October 6, 2016

Create A Caption Panda

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Oh, New York City . . . There is always so much to see! Whether it be the New York Public Library, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, a man dressed up in a panda suit, Columbus Circle, Wall Street, or Times Square, one’s eyes could never get bored. Hold it and back up . . . a man in a panda suit? Yep, that’s right! Such is everyday life in the city that never sleeps . . .

I know that when I spotted this spectacle, I was definitely thinking, “What in the world is a man doing dressed up in a panda suit in the middle of Times Square?!” I just wonder what he was thinking.

So it’s time to participate in: “What In The World Was That Guy/Panda Thinking?”


Leave a comment with what you think goes in the thought bubble.

— Carly M.

  1. Panda :

    Ugh ! I’m wearing a soft suit in the middle of summer ! Why did I have to apply for this job ! at least I get 100$ at the end of the WEEK .

  2. Panda Bear 2.0 says in a New York accent:

    “Man, it sure is stuffy in this suit…. Well! At least some kids would want a picture with a friendly bear! Which means, a lot of cash!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. SK8ER63

    I think the guy in the panda costume is thinking “ugh this is humiliating! And i wanted to be the in the Tiger costume!”

  4. allie

    this is a panda’s thought…
    what’s that on the floor? i promise it wasn’t me……………..

  5. PONY BLUE244

    “I LOVE panda’s!”New York city is the best place to show of my panda suit!”And now’s my chance to get in some pictures with some little kids!” Did I mention I love panda’s?”

  6. Alexander

    mrff, oh, i think i had to much bamboo, hmff(runs to garbage can and gets sick), o.k. that’s gross.

  7. cuteipod5678

    Hey dude. Sup? Hi! I like your beard. (sigh) When will they make me stop being nice? Oh gosh, I need to pee. Hey, can I borrow that cup little girl? (girl starts to cry) Oh no, little girl crying! Anyone speak crybaby?

  8. madi

    I think the panda is think ” I wonder whats in this cup” * picks up cup & takes off lid* ” omg!!!! bamboo coffee!!!!” * looks around 2 see if any1 is looking then chugs it down*

  9. dancingpen

    I think he is saying “Wow! This cup is so interesting that I have been staring at it for 3 hours”

  10. DoggyDive

    I think the panda dude is saying…… “Where am I? I took a wrong turn and I’m not in China anymore!”

  11. Ming

    “How long is it gona take for those people to come and take me to the zoo, im about to go crazy”.

  12. rickriordanfan

    I really should have gone to college. Now I’m stuck with this job and this little brat that keeps pulling my tail. CUT IT OUT KID!!

  13. Fiona

    I think he is thinking, “If only I bend down and pick that cup up! Maybe I can just kick it…”

  14. Juels the warrior

    Theres lots of chinese food,decorations and all.But,it needs some…PAZAZ!!!Like…Bamboo!!!Yeah!!! But thats only my opianan

  15. Caroline

    should i be in front of panda’s express or is it pander train or should i just be in a gorilla suit?

  16. PrincessTasmin

    Man don’t tell anyone this but I don’t want to go back to the zoo I am afraid of the lions!!!!

  17. im2green

    i think he was thinking ” (sigh) I really need to get out more. What was I thinking when I applied for this job?”

  18. Nikki

    I think the guy/panda is thinking: “Ugh… they don’t pay me enough to wear this suit in public!”

  19. Misa

    I’m feeling rather out of place . . . nah, I”m just paranoid . . . I look perfectly normal . . . no, not normal, I’M BEAUTIFUL!!!

  20. Praise

    (sigh)did i really have to believe the email my co-worker sent me telling me it was ‘Panda Suit Day”. Gosh I’m so gullible.

  21. DefenderOfHouseElves

    ‘I wish this suit had a mouth. Then I could drink that coffee there on the ground. Wait, how can I see the coffee? The suit doesn’t have eyes either. Wow! I’m psychic!’

  22. N

    “Loook! I am sooo cute! Don’t you just want to hug me!…. Don’t loook at meeee, I am way 2 beautiful 4 YOU!” that is what he is thinking! PEACE 2 da MIDDLE EAST! Go PLanet! : )

  23. pacoh

    Oh, oh look! It’s another panda! a GIRL panda! Hey lady! Wanna go on a date? No, not you old lady! what? your only 24? oh. Sorry. Oww! what’s in that purse! stop hitting me with that!!!! ohhh, why did i sign up for this?

  24. pacoh

    Think about it. It was this or elephant dodo duty. it’s not that bad. But you did scare that little boy so much he threw up on his mom. But so what. All i did was jump out from behind a bush and yell “BOOGABOOGABOOGA!” No biggee.

  25. Paige

    Oh, well what do we have here? OH NO!! IT’S THE PAPARAZZII AGAIN!!!!

