a dead bug on ur paw, and don’t put that thing in my mouth!!!!”

  8. runner0031

    (one with mouth open) La,la,la,la,la,laaaaaaaa!!!
    (one that puts paw in open pups mouth) Oh put a sock in it!

  9. Anna

    Puppy on bottom left: “Say Awwww…”
    Puppy in the middle on the bottom: “BARK!”
    Puppy on bottom left: (Sigh) “And I thought we were getting along.”

  10. Mini Mickey

    I think the one in the middle with the puppy’s foot in it’s mouth is saying.
    “Ugh, gross don’t you ever wash your paws?!? I am going to tell mom. You know how she likes us to keep our paws clean! It doesn’t help when the little girl sticks us in here.”

  11. yellowword

    When I first looked at the puppies I thought that the dog had his paw IN the other dogs mouth

  12. goodlimetoe

    those are so cute i wish i could have a puppy but i already have two puppys so ya i wounder two how they fit in a bowl that size and i wonder how many puppys there are

  13. cheeseboy47

    on three we lean to the right to get out of here one… two… three no no no not your right my right.

  14. PurpleNinja23

    “Buddy get your stinky paws at of my mouth! I don’t care if they taste like biscuits!”,”Sorry Fred I was trying to be dog friendly”

  15. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    It’s rude to look at a photo of us trying to get him to stop burping (on my paw)!!

  16. mars1234

    Those puppies are sooooo cute! I want one! I think that the one that has its paw in the other one’s mouth is saying,
    Nobody wants to hear your story about the stick that you thought was talking to you!
    And the one in the middle is saying
    Your paw tastes like chicken!

  17. Emma

    Clockwise from the puppy in he top left corner:
    Puppy #1: Oh no! The Human’s coming!
    Puppy #2: Quick! Everyone, hide NOW!
    Puppy #3: Ah! Hide me! Hide me!
    Puppy #4: Don’t look now, but the OTHER Human is coming from that direction!
    Puppy #5: AAHH!!!! WHADDA WE DO?!?!?
    Puppy #6: Shush, you idiot! Do you want them to hear us???

  18. molly

    i love puupies here is what they are saying”act cute and they will give us treats” cool huh well i love to be on this sight

  19. southdakotarocks

    ummm…i think that the one with its paw in the other dogs mouth is tryin 2 get it to be quiet and the rest of the dogs are tryin 2 get outa the bowl.

  20. Emily

    The one with it’s hand over the other one’s mouth is saying, “I told you if you yawned one more time I was gonna . . .”

  21. Lauren (cena16)

    I think a puppy is saying
    1.Ahhh Don’t eat my paw!
    2.shhh don’t talk we are under cover, remember?
    3.cover your mouth! You make me SICK!

  22. narelys1017

    i just love puppies there so cute!!! all i want to do to them is give them a thousand kissis. OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE PUPPIES!!! did you now that when pitbulls are new born and the person that had the mom pitbull cant give you the puppy when they say here have this puppy for free they have to get enough milk from the mom pit bull thats how it workes for dogs if they don’t they will die by;narelys1017

  23. icebreaker28

    Im guessing that the puppy who’s hand is in another puppy’s mouth is probably saying ” Don’t worry, I’m a pro at extracting teeth.” The puppy at the bottom middle is the patient, and all of the other cute puppies are assistants.

  24. arw8929

    They are saying “Help! Help! get me out of this bucket.” The one in the front is saying, ” Get your paw out of my mouth before i bite it off! Puppys are so cute!

  25. crazyness

    Im soo tired! Well, dont yawn, remeber, mom said we can stay up late tonite! And everyone to move over!

  26. Kate

    Darn, last thing i remember I was eating the world’s largest hotdog. I wonder what they are made of.

