July 23, 2012

Create a Caption: Olympic Games

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London2012The Olympic Games are almost upon us!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else as excited as I am? I can barely hold it in!

We thought it would be a great idea to build up our anticipation here at the STACKS by having an Olympics-themed week on Ink Splot 26. The Games begin on Friday, July 27, 2012. We’ve got all sorts of fun stuff planned until then (with a few surprises), so stay tuned!

To kick things off, let’s CREATE A CAPTION! What do you think would be a great caption for the photo of this Olympic Table Tennis player in the heat of a competition?


I’m thinking the following:


Got a better caption? Share it in the Comments below!

P.S. We’re also curious – if there was any Olympic event, real or imaginary, that you could include in the Olympic Games, what would it be? Tell us in the Comments!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

Images Courtesy London 2012

  1. vampirepixie6

    y isn’t he crying?? that has to hurt right? i dont want to be punched in the face by a orange then ppl in shcool would call me ” hey! , girl who got punched by a golf ball! ” apparently he doesnt care about his reputation ‘-’ Oh well..

  2. vampirepixie6

    Man!! I Hate This Ball, Just Because I Got A Bad Shoot Doesn’t Make You Eligible To Do That!! I Am Done With Balls! ( guys doesn’t have to make scence, just has to be funny :P P)

  3. vampirepixie6

    Ball Games Have Never Been Less Painful………. ( if u like it leave me a shout out!)( i apreciate them all :D D )

  4. skatermetropolis2

    okay i have heard keep your eye on the ball but he does not see the ball wow

  5. frostsprite2

    “I’ve really got to get some medicine for that eye.”
    And the sport? Tree climbing! We’d probably get an enthusiastic team.

  6. tempestcat3

    “This glass eye isn’t working too well…”
    Did you guys know that there’s a group lobbying for Quidditch to be part of the games?

  7. Cathy C.

    “I spy with my super eye…”
    I think it’s time to add games for the common people. Like Potato Sack Racing, or the Water Balloon Throw. We wouldn’t have to train much and the trials would be a ton ‘o fun!

  8. brainyathena30

    a new intern? welcome? I think. I think he would say “Ok , this time remember it is not a marshmallow *sticks out tongue* but marshmallow so delicious ”

  9. Fairyemerald31

    This is what I think:
    “Hey, everyone, look at me, is this good?”
    Great idea for Olympic week!

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