November 9, 2009

Create a Caption: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

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Createacaption There once was a cute little pup named Larry,
But due to his size wasn’t that hairy.
And when he was found in a mug,
This little non-pug
Was not even remotely scary.


I did the rhyme and now you gotta take the time…and tell me what this little pup is thinking!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. mystique

    awwwwwww……….the puppy is so can fit in one hand.i think it is the cutest picture i’ve ever seen.even know my cat has had small small kittens.

  2. Shannon

    Don’t pour the coffee! Don’t pour the coffee! Theres a little pup in here!
    If you do pour the coffee you might want to wash it, he he.

  3. rhonda

    aaaaaahhhhhhh he to cute and small and precious inside a baby cup i can rap him up in my blanks. and wacth him go to sieep. OMG LOL

  4. skittlecandy

    “what is that carly holding in her hand now?! i’m tired of posing,i’ll just…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  5. haley

    “Can someone get me out of here please! EVen thought in small doesnt mean I cant hurt you!’

  6. scoutgirl99

    Hi! That’s the cutest puppy ever! I just got a puppy, he’s a schnoodle (schnauzer poodle mix)He’s really funny!! Try to find my page and maybe we can be friends!!
    Have a great day,

  7. littlepeachcats

    that is the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my whole life I wish my dog looked like that

  8. adelia

    shiver, whimper, beg for corndog, innocent face, “accidently” fall into cup, duck down inside cup, check my friends status online.

  9. violet656

    I told you to let me have a little sip of your coffee! Now that I’ve drank the whole thing I’m really hyper! By the way… ooh something shiny!

  10. Kyley

    So many people could confuse this cute little guy with a teacup Chihuahua! His small wrinkles actually make him look like he was sitting in a cup of tea for a few hours.

  11. bb

    “Yo this is so not cool gettin’ embarrased in a tea cup.” “Plus its in a flower patch too.” “I’m not an old lady.”

  12. Lala Land 24

    Ever met a teacup chihuahua? Well, I may not be a chihuahua, but at least I’m in a teacup!

  13. who cares

    this dog is not that cute i mean no way this dogh is cute just a little bit but not that much to write that kinda coments i mean

  14. scooterbug

    I think he is thinking: tip tip just a little further almost there oh why wont it tip so i can get out

  15. cats 2cute

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is the most precious puppy ive eva seen!And he tiny!lol!Thats a TEACUP peoples! it could fit on my shoulder,like,4 times!PEACE LOVE AND HAPPIENESS PPLZ!

  16. Husky32

    I think he’s saying,
    “Well, at least I can fit in THIS thing.”
    That’s all I could think of… :-)

  17. Chrisya

    AAAAH! Someone put me to this mug. I’m so scared. Could you please help me get out of this nightmare???

  18. 100cookiecrunch

    I think the puppy should say:”To wiz or not to wiz…It’s a china cup,but STILL…” Oh,by the way,i think whatThestral96/_Susa_ said was pretty good! Maybe ease up on the exclamation points a little,though:)

  19. PerryRocks

    Puppy thoughts: I LOVE ZEE WORLD!!! Hey! Peopl! ADOPT ME!!!!!!!!! MUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! I’m so evilly cute.

  20. thedude101

    Wow!What a poem.That is amazing!And the dog is so cool.I wish I had a dog like that but for now I’m stuck with a dog that jumps on me the whole time I’m playing with him. Ha!

  21. Sillyswimmer

    HE is thinking “People are mean if they laugh at me cause size dosent matter put me on a platter

  22. Kariah

    OH! This is a teacup? I thought it was a bath…How embarrasing. (This is what I think the puppy is thinking)

  23. 1animalchick

    that pic is so CUTE my neibors have 1 but theres is mean u have a great point.sincerly,1animalchick

  24. Lilly

    Puppy is thinking, “Who drinks all my coffie!!!!!”
    Puppy might also be thinking, “Don’t hate me because i am cute!”

  25. PrettyKitty2468

    NOOOOOOOO! I told you I hate being in a teacup!{It’s not nice in here!HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!} SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW! Help! Helpppppppppp![Hi I am not that kinda person who don't like dogs[I LUV 'EM YAHOOOO]Nice poem and Beautiful,Huggable DOGGIE! I love dogs + all animals out there … don’t get jealous !