  27. alisha_00_

    These pups are so cute i could just take them all home with me.I could love them all day.I think if they were mine i wold not be online right now.They look so cute and funny in this pic don’t you think?Well i would be online but they would all be in my lap.How bout you were would they be right now if they were yours huh? It is 1:13 in the morning you guys.I have be up for a while now.At 12 something I had just got done watching the movie called Avataer.Ithink it was a pretty good movie and today after i fall a sleep and wake back up i will watch a movie called Dear John.I have never seen it so this will be the first time.I have ever watched it and the other movie I told you bout well i am going to post some more comments on other pic.I will be back on today after i wake back up and while I am watching Dear John.Alright i guess i go look at these other pics on here.

  28. zzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxx11111111111

    If I was the puppy in the middle I would say get your paw out of my face!

  29. yummycookie123

    1st this hurts so bad
    2nd how did we get in here anyways
    3rd and did i mention this hurts

  30. josey

    the puppy says:ah man you are chewing on my paw. thoes dont grow back.
    the other puppy says: this is real puppy love.

  31. lily

    Awww the puppies are soooooooooooo cute i love puppies and they are just the cutiest things!!!!!

  32. big mack

    thay are so cool. I want won all fo them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thay are the beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. josey

    the puppy says: ah yu r chewing on my hand man, thoes dont grow back.
    the other puppy says:this is real puppy love.

  34. Michaela

    The dog is saying foo’ get yo hand out my mouth! Or i will have to eat your hand :D

  35. Mary

    The boston terrier with the hand in the other one’s hand is saying
    Bite me, PLEASE bite me!!!!
    The one with the other one’s hand in his mouth is saying.
    No I am tired
    I think they are all cuties though

  36. Michaela

    Aww the puppies are so adorable. I wish my mom would get me a puppy! They are so uhh-mazing ! (:

  37. Regina

    I think the one with the paul in its face is going you better get your paul out of my face!!!

  38. jessjess64

    I still think the puppies are cute and I only did tyhis because its an assignment for my media class.

  39. C.C

    I think the one on left is saying”Be quiet and maybe they won’t notice we ate his cerial.”

  40. jessjess64

    I think the puppies are cute as buttons. the look really playful. i wish i could buy one but we can’t have anymore pets for a while or at leats thats what my dad says. Well like I said before the puppies are sooooooo cute.

  41. hooooooooooot


  42. hay hay lolzzzzz

    i love puppies they r soooo cute.i like puppies when they r small they look cute

  43. Go lacrosse

    This is pet abuse!!!!!!! LET US OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. bobster

    Do you need a pale of puppy’s? Then we have the right offer for you! All you have to do is send in $50 and you may win the pale of puppy’s!
    ( not really you wont win any thing but you can donate $50 dollars to help local dogs and cats in the pound. you may also get a puppy for the pound or adoption center.)

  45. serafina29

    Tommy you’re sitting on my paw. Quit it Cupcake! If you’re trying to make me eat your paw, Spikey, it’s not working.

  46. kieran6

    i think that one of the puppies ate some of his/her food she/he is trying to get it back for them self. ahahah i also love the pic

  47. gabrielle

    on the right(bottom right) looks like its peeking over the edge of the bowl or whatever… well…it looks like its saying “oh…oooohhhhh….oooooohhhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its a big doggie…its going to eat us!!!!aaahhhhh!!!!!(well if there was a big dog the puppy could say that…if its scared of that dog…of course if there is one…

  48. bailey246

    i think they are saying hi that is what i think.i also think they are saying can you take me home with you.

  49. Uniquegirl1

    These puppies are ,so adroable where did u get them? I want one s bad i mean all of them

  50. cocoayoung987

    I think the one with his hand in the other ones mouth is saying “ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Don’t eat me you mut!” POOR PUPPIE!

  51. cocoayoung987

    They are all saying “why are we doing this and who is this person photographing us?”

  52. Jenny

    (The puppy with its paw in the other puppys mouth) “Ssshhhhh
    Don’t talk someone is coming.”

  53. 10CookOut

    The on in the middle at the top and the one to the left of it are the lookouts. The two that are ducking are crying and the two that are in “the action” are having a boxing tournament.

