May 9, 2011

Create a Caption: Kittens!

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Createacaption In most ways (I like to think), I am a perfectly normal adult, but oh my goodness, in the presence of kittens I just go crazy! Look at these guys! Are they not adorable???

I think that one on the top is saying “Whoa! Look at all that yarn! Let’s go destroy it!” Either that, or he is practicing his solo for the Metropolitan Cat Opera.

What do you think these cuties are saying? Write YOUR captions in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by Tela Chhe

  1. Composing Cobra

    Top cat: I’m better than my brothers!
    Left Cat: Oooooh, a black shiny thingy! COOL!!
    Right Cat:How will I live in a family like this??

  2. RT

    im a hit this thing like theres no chololate mint chip flavord ice cream sunday with a shdow clone jitsu

  3. k


  4. werewolfcat5

    My caption: Top one: Oh,my,god!!!!!
    Bottom left: *staring in aew*
    Bottom right: What the heck are you two staring at?

  5. anonymous

    top: la la LAAAA-YARN lets go destroy it!!!
    left: wha? huh? camera?
    right: under this fur I’m blushing
    (FYI camera person is wearing sweater)

  6. kate

    i love cats!
    top cat:oooh i smell catnip!
    grey cat: yep.
    stripey cat:will you guys just cut it out? i think our humans can take a hint!

  7. Super Luigi Girl

    Right: Is this like…. uhh u guys r impossible!
    Middle and left: Yackety Yack Yack…..

  8. Megan

    Oh wow! Mouse! Lots of mice!
    SCARED ONE: Um. Why on earth did I agree to watch this show? It’s a home video of her catching mice!
    OTHER CAT: Eh. I’ve done better. Lets go.

  9. BlueJade24

    Top:OMG!Look at that ‘play’ called Cats!We should join!!
    Bottom Left:Ehhhh,Its okay.
    Bottom Right:no,looks boring!Lets go somewhere else!LIKE NYC!

  10. chattypug1 (formerly SoccerBoarder)

    top one is saying ” mabeh if i look like a fish, one will come.’ the others are like ” yah right bro.”

  11. jackblackreading

    I think the top is saying “Eww who cough up the hair ball?”
    The bottom left says “I will battle you to a staring contest”
    And the right one whispers “Help Me!!!” I must admit Im not a cat fan but that pic is hilarious!!!

  12. twilightbastion3

    Top Cat: Whoa, look at the view!
    First Bottom Cat: Wait how did he get up there?
    Second Bottom Cat: Aw, I want to be up there!

  13. EpicInk2

    I think the on on the top is saying, “Oh ma GAWSH, who’s the cute kitty on the Whiskas advert?”

  14. Sam

    The top one is saying “Brainzz,” the left one is saying, “I Like black!”
    The right one is saying, “Too much talking!

  15. yamarys

    dogs and cat need to get along cats are cute well i like dogs allout my older sister dosent likes cats

  16. yamarys

    i like cats a little bit did you now that cat poop stinks allout than dogs well they are cute

  17. birdcherries3

    1st kitten: i see a very fat rat over there. i want to chase it.
    2nd kitty:save some of that rat for us!
    3rd kitty:i am practicing opera. here is what i have so far. mi fa so la de do!

  18. chocolatewolf1

    The kitten at te write hand side has a cute and good smieling face isnt that true. Ithink that is true just in the picture and prove me of course you migt say that is not true that he is cute but thats what i wanted to say about tht cute cat. And by the way i forgot to tell you that i think what would bee better in the picture is have three kittens eating there food in abig bowl and show something about the tail like put the tail realaxing which is the tail supposed to be down or akitten that is happy wich the tail should be shown like the tail is standing up or soething like that make the audiencebe happy,impressed about the picyures that is shown you should put the pictures in all the sites that are for pictures and put the cute picture of a kitten online and write the sites of all the paintings.write the sites next to the picture or the paintings. wish the painter all the best.

