October 13, 2016

Create a Caption: Oh Brother!

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For those of you who have brothers or have friends with brothers, don’t brothers act like they are invincible? I don’t know about you, but ever since I was little, growing up with my older brother, he’s always been the take-charge type. Forget about what I wanted to do because it was either his way or the highway.

Even to this day, twenty-some years later, he still thinks like he’s some sort of almighty sibling, and I have the picture below to prove it!


Since my brother thinks he’s so superior (HAHA) standing atop those rocks, fill in what you think he’s saying.

— Carly M.


    dude lets fly (he jumps and a random song that says I belive I can fly shows and he fells and breaks his legs)darnit I broke my feet I need to call the hospital but how?

  2. purplelynx330

    If that were MY brother, he’d be saying, ” HA!!! I’M TALLER THAN YOU!!!! ” lol, but if it was your brother….well he might say the same thing! :D

  3. No name

    No one can beat me at my upcoming basketball game. I can prove it! Look I am the king of the WORLD! HAHAHA! OWW.. I fell.

  4. The thing in the back of your fridge (AKA the unknown land of evil)


  5. AlanRickmanfan

    “Today, this rock-Tommorow:ANOTHER ROCK!!!That over there seems nice!”

  6. Camy

    So tired who knew climbing two feet could be so tiring?need to be called your royal slowness

  7. to22to

    “Off off and away!” Wouldn’t you think so to? Boys like to think about super heroes, don’t they?

  8. Hippie Hippo

    You are inferior to me young one.MU-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA(cough)Yeah,um,I RULE!!!

  9. josh

    IT’s a bird………. its a plane………….. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No its a plain old guy………

  10. krissy

    Mommy I um just woke up a sleepy bear. wait AHHHHHHH! He’s eating my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why must I have no muscle.

  11. why do you care?!?!

    i think hes saying “becha 5 bucks you cant do this! wait… howed you get up here so quicky? you took the elevator?!?! who puts a elevator on the side of a mountain?!?! well… this one has an elevator… hey MOM!!!! can i get an elevator to put in my bedroom? pleese? what? thats not fair! why cant i have an elevator in my bedroom? why do you care where i put it?!?! augh! this is SO noy fair!”

  12. starrz99

    i am king of the kings, god of the world, you will rui this rui it ?1 or i have the power to rule the the world , either way he is so scared i want mommy mommy i am soooooooo scared. HELP ME please help me

  13. Elizabeth

    Abe Jenson and his older brother George made a bet, to who could climb Mount Steeplorn. Abe knew he could never do such a thing, after all, George was the one who had won all those Rock Climbing Boy Scout medals… but then after aboout 3 hours, Abe finished up on top… but will Abe’s humor and smug self wind himself up in ALOT of trouble? Read ABE’S CLIMB TO TROUBLE to find out!
    LOL. I hope you would read that book.

  14. twilightfan2222

    i love twilight my fav person is jackson rathbone and ashley greene formally known as alice and jasper

  15. Sunshine_girl_3231

    I think he’s thinking “Da da da daaaa! It’s- superbrother!”
    I luv your Create A Captions, Carly!

  16. leah

    he is prob. thinking i am superman and i am going to jump of the clift and save the day. Wait a minute i do not think i want to do that!

  17. General Bookworm

    ‘YESSSS…i have conqered Rock Hill. What u want me 2 climb MT.EVEREST!!!!it took mi 2 hrs. 2 climb this!!!’

  18. DefenderOfHouseElves

    ‘Phew! Up here I’m finally safe from my annoying little sister. Yeah! I got the power!’
    (No offence Carly, I’m just writing what my brother would say to me. LOL!)

  19. boxer4356

    “Good…. Now I can do my cheer leading up here in peace…. Wait, Do you have a camera? AHHH!”

  20. boxer4356

    “Oh, sure, you can get to the top of the hill,too. But can you pose like me? Didn’t think so.”

  21. Alysha

    Yesss I did it…..now i can rub that in my brother’s face…..he will be so surprised to see how clever and invincuble i am!!!

  22. bball rocks

    forget what you want to do because its my way or hit the highway because im king of the world

  23. Sox

    I TOLD you i could get up here! (If only i could get down…)
    >>OR< <
    HA! I got up here even WITH a bad knee! OWWW! >.< MY BACK!

  24. ddg


  25. horsedogwolf

    hahahaha! look at my puny little sister down on the ground!
    p.s. i have three brothers, two older, one younger. and this is the order of how annoying they are, from most to least:
    the second oldest, then the youngest in a close second, and then a loooong way behind, the oldest

  26. Number 14

    That is such is good picture! He even looks kinda cute(blush)! I think that he is saying,”Da-da-da! Superman!!!!”

  27. Jessica

    “I know you want to take a picture, Mom, but I don’t really care how I look in photos- AAAH! Did you get my good side? What about my expression? Was I smiling? Tell me!”

  28. LMChatterbox

    ……and that proves I can be the fastest one up a mountian after eating a chili dog.

  29. reading penguin

    follow me my young one, I the almighty and wise one, will show you power and greatness!!!( and if you don’t listen to me i will tell mom!)

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