  26. Halie

    “Can someone help me ad take me home I want to be loved so I can have somewhere to sleep and some thing to eat every day of the week”

  27. smoothie 1999

    i think he is thinking why am i am in this tiny tea cup and why dose that man/woman have a camera OMG i hope this dose not show up on the internet or im calling my lawer

  28. Tonks Lupin

    i think the cup is thinking “I’m not a fire hydrant!!” and the cute cute cute puppie is thinking “Next owner, can i get a get a REAL bed?”

  29. nathan

    DOSE THIS CUP MAKE ME LOOK BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS.HE`S NOT BIG.

  30. lee1999lee

    the dog is saying i know im so cute trust me i look cute on the outside but im a demon on the inside

  31. muffledore

    hello? anyone there? i need some help. My caffien level is low…….. loosing energey…….help.

  32. 123fizzi

    Puppy’s thoughts: “Man- is it just me, or is this cup spacey? It would be perfect, but the poem-well…..”

  33. jasmin

    OMG!!! please someone send me a message my friend told me to sigh up but no one is posting messages for me so please wont you seem nice like your puppy

  34. Michael

    The dog in the mug was funny:].That dog is very small and had the cute eyes.The dog is thinking “Can someone get out of this cup”.

  35. yasmin

    i think this puppy is so cute but i can’t take him home i have two dogs the dog in the picture is propoly saying this is my house so don’t mess with me while im in it lol cute though can’t tell what the poem means

  36. bookworm288

    “So when does it start spinning? What? This isn’t one of these tea-cup rides? I’m getting outta here.”

  37. SweetD

    i think it should be thinking, “whoa! W-w-what happened last night? the last thing I saw was my cup of Dr. Pepper and then it went black… Why am I in this cupp? I don’t remember getting into it?! Oh well! -sips-”

  38. hoola90

    this is the cutest pup i have seen i saw other cute pups but this is the cutest and its a good poem to!!!!<3

  39. Charmfairy/Miranda

    “Uh….where am I? Hah-hah… I’m in a mug! Why is master shaking her head? Aahh! I don’t want to leave!”

  40. Gatorade8

    Sorry but I don’t really like your poem… theres too many just like them!!! Do something Unique!!!
    Gatorade8 <3

  41. mbfan

    the dog is so cute i wish i had one but i think he or she is saying “would you like a cup of tea?” with a british accent

  42. 99smileyskater

    I think the caption should be: Where’s my coffe? Oh I’m sitting on it! Silly me! (Oink Oink Bark Bark)

  43. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    Hey little puppy, wittle puppy…ow! It bit me!
    Okay, I can read it’s mind.

  44. Morgan T


  45. Caley

    Sheila is my sister.We are complete opposites. She is good at rhyming and I am not. I think it is saying,”I know u want 2 cuddle me and love me, but I am comfortable with this mug.” By the way sis, I love your rhyme! :)

  46. Sheila

    It is probably thinking “I heard your rhyme. You took the time.Now I see that you feel just fine. I am hungry, if you don’t feed me soon, I will have eaten your dessert by noon.” I am good at rhyming. What do you think about my rhyme?

  47. manga eyes

    how bout’ “I wish i was in a mug full of coffee!!! Then maybe i might actually feel awake!!!!”he’s SUCH a crazy little pup!!!

  48. astra233233

    I think that this posting will well explain the makings of ” Larry, the Cup-Pup.”
    The stacks staffer was silly to write Cup-Pup. She wasn’t thinking that she was going to write such a wonderful stanza about ” Larry, the Cup-Pup.”
    - Astra233233

  49. HeroineHiding

    Wow. Could you please get me out of this thing? Oh, and i would also like some sugar or a doggy bone. Thx.

  50. pacoh

    “Wow! I gotta cut down on the caffeine! I definitely drank too much coffee! I fell asleep in a mug!”

  51. whatever100

    this pic is so cute and do you know what hes thinking kuz i know what hes thinking hes thinking that what is he doing in the cup inside well bye…from whatever100

  52. Candysplash

    Um…Why is everyone staring at me?Oh,is it because of this cup?Well,uh I’m kinda small,and in here it’s really cozy……….

  53. Thestral96/_Susa_

    How about…
    I asked to be SERVED a T-BONE STEAK! Not to be actually SERVED in a TEA BAG LAKE!

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