  54. Tatyanna

    I’m hungry can somebody feed me .
    Please don’t hurt me .
    I’m trying to sleep so keep it down,please .
    Get your behind out my face .
    I love ya’ll

  55. camoshark896

    I think they are saying…..
    1.get your paw out of my mouth!
    2.im so crowded!
    3.shut up! we all are crowded!

  56. arigatorox

    the pic is soooo cute i luv it they are all so cute i want to squeeze them soooo tightly

  57. mikeyv

    awwwwwwwwwww that is so cute they are so tiny the are so cute ythe look like the wont to drink the some milk what do you give it

  58. Kingsofcouture

    Starting at the top
    1.Cover your mouth!
    3.But I have to
    4.Let me out!
    5.Were in trouble!
    6.Goat cheese!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Megan <3

    Your hand is super duper yummy! I want more!
    Why am I in a bowl. Am I going to get eaten….. with bread?

  60. soccergal

    no the puppy is sayin:i love you. awww thx here have a lick of this yummy jam that i found in the crib a few mins ago

  61. kireseya

    w3 g0t 2 g3t 0ut 0f here m0mmy will s33 us h3r3 uh 0000 hi h0w are y0u doing t0day w3re in this b0wl because we were hungry and i fiured if we check things out mabey f00d will apeear mom um mom ruuuuuuuuuuuuun you gugys we cant were iin this bowl remeber n0 m0m st0p

  62. rhonda m

    omg ??? All so cute and they are small to can i hold one and my hands . OMG???????????? LOL

  63. rhonda m

    all the dogs are so cute and small to i had a puppy like that before . And i wish that i can hold one and my hands.

  64. Hannah

    The one with a paw in its mouth is saying:”Culd you ples got you ar pew ut ef mey mowf?” He sounds wierd ’cause his bro’s paws in his mowf! XD

  65. Becca

    There so cute! & This is what i think theyre saying.
    “Omg we’re all having fun, schewing on eachothers toes,being cute, and sleeping!”

  66. graciem

    those puppys are so cute.are they yours?
    you have a lot of compliments.i just love those baby puppys.

  67. misskaylee42278

    they r saying OMG will you please get your nasty paw out of this pretty mouth, well was a preety mouth but then you distoured it.
    Sorry i was sleeping and by the way your mouth was never pretty mister.

  68. jennifer

    ok that puppy is cute lets block away get out side get freash air look at your self just siting there

  69. beaker878

    ” Oh no I forgot my binkey!!! :( Hey do you mind if I use your hand as a binkey!”

  70. 333sockmonkeys

    the one on the bottom right is singin…..
    “secret—A–GENT MAN!!!!” (or woman!!)

  71. Brandon


  72. xoxolexixoxox

    i think they are saying omg! i need some rest…(the other one with his hand saying) no dude you dont! you took up all my sleeping time and because its soo cold outside we swished into a bowl so i could sleep! :)

  73. val123

    ssssssssshhhhhhhhh im trying to sleep.cover your mouth your breath stinks. im squashed.your buttaxe is in my face.prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  74. lexi

    from top left clockwise.
    1. get off of me!
    2. uh oh someones coming.
    3. i’m ashamed i fell for you guys.
    4. i’m going to sleep.
    5.if we don’tget out of here i am gonna scream. that’s it AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…
    6. SHHHHHH someone is coming

  75. Julia

    In order (clockwise)SO SCARY!!! I am stuck in this “bucket” with my fellow lads! Shut your mouth! I-ahhh-gahhhhh!!!!! I really don’t like pancakes! I’m with u, my friend.

  76. riley

    i think they’re saying hey mom, you there, get us out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. ME

    I think the puppie is saying that the other puppie are taking up the rest of the room and they need to cover there mouth. They need to be good.

  78. Ashley : ) (avatar super awesome movie)

    aw this picture is so cute…..i think the puppy is saying man be quiet for once you talk to much LOL!!!!

  79. Caity

    OMG!!! That picture is sooo cute. I think they’re saying “Awwwwww. So tired.” That’ss how they look anyway.

