January 17, 2011

Create a Caption: David the Gnome

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Createacaption Hey all you Ink Splotters. . . I’m baaack! Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of great trailers for the movie, Gnomeo & Juliet, and it got me thinking about my gnome buddy, David (named after an old-school Nickelodeon show, David the Gnome). Even though he’s MUCH larger than the average gnome, David still loves taking care of Mother Earth by recycling, planting flowers and trees, and cleaning up the parks. Not only is David an awesome nature caretaker, but he also knows how to have a great time, as he loves to get down and boogie on the dance floor.

So as David gets his groove thang on, YOU get to fill in what he might be saying (or singing)! Write your caption in the Comments.

— Carly M., Ink Splot 26 Blogger

  1. Irene

    Hey! What’re you staring it! I’m like everyone else! Just a bit larger nose, taller height, the makings…..
    He’s prbly singing Glee in the middle of this airport!

  2. jordan

    “oh mcdonald had a farm, eeh iehh eeh iehh oh! and on his farm he had a Nome, eeh iehh eeh iehh oh. umm…. I dont know the rest…

  3. Kittehninja

    “Hello, boys and girls! today we’re gonna-” *notices shoes*
    mutters: “And today, I’m mad at my mom for making me wear these shoes.”

  4. Rachel

    did i dress wrong?Did i say something?Oh sorry mam!Hey why r u walking away?OH MABEY I’M TALKING TO LOUD!SORRY GUYS!

  5. Riley

    WHY?????????? Why did my mom want me to be a gnome when I grew up? Again- WWWWWHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Screenhowrse

    Hey everybody did you hear about Justin Beibers new HAIR-CUT! P.S. please respond to this also if you have heard about Justin Biebers new HAIR-CUT please add me as your freind!

  7. Owl Guardin

    I think Gnomeo and Juliet is hliraious and really funny i saw it yesterday. Soo I think that he is doing the happy stupid danccccccce

  8. MOOMOO!13


  9. 51dotfeg

    ” I throw my gnome hands in the air sometimes
    Saying A Oh! Gotta let go! I wanna celebrate and live my gnome life. Saying A oh! Baby, Let’s go!I came to dance,dance,dance,dance.I hit the floor. ‘Cause that’s my plans,plans,plans,plans.I am wearing all my favorite brands,brands,brands, brands.Give me some space for both my hands,hands,hands,hands.
    Yeah,Yeah! ‘Cause it goes on and on and on. And it goes on and on and on! Yeah! I throw my gnome hands up in the air sometimes. Saying A Oh! Gotta Let go! I wanna celebrate and live my gnome life. Saying A Oh! Baby,Lets Go!
    Uh Oh…I forgot the rest. Excuse me will ya!”

  10. april404

    he says: what how did i become this over sized huge gnome? #2i wonder if there still holding auditions for
    Gnomeo and Juliet.

  11. rainbow unicorn 13

    he says “excuse me fellow instrument playing gnomes, could you please tell me where the garden is?”

  12. Popcorn3penguin

    I am a gnome if you please i am a gnome if you don’t
    but you have to know that my hat is the BESTEST!!!!

  13. 51dotfeg

    ” Baby Baby Baby oh I thought you would always be mine!”
    ” Do I look like Justin Bieber the Gnome?”
    ” The party don’t start till I walk in, Tik Tok on the clock the party don’t stop no ohh wah ohhhh!”
    ” I can’t be tamed I just can’t be tamed ya, just can’t be tamed by a gnome baby?”
    “Imma be up in the club doing what ever I like”
    Lol! I am so funny?
    What would you think if Justin Bieber would look like a Gnome?

  14. s

    i think that he might be saying look at all these people!!! aren’t i special? ” hip hip horray”!!!

  15. paco.haley

    “Does this hat make me look funny?”
    “Huh. Wonder if I stand out. INDIVIDUALITY! YEAH!”

  16. 81chcolate

    “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! People’s backs are facing me!!! Why are they insulting me!? Why?!?!?!” LOL

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