January 9, 2012

Writing Prompt: Between Two Worlds

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Writingprompt_genericToday’s Writing Prompt is inspired by twelfth-grader Rebecca Lamaire, who won a Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her untitled painting.

In this painting, I see mountains covered in snow like the Alps in Switzerland. I also see a garden of yellow flowers. Between the two different environments, there is a paper plane flying in the sky. When looking at this painting, I think of how different flowers and snow are, but also similar because they make the world a more beautiful place.

Rebecca Lamaire

My caption for this image would be:

“If I could fly anywhere in the world, I would fly to a place where peace exists between two different worlds because peace is beautiful.”

What do you see in this painting? What does it remind you of? What emotions does it make you feel? Come up with a creative caption and share it in the Comments so other people can see your awesome art interpretation and caption-making talents!

image from kids.scholastic.comGlory, Scholastic Intern (a.k.a. CupcakeChateau4)

  1. Lindsay O.

    People did not destroy everything! Nature is still here! For example: a tree in front of every house.

  2. Lindsay O.

    In the painting, I see snow, flowers, white, green, yellow, a paper airplane, gray, grass, and a mountain. This painting reminds me of a gif because a gif is a photo customized with e-art that you send to somebody or e-art with words on it that you send to somebody. Gifts are funny but this is not. It just looks like a gif. I also see black in the painting. This painting makes me feel happy and sad. Caption: Whee! Ooh, flowers.

  3. werewolfcat5

    My caption would probably be: “Each different place,beautiful and peaceful,make the world more beautiful.Which would you choose?”

  4. runner99

    All of the beauties in life, though the different forms are in great contrast, are essentially all the same. It is not worth it to take them forgranted.

  5. dolphinbrain37


  6. dragonphoenix59

    I think this picture shows that the world is a vast, wild and beautiful place and we are nothing but tiny specks on it, ignorant of all the beauty around us. :D

  7. Tristan

    it looks so peaceful hopefully mankind doesnt destroy it like every thing else in the world.but if i could fly any where i fly to

  8. dizzyferret

    You know how people say “A picture is worth a thousand words”? I think that the best pictures are worth only a few, and not the fancy ones either.


    I feel that the picture tells you no matter how different you are you should be proud even if you cannot blend in with the others. It means that those are two different enviroments close together but they will always be different from eatchother

  10. koalabearclimbing6

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  11. Skyelark Moon

    That is such a cool picture! My caption would be…
    If you never leap into the unknown, you will never find the true beauty in the world!
    -Skyelark Moon

  12. Queen Lucy

    I see Narnia slowly spring after the hundred years of winter. The white thing in the middle is the spirit of Aslan breaking the spell away.
    I bet Lucy would have seen this and think it was beautiful.
    Susan would roll her eyes, (but still love it).
    Peter’s to worried about the ice to pay attention.
    Mr. and Mrs. Beaver engaged themselves in conversation over her food to notice.
    It scare Queen Jadis (That Evil Witch)!
    And it would give Edmund hope to escape from The Witch.

  13. dancingjalepeno

    I clicked on the HP board and saw it for like 5 seconds…. AHHH! So cool! But then it went away :( When will they open???? My caption would be like “Fly to a new beauty” or something.

  14. dancingjalepeno

    I am so mad! I was on the HP board for like 5 seconds (it rocked) but then it WENT AWAY!!! And that clifford thingy came up! What’s the deal with the boards?

  15. Onyxfairy5

    i see an adventure and smell like pine trees and a chilly wind bites my nose. i think a good caption would be, “an air of adventure, the smell of pine, near is a possibility quencher.”

  16. Hiphoph

    I can just picture a young goat trying to scale the mountain and it’s mother warning it. Then in flutters a yellow butterfly. It settles on a flower and if you watch closly you can see it little sucking mouth come out to draw in nectar. I can imagine all the wildlife there.

  17. Robyn

    I feel as if I am sitting in a peaceful place in Middle Earth looking toward the mountains that contain Moria. If I am staying in my peaceful place, I think the mountains are beautiful and one day I might scale them (perhaps I am a young, adventurous hobbit girl.)But if I am unfortunate enough to be Frodo, I’d still think the mountains are beautiful, but I’d also be thinking of how to tell everyone I’ve changed my mind about taking the Ring to Mordor.

  18. r. u.

    My caption would probably be: “Leave the cliff and go to the beautiful meadow”
    When are the Stacks reopening?

  19. randomness

    When I see the painting, I think off the steep cliff and danger. If I were writing a story about the picture, it would probably have to do with the cliff.
    I really miss the boards! When are the coming back up?

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