  80. 12t

    many animals are abused thats not good because you can change the abusive of animals go to the animal shelter

  81. 12t

    many puppies have no home 2 stay in no owner many are hurt but you can change that go to the animal shelter and get u a puppy

  82. cece1999

    im sorry waz my coment sez i thinkz thez aw cute u know lokkez im sorrezzzzzzzzzz pleaze for givez meez if you wantz please lookez for meez and bezz my frienz…………………….

  83. anglegirl55

    cover ur mouth wail u yawn u dummy
    ur the dummy here
    please be quiet
    fine then let me close it for u
    stop i dont want ur dirty paw in my mouth
    then close your moutth
    zip it now good night

  84. little jj

    hay scholastic today was a really hard day because i have a choice between going to a bathtisum and going to a basketball game so can you please tell, me wich

  85. bubblytushie

    hey these puppies are adorable they are cool and i think that the puppie on the left is saying cover ur mouth whenever u yawn.ha ha ah those puppies are so cute also i wonder what there imagining

  86. funny man

    i think theyre saying oh great first i have to shut this pups mouth now i have to stop you from taking pictures of me sleeping and putting them on the internet

  87. 5108vanillacookie

    The one with another’s paw in his mouth is hungry. He groans and moans. “I’m so hungry! Give me food!”
    The other dog, which was his sister, gives him her paw. “Here, suck on this. It will ease your hunger.”

  88. maggiel1234

    iam so tired.Hey cover your mouth when you yawn!Why don’t you do it for me then no!ok
    (I love dogs!!!!!)

  89. gagagirl12

    I LOVE PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!i wish i had one aw, they are soooooooooo cute i love THEM!

  90. Chickenpox914

    one says ” I’m hungry. Stop shoving me! MOM their shoving me around HELP!…”

  91. dupeat

    I think the one with it’s mouth open is whining
    “Keep your paws to yourself.”

  92. Blue-Writer

    Puppy covering other puppy’s mouth:
    “Shh! If we’re cute enough, we’ll get treats!”

  93. tripleb

    look at those little puppies.the one on the left.is trying to make th puppy shutup

  94. Jules

    OMJJJ I loveeeeee puppies that is suchh a cute pic!!!! I bet the puppy on the right of the pup on the left is saying ,”come on gimmee somethin to eat im starving!!!”

  95. Marisaaa . &*+ Keiona .

    O M TO The DOuble G . This iS So Cute . Ahaa . i Want Onee . Now Here iS Keiona _ the puppies are soo cute i really want one.. i want the one tht has its paw over the other puppies mouth awwww they are soo cute -_-

  96. Becca

    the one with his mouth open is saying aaaaaaaaa and wants his brother to brush his teeth for him with his paw! all the others r saying “come on!!! let us sleep!!!” this pic is sooooo cute!!!! i luv it!

  97. gagagirl12

    I LOVE PUPPIES!!!!!!! Thank you for posting that i think the one that is covering the others mouth is saying WILL YOU BE QUIET!

  98. kaitlyn

    oh i love puppys so much. Yea i wonder how they are going to get out!♥♥☻

  99. rachel

    They are saying don’t we look so cute and adorable buy us. We will forever be your furry friend!

  100. AKUJI

    Starting from the top…..
    1 Hmmm.. Im hungry…..
    2 Too lazy to get out of here and bite my owner
    3 Shut um trying to sleep!!!!
    4 PREPARE TO BE OWND BY YO MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6 just to tell you little one everyone has sharp teeth
    5 oh……..

  101. kaileyrocksandhailey

    i think that one is saying get your nasty foot out of my mouth i dont want to get your jerms!

  102. kaileyrocksandhailey

    i think that the puppys are really really cute and that one of them are saying that you better get off because i am really really scwooshed so get off or do i have to push you off of me. and i love the puppys and the puppy picture a lot and i think that you should make one of them a panda bear because i also love panda bears and i also think that they are really really cute to so i hope that everyone who is reading this is a panda lover and a puppy lover!