  19. chocolatewolf1

    i like the pictures that are in front of the screen because the kittens in the picture are so cute like little babyies.And there are actually babies.

  20. prettypink5462

    *sigh* goof-balls. every family has ‘em. i think the top cat is saying: LOOK AT ME! IM GONNA GO DESTROY THE FAMILY PHOTO! either that, or he’s singing the waffle song.

  21. bagelspy3

    “me in the middle is cutter than my other friends i am adorable to the skin”

  22. lavenderpink8

    the cat on the top looks like it just ate some sour candy and the other kittens triked the 1 on the top and the 1s on the bottom ate sweet candy haha lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. catkitten36

    the top one:dang!i didnt know we bent that way!
    the rightone is thinking:fuzz bucket!
    the left one is saying:and were related!

  24. athenahydra4

    I think the one on top is saying “WHOA!!There’s justin beiber!”The one on the left is saying”GET. HIM. AWAY.” The one on the right is saying “Why are we even looking?!?”

  25. Miranda

    There watching a disturbing but funny movie that the cat in the bottom right corner has seen a million times. The cat at the top looks like it’s laughing and the cat in the bottom is just disturbed.

  26. thalia grace

    the one on top is saying dud look at that dog geting chased the other 2 are like woah

  27. colleen

    1st one looks like it just had surjery 2nd one looks like its saying OMG look at that lady,and the3rd looks boring lolz i cant breath lolz

  28. lets tango

    VOTE FOR DOGS SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. fogbird2

    why dont we vote for the dogs instead of cats wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and who let the dogs out????!!!!

  30. serena

    well, the on on the top is saying “Let’s boogie down!’” and the on on the left says “yeah”
    and finally the on on the right is sating “you guys are insane”

  31. athenabloodhound3

    and your right kind of it is a little cute but when youve gotton used to it….its not that cute anymore….sorry but its the truth,well, my opinion, nut still the truth.

  32. athenabloodhound3

    THE TOP ONE IS HAPPY AND SCREAMING BECAUSE HE SEES CAT FOOD and the bottom left just got woken up by the top ones screaming and is like “shut up” and the bottom right one is just about to go to sleep because hes getting tired of all this nonsense talk and such. :) that’s what i think is happening right there.

  33. monkeylove2002

    Top one is OMG! NEW CAT FOOD!
    Left one is staring at the food and right one is bored out of their mind.

  34. midnighthydra2

    Oh my gosh. Those kitten are so cute! they all look like my cousin pet awww! i wanna steal them all but really the 1st one on the top the one with the touge showing!

  35. purplecat46

    i think the one on the top is saying that “look at all those people, RUNN!!!!
    The one on the left, the big eyed black one is proably saying”look at alll that food!!
    and the other isnt really saying anytthing because he just has a plane look on his face.

  36. Lordofawesomesness

    “Sometimes when I look back at life, i think it’s a good life. or just one of nine more lives…”

  37. Ley56

    I think the top one is going oh my gosh is that a mouse singig? The one on the left is saying Is that a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater? And the one on the right is saying Yeah I’m awsome so go away.

  38. Samm

    Top:Holy moly!!! What is that!?!?
    Left:I don’t know!!!!
    Right:Oh dear,these two do this everytime the can opener turns on.

  39. hp#1fan

    I think the top one just saw Lady ClawClaw. The left-hand one is like, “Oh my gosh! Really?” The right-hand one says, “Like I haven’t seen her a thousand times…”
    Love this post!

  40. applewriting3

    Those kittens are so cute.
    I have 4 cats my self and 3 of them look just like my cats.
    write back

  41. Kittehninja

    The one on the top is saying: OMG did he just say that to MOI?!!? The black one is like: Oh, he really did it now. And the striped dude is like *Sigh* Here we go AGAIN!

