September 10, 2016

Create a Caption: Monkey

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Create a captionSometimes I think I should work a little less and make a few more friends — because I find myself talking to my stuffed animal friend, Monkey, a lot.

I guess Monkey was thinking the same, because one day I came home and found him working on the computer! I can’t imagine what he was thinking — can you?

Monkey Thoughts
Photo Credit: Davin Cheng

Leave a comment telling me what you think Monkey was thinking — or what he said after I saw him!

— Nancy

  1. Michelle

    so you are surprised by the fact that im moving instead the fact that i know how to write… i don’t understand humans

  2. Imara

    I pencil? Really its not even a pencil so many weird things. All the kings horses can help an egg, a gorilla cant be frieds with a elephant and kittans dont where mittens!

  3. Anya919

    Hi guys it’s me Anya again I’ve been busy so I didn’t go on this for a long time but anyway I think the monkey is thinking”Boy work is just the stinkiest thing on earth”

  4. Nora

    ” Let’s see, I have to go to the grocrey store today, oh and we need bananas! We are running low, heh heh! “

  5. lordofawesomeness

    Okay, let’s check my day planner.
    7:15 get up, steal some bananas
    7:30 Be choowed by dog for 20 mins
    7:50 be saved
    7:55 be put on bed and wait till 5:30 pm
    5:30 steal more bananas
    5:40 watch TV
    6:00 wait just for a while
    8:00 Be cuddled with
    Best day of my life!!!

  6. tzax


  7. scoutgirl99

    Cute monkey!! I think he is saying:
    I got this done now how much work can I do now, because it’s so late and I have had 12 cups of coffee already, so I can stay up all night!!! (Scream) No side affects what so ever!!

  8. ANGEL


  9. nene


  10. adelia

    I think that he is saying and so that is why I am supreme ruler of the stuufed ones and send “click” well that’s what he was typing

  11. violet656

    My plan for world domination is going perfectly! Soon millons of kids will go on here and look at my newly added mind control device! Then they’ll all want to get me bananas!

  12. bb

    “This is very confusing even for a stuffed animal like me.I can’t even get the right answer to it.”

  13. Tweetbird

    “Um…if we put the hotel there, and put the tanning salon there, and that…” said the monkey who had dreams.

  14. Ostoro Rocks

    ‘Bananas rock wander when my mommy and daddy are going to give me one,”
    Is what he was thinking!!!

  15. hayp17

    Oh..hey your back!Uh,I was just editing your stack profile *gulp* I mean NOT.Hey I never knew you like bananas!

  16. Kingdom Hearts101

    hehe…….i luv captions all of mine that i think of is funny! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  17. Sunshine_girl_3231

    Umm… I wasn’t doing a page for the stacks/doing anything/playing on the computer.

  18. lee1999lee

    ooh look im watching a funny video on youtube! hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  19. angellove43

    I think his saying ” What should I do with a pen and a computer, write a story or play with the computer? hmmmm.

  20. Candysplash

    Your stuffed monkey was probably thinking “Yay!I’m a stacks staffer, too!:)”
    P.S.That is the cutest little monkey stuffed animal!
    P.S.S.I love this game!Keep on posting!

  21. Stuff3d_ninja

    [: maybe hes thinking ** WOW.... i rly need an office. and maybe a banana milkshake.** [: haha

  22. metheartist

    “Now what I’m not sure of is this: is this pen one with ink in it, or is this the computer pen?”

  23. misty

    oh, brother, the stacks, i think, will be better if it had banana wallpaper! i`ll just make it.
    bananas in pajamas

  24. boxer4356

    “Books, Books, AND MORE BOOKS! Were are all the bananas? Delete! Nope, don’t need that. Delete! Now that’s just silly! Delete!Oh come on…”

  25. boxer4356

    “…And that is why you should give free bananas to monkeys…”
    I love the picture!

  26. harrypotter3330

    hmmmm…bebbe dis go here….an’ den dis go heeeeeerrrrree……..(then sees)”oh god whys you here????????????!!!!!!!!!!

  27. obiwancrazy

    Since monkey stuffed animals are random, I bet their thoughts are too. This is what he was thinking: Banana! Tow truck! Gnome! Monkey? What monkey?

  28. Tawni

    “Okay, let’s see here. 2+2=1000, and 1+2=74, and 15+1=10000000000000001!!!! I know I will get a A+ on this easy test!

  29. Brooke

    Today,buy the sites.
    Tomorrow,RULE THE WORLD!It’s great to be stuffed not a monster ina closet.Kids are scared of them and love us!

  30. horsedogwolf

    now, we could…but no, that wouldn’t work. Let’s…nah. Not a good idea. Oh, hi, Nancy! I was just trying to make a new website on scholastic. i’m writing a story about someone who talks to their stuffed monkey.

  31. Number 14

    That is such a good picture!
    Thinking:”This is soooo cool!”
    Said to you:”Did you ever try this out? I mean, this is totally awesome! Oh, and what’s for dinner?”

  32. bubbles

    this webpage only neede a FEW different changes to make it perfect… i hope they wont mind…..

  33. 55mac.cheese

    He probably wanted to help you out. I mean. He probably felt bad for you. If i were him, i would. Try hugging him and thanking him. He might do it again!!!!!!!!!

  34. brandon

    this doesnt make any SENSE. one day I WoN 711111111112 MILLION dollars for eating cheese with ROTTON pickles!~!@#$%^&*()_+1234567890-=

  35. Toylollipop

    I think he’s saying, “I’m gonna make Nancy an account on scholastic and introduce her to every single person!!! Bwa-ha-ha!!!” Just a thought-:)

  36. GHRS_98

    Man, you caught me! I was just writing a collumn on how to make friends fast, you know, for you to see! *blushes*

  37. KayKays

    This should do both of us some good. I mean, I have a life to! I can’t be wasting all my time talking to her. I hope this works.

  38. ika_2452

    Maybe Monkey was thinking that there should be a stack that introduces you to new people. Like if you click there is another person who is part of the Stacks and then you can check out their stack

  39. readingkangaroo

    Heh heh heh……….. my plan for world domination is working well….. they still think I’m a monkey….

  40. Summerjuliet

    (What he’s thinking)
    “Maybe when I put on her webpage that she’s talking to her monkey someone’ll be her friend and she’ll leave me alone…”

  41. sras129

    the monket is probably thinking what am i doing i dont know any of this stuff but i look awesome

  42. Livia

    I can’t believe that I can finsh this in 5 min, when it took the human 5 days!! And they say humans are smarter than stuffed animals…

  43. Readingstar5

    I think he’s saying:
    “These profits are huge! Our bags will be STUFFED with money!”

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