  103. Twinyboo

    1.Guys! You got me stuck!
    2.Does the soap on my hands taste good?
    3.You are sitting on my paw! Get off my tail! Ow!

  104. princess24478

    He is saying “get your furry had out of my mouth!!!! I am hungry and I will eat it.”

  105. nannafaye

    awwww!!!!! they are so cute i wish i had a puppy like it enstead i have 2 bokin spainels

  106. Lollipop_River

    [The one with it's paw in the other's mouth.]
    “Hmm… yep, there’s defiantly a bump back there.”

  107. kailey

    where did u guys get this webste i got it from the book how to suvive middle school

  108. furry wing bichon

    that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!cute!

  109. greenieweenie


  110. ArianaL

    HELP!!!! I’m crowded!!! I don’t know about this! Why are you making me do this!

  111. kookychip

    i think that they r thinking help me i am squished and in a trash can! HELP! HELP!

  112. DoggyDive

    OMG my name says it all. I LOVE DOGS!I think the one with the paw in its mouth should be saying…
    It tastes like doggy shampoo

  113. Chicken legs 00


  114. Madison

    This pic is so cute!The puppy yawning is definatly trying to find an excuse to teeth on something, and the puppy with its paw in the other puppy’s mouth is saying,”Don’t be rude, cover your mouth, and don’t bite me!”

  115. Alyssa

    The puppie with his month open is is screming and all of them are trying to hide from the mother and so the puppie with his hand over the puppies month is telling him to be quiet so momo doesnt hear

  116. coolyo3

    I love puppies and I wish that I had them and the only pet I ever had were sea monkeys and not a lot of people Know what they are but they were cute and I had 50 of them that grew out of a pack. And that did last long because of sharing their food bowls and fish buddies that were not so nice to those guys that are now not here.

  117. Katkay

    Cute pups. They should be thinking….. Hey, get your paw out of my wonderful face, I’ll love you forever! Lol.

  118. liz22101

    “hey, look over there!”
    “no look over there!”
    “ugh! b quiet! I’m trying 2 sleep!”
    “Hey, dude u got something on your tongue.”
    “really? Wat?”

  119. Maybelle

    1. You got something on your tounge. Here I got it.
    2. Hey, I was gonna eat that popcorn!
    3. Thanks for letting me practice on you. Dentist’s deploma here I come!

  120. ash366

    u pee on my floor u take my food with not asking u sleep in my bed cant you just be good and leave me alone?

  121. Big Gorilla

    I think the one putting his mouth on the other one is saying “Bite my paw!!!!!”

  122. ilikepie14

    lets see, what do i have to eat… a dog a dog, another dog, ooh a dog’s paw…

  123. ilikepie14

    but you taste so good!
    NO! GET OFF MY foot!
    fine. geez chill.

  124. monkey poo210

    how does that puppie get it’s paw in it’s mouth how did you get somthing like that

  125. c

    awwww…….thats so cute. its like a valintine all over agian cuz it is a sweet something.

  126. superawesomeness

    WAIT!! your teeth arent clean! no, you may NOT go to the movies with your friends!

  127. pinkpony12080

    starting at the top right here is what they say:she’s coming., who., is it the one they call hoomin., i think i am going to faint.,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh., dude be quiet. little girl: what are you doing in there

  128. Annie564

    I love puppies. I also like kitties. I like kitties more but those puppies are pretty cute!

  129. creamcheesesunset

    i just LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! the little pups soooooooooooooo cute io want them so much MESSAGE FOR OWNER OF THESE PUPPIES iask if i may have them !

  130. Aly J.

    I think the one in the bottem left is saying stop yawning your breath stinks.
    I think the one in the corner top left is saying I need to get of here.
    I think the one in the top middle is trying to say I am not comfortable.
    I think the one the one at the bottem middle is trying to say I will spy for the owner.
    I think the one at the top right is trying to say I’m trying to get some sleep here.