  42. Puppypops

    The middle one is like’Hey guys!Say cheese!You do not wanna look bad in the photo’
    The black one clearly didn’t understand what the rectangle thing was.But copies his friends.
    The striped one gives a smile.

  43. applewriting3

    Those cats are so cute.
    The one on the top is like
    dude and the 2 other cats are like what.
    The one on the top is like he’s tring to kill me.

  44. samantha

    I think the top one is very exited and thi bottom left one is staring a mouse that he wants to catch and the bottom right cat is smiling at the camera

  45. abigail12345

    The kittens are so cute. The middle one is the cutest.(Thats what I think). Then the gray and white.

  46. Fashion_44

    i love love love kittens infact i have a kitten im thinkin of getting more and naming them after fancy coffee!LOL

  47. coffiechicken4

    They are so funney i wish my cat was like that ast night she was eating chilli

  48. dogdancing15

    I love the top kitten! I think he’s singing and the other kittens are wondering why he’s singing so they are trying to find some other kittens to listen to him.

  49. energeticdinosaur1

    the one on the left should say AHHHHH a ghost. the middle one should say i am taller then you guys ha ha and the left one should say i hate my life.

  50. gigglydinosaur1

    The one on the left looks pretty funny! It’s eyes are wide open and the one on top is saying ahh look at me I’m the cutest and the funniest love me!!

  51. bulldog74

    I think that the top cat is singing and the other two are just listening to the other cat.

  52. Ultimite Pecy Jackson fan

    For one, they look look like evil stairs. The top one could be saying (or rather thinking) “I don’t know what it is, but I want to eat it!” The left one is like, “Oh… chocolate cake!” The one on the right is like, “Wow! imagine destruction!”

  53. Uglybookworm

    The top kitten is trying to make a fish face at that goldfish while saying” Come here fishie, fishie, come here. I won’t hurt hurt you.”

  54. dragonflyazule1

    The top one looks like someone slapped him and he is saying how dare you. The bottom left cat looks like it is having a scaring contest against a stuffed animal. And the bottom right looks like it is thinking how am i related to these two. And how did i get stuck in this mess. But they are really cute.

  55. Yo It's Shrubby

    I ADORE kittens two! ^.^ They are super sweet and kind and gental loving animals. Even through my dog and cat dont get along, i know they would stick up for one another in anyway shape or form. They also have a heart for one another. They are basically stuck with each other but love each other two

  56. awesomeangel101( Friend me!)

    Just like Sonja said: The top kitten looks like he’s practicing for his solo in a kittie Opera show! Love these kind of posts! Keep giving us some!

  57. Pinkgiraffe10tothe5thpower

    The top one probably is sticking out his tongue and saying “Ha ha kitties all over the world! I’m going to be a star!”. While the scared little kittie on the left hand side is more like “I don’t like my picture taken”. And the one on the right hand side is posing normally and saying ” I don’t know them”.

  58. haydenrocks10

    Hey guys! My name is Hayden and I LOVE reading! It is my Favorite Hobby! I love it! Please send me a shoutout!

  59. 44maplesyrup

    the top one is saying”aaaaaah!!!why is she pointing that little box at us??she’s trying to kill us all!” and the 2 others are squinting suspiciosly at the camera.

  60. ashi1

    Oh man,tey are the cutest things on EARTH!!!I think the third one is wondering if the camera would taste good or not!lolz!
    I totally love these kind of posts!

  61. stonefairy

    I think they’re watching a slightly rude-humorish show on TV, and the top one is saying, “HAHAHA that’s soooo funny!” and they grey one on the bottom is like, “Whoa–I’ve never seen that before!” and the striped one is saying, “Eh. I’ve seen that way too many times.”

  62. owlgirl

    I think the one on the top just ate a lemon. The one on the left is having a staring contest, and the one on the right is saying “These guys are impossible.”

  63. emeraldcrown1

    I love those kittens! They are so cute! The kitten at the bottom left corner looks just like one of my cats!

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