  26. Rae o' sunshine

    “I think that cup is trying to look like me.” Lol the cup looks so much like da panda bear!!!!

  27. Amber Mint

    Ho hum…why isn’t anyone else wearing their costumes? Maybe they didn’t get the memo…

  28. boxer4356

    “Is that girl taking a picture of me? Cool! Fred told me if I wore this costume I would get lots of dates….”
    “Is that cup filled with cheese puffs?! Ha! That is by far the weirdest thing on this side of the city! Someone get a picture of this!”

  29. pinksprinkledog9

    yo! not cool! i say don’t dress up as a giant something. it will backfire, also you just look like an idiot! luv u peeps

  30. pinksprinkledog9

    He’s thinking, “OK if this is a joke i will have revenge. also where is the zipper i gotta use the little man pandas room.”

  31. dollar616

    -”Hi,” said the guy/panda to some
    -”Hi,” a tourist replies
    -”Would you donate some money to the Save the Pandas fund?” asked the guy/panda.
    “Um, no,” replies the tourist as he walks away.
    “NO!” yells the guy/panda “Wait, I’ll dance! I’ll sing! I can do a really good ‘New York, New York!”
    The tourist gives the guy/panda a weird look then he keeps walking away.

  32. Sunshine_girl_3231

    I think he was thinking “Hmm, I should have either paid more attention in Geography when I was younger or brought a map, ’cause this place doesn’t even look like china TOWN”.

  33. Number 14

    I also think that the panda person is thinking,”I need some bamboo leaves, that will spice up the costume!”

  34. Number 14

    That is such a good picture! I think that man/woman is thinking,”Oh, my gosh! When can I get out of this stupid and very hot panda suit?!”

  35. Lubna

    “I wore this suit thinking I’d get the attention I wanted…..but now I don’t think I’m getting the “right,” attention!”

  36. whitelily

    Smile at the camera. Why did i get this job?
    Oh yeah so i can move out of my parents house.

  37. PiterK

    Hello !!!! ^_^
    My name is Piter K. Just want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)

  38. Grace

    “Hey, what am I doing here? Maybe I should turn into a real panda so I can get more money. And why is that girl taking a picture of me? Thats very rude, you know.”

  39. Shelley

    I think he is saying “Young lady, it’s not nice to stare! Or take pictures of people who are in desperate need of a job!”

  40. StuffedNoodle

    He is saying, “I knew I took the wrong plane” or maybe he is a real panda who works at a resteraunt and is on break.

  41. Holly

    I think he is just trying to be funny and I think he is thinking what is that cup thing on the ground I am going to kick it and turn into pandizilla and deystroy everything. lol jk, but it could happen:)

  42. winterlily94

    i can’t belive i’m in a panda suit! i need a real job this one doesn’t pay enough ! why’d i agree to this??… oh ya i needed money

  43. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    Ha ha, these are awesome! To me, the funniest part is that I never even noticed that cup before reading your comments!

  44. Ashley

    “Man, this is taking a long time. Why hasn’t anyone brought me to the Zoo yet? Tim said this costume would guarantee a spot at the zoo.”

  45. Angelkitty1113

    i want bamboo. *sees cup* who put the cup there whoever did littered. Die cup!!!! *jumps on cup* throws away

  46. momo22

    um… i think the panda is thinking, “Why am i standing like this hehe this is funny wait whats up with the cup whys it shaped like that ah well maybe i should leave it there and run away so yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh theres a weird cup trying to eat me help!!!!!!

  47. soupshoe798

    I think the panda is going to say “I wonder what is in the cup? Maybe I should get down to the cups level!”

  48. arcticflake

    He’s thinking: I’m in my habbitat and what about you. I should be the ones taking the pics here,not you

  49. sockonkey4

    I think this panda-man is thinking, “Umm… I think i’m lost. I wonder if the lady with the camera knows where china town is?”

  50. _'deathly hallows-7'_

    ‘Hmmm…why isn’t anyone giving me money?’
    (Assuming that the cup is for money, and, like, remember those guys dressed in those statue suits trying to get money?)

  51. warriorgurl

    “Come on guys, I’m trying to earn money here! Put the dollar bills in the cup…No, I am NOT dancing!”

  52. fuuey

    I think he is funny becase
    he don’t have no eyes.And becase he is saying”WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT DUDE OR LADY THAT HAS LONG HAIR? in china town.

  53. mermaid_writer

    Hi!! Thats funny!! Here is what I think the man is..errr..thinki-ng!!
    ‘WHY is that women taking a photo of me? ‘
    lol!! c yah x

  54. winterrice

    I wonder what’s in that cup on the floor and I wonder who left it there, I’m going to throw it away because that’s polluting.

  55. winterrice

    i think the panda is thinking this “I wonder what’s in that cup on the floor hhhhmmmm maybe I should taste it to see what it is?”

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