  131. minniespring9

    OH! They are adorable!!!! One is covering the “yawning puppy’s” mouth!
    They are just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Viviene

    the two that has the paw in the mouth:
    Paw guy: Hey! Mom finally french nailed it and u bite it!
    Guy with mouth: Girls, sigh, so anoying, thinking about looks

  133. akilles

    1.we need more food
    2.get your paw out of my mouth
    3.im cleaning your teeth
    4.red alert the vaccum is coming
    5.why do i always have to be squeezed
    6.im trying to get some beauty sleep here

  134. johanna

    I think one of the 6 is saying ” gee,I wish somone could get this darn leg out of my mouth!!!” And you all know thats the one with the leg in its mouth.And i think the one who’s foot is in the pups’ mouth is saying “How do you like me now….huh!!!???

  135. 819karen


  136. qwerfvtgb

    awwwwwwwwwwwww………….(*falls to pieces at the sight of adorable puppies*
    so cute.

  137. 51dotfeg

    1. Shut your mouth when you are yawning!!
    2. Who’s butt am I sniffing ??
    3. Sorry I was yawning in your Face!!
    4. I just farted and u r sniffing my butt LOL!!
    5. I am trying to sleep here!!!!!
    6. Don’t get mad,Maddy I just want to get out of here and pee on the floor…..Lol right??? RIBL!!!
    {RIBL means rolls in bowl laughing}

  138. lovelovel

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww! i think they r saying let me out stop yawning bad breath where r weee?

  139. courtneysoftballgurl:

    I think the puppies are saying move over and cover your mouth when you yawn.Also they are saying I can’t get out!Ahhhhhh!

  140. Natalie

    1. Why are you eating my paw that is not a treat?!?!
    2.Yummy your paws tastes like steak.
    3.I am going to get out and potty on the floor.
    4. Let me out I am hungry!!
    5.Hey I am trying to sleep here but there is no room.
    6.Here comes mommy you goofballs now hurry and get out.

  141. Josephine

    Nobody pays attention to me.( next to the open mouthed on the right)
    Can you find last weeks lunch in there? (The one with the open mouth)
    I’ll help (Paw-in-mouth puppy)
    Get me outta here! (The rest of them)

  142. Noelle

    “Take your paw out of my mouth!”
    “Can’t I get some quiet i’m trying to sleep here!”
    “Get me outta here! These other puppies are crazy!!!”
    “Someone should get me. I’m the cutest.”
    “Oh please, you’re not that cute!”

  143. stuffedmudkiptoy

    those puppies are soooooooooo cute! Here’s what i think they are saying.
    1. Personal space bubble
    2. get your paw out of my jaw!
    3. this is so humiliating! Maybe if i put my paw in your mouth it won’t be so bad!

  144. Potterette221

    K, here’s what they’re saying.
    - Did one of you fart or something?
    - Someone’s coming…
    - I am highly claustrophobic! Move!
    - Me is sad down here…all squished….
    - Get your paw outta my mouth!
    - You’re the one who’s chewing on my paw!

  145. Marcy

    Okay, I was saving this for myself, but here it is…I found this niblet at the bottom of the bowl. Enjoy:)

  146. amf...

    my caption is…..drumroll plz…
    OMG! theyre going to cook us..
    nah… they dont
    why you dont look tasty at all!

  147. melissa

    i think they were saying let me out im getting to get hot and my brother is not closing his mouth win he yawns

  148. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    Lol! And yet they are soo cute! I think that the one that has the puppy’s paw in it’s mouth is saying “Get your hand out of my mouth or I’ll tell mom!” and the one with his paw in the other one’s mouth is saying “But you’re never too old to suck on your thumb!”

  149. mintchocolatechip100

    puppie 1:someone! anyone! get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!
    puppie 2: what? I thought you were having fun? I am!
    puppie 3: guys! get off me! I’m suffocating!
    puppie 4: your paw’s hairy!
    puppie 5: what did you eat? there’s green stuff in your mouth1
    puppie 6:someone’s coming! quick, on the count of 3, 1…2…3 DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. bookworm920

    oh let me out! opps i just went! ewwwwww!!!!!! oooh your hand tastes like kibble… hey it dose not!!!!!! i need food, please let me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m tired.!!!!

  151. readingstar5

    Top left corner one is #1, and it goes clcokwise.
    1. Get me out of this thing!
    2. I knew eating out of Mommy’s food bowl was a bad idea.
    3. Move it, I need some room to sleep!
    4. Ahhh!!!!
    5. Dop it, dats my mout!
    6. Take that, you stinker!

  152. superbabybaby

    i think there saying who in the world made me sit by you! and the other says hey don’t talk inless your talked to!

  153. megan

    i think they are saying……..oooooo…oweeeeeeeeeeee!!!…….it’s a little squished in here…can anyone get me out of here

  154. Ashley

    This picture is sooooo,cute,
    Iwonder how they got in there… I would lol if my puppies did that.. How would they get out??? I love
    the picture. I can’t amagine what they are saying to eachother probly something like move over or time to cuddle! cute picture!!!!!!!

  155. hanna

    I think the one who has the other dogs paw in its mouth is saying: Yum it tastes like duck with a big hairy hand.

  156. Ashley

    They are sooooooooo,cute
    I can’t belive they are inside a bowl lol!!! I would love to see my puppies crawl into a bowl.
    They are probly saying move over, cuddle time!!!! cute picture

  157. green queen 09

    Aw, they’re so cute! I think the one with his mouth open is like, “Hey, what are you doing? I’m yawning here.” And the one sleeping is like, “Shut up. I’m trying to sleep.” LOL

  158. TheInky3

    Hows about “SEE!!! you do have puppy chow in your teeth!! Right there!!”

  159. ICEDEMON96

    THESE PUPPIES ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!i think they are saying(in clockwise order starting from the one at the top in the middle.)
    1.coast is clear
    2.boy that mac and cheese was good!
    3.i can see myself if i look at the bowl directly!
    5.DONT MAKE A SOUND!you’re gonna give us away!
    6.i think I’ll just leave.It’s a little crowded in here

  160. yaya4690

    awwwwww those puppies r so cute i want 2 eat them up lolz my dogz just had babyz 2 their namez r jj, lili, and hanna, and tinker bell hanna and tinker bell r really sick i wish they would get better …

  161. eli

    the puppies look like they are very tired. my favorite is the one that almost has its paw in anothers mouth! that is so cute!!!!

  162. Alexis

    the one on the top left is saying please please please let me out.
    The one on the bottom left is saying cover your mouth your breath stinks.
    The one on the top middle is saying I don’t want to be with them.
    the one on the bottom middle is saying YAWNNNNN this is soooo boring.
    The one on the top right is saying this is an uncomfortable position.
    The one on the bottom right is saying I’ll keep an eye out for our owner

  163. taryn

    there so cute i love um cover your mouth when you yawn thats a good one haaaaaaaaaaaa here is what i tink they are saying ooh im sleepy to yawn haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  164. ABBAxx3

    These puppies are as cute a can be. they are so small. which makes them all the more adorable.

  165. Laura

    I love puppies, but these are too cute for me. One is giving me a puppy face. I am just blowing my top right now, asking if I can pet them on google on my laptop, Apple, Windows and 6 American Flags.
    I can’t believe how cute those puppies are. What species are they, cuteypies?

  166. HeroineHiding

    If we are going in clockwise order, , starting with the top middle one as #1:
    1.Guys! Mom’s coming.
    2.Do you think she’ll know what we did. I better not let her see me.
    3.I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. I didn’t…
    5.Shh… Mom will hear you! Do you want us all to get in trouble?
    6. Uh-oh. She doesn’t look so happy guys. If she asks, we aren’t in the bowl because we did it. We’re just playing. Right?

  167. Laura

    I’ll suck on your thumb for a while.
    Let me out! Please! I’ll obey you!
    Oh, shut up, all of you, I’m trying to sleep.
    Talk to the hand.
    I’m lookin’ at you, my love.

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