December 31, 2013

Fake News Stories of 2013

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2013 brought a lot of crazy news stories: happy things, sad things, funny things, and just plain bizarre things. See how much you know about the wacky things that happened in 2013. Guess which stories below are TRUE and which ones are FALSE. Ready? Go!

  1. A frog was launched into space by NASA.
  2. A deer in Florida got its head stuck in a bag of Doritos.
  3. One Direction signed on for a new Disney Channel TV series in 2014.
  4. A California baby can only nap when his puppy naps with him.
  5. Suzanne Collins announced she will write a Hunger Games prequel (for ages 12 and up).
  6. A boy in Florida was hit in the head by a meteorite.
  7. Penguins dressed as Santa waddled through a park in South Korea.
  8. Studies showed that people who eat high amounts of red meat developed animal- like characteristics, such as making “moo” noises and clucking like chickens.

Yep, there’s some crazy stuff that went down in 2013, but not all of these 8 stories are true. Can you guess which ones are real and which ones are fake?

Leave your answers (TRUE or FALSE) in the Comments below, and check here for answers!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Maracq

    On to see the bone the houses in the cities, visitors usually instinctively ask how come the houses systematically

  2. emeraldcoffee61

    1. false
    2. true
    3. false
    4. true
    5. false
    6. false
    7. true
    8. false

    that’s really cool!

  3. dogdog13348

    that is so cute and i like how he sleeps with the dog.Because that is how i sleep when i ley in bed with them.

  4. a

    They have since been out to purify with lemon scented Sunlight detergent, so Bobo can have a purer image to the lemon gods

  5. donut eater

    Im guessing thatsome people have their babies cuddle up with puppie. That would be so adorable!!!

  6. donut eater

    1. true?
    2. false x 10
    3. false ( I wish )
    4. false
    5. false
    6. true I think???
    7.false… that would be funny
    8. true!

  7. Jazira

    1. False
    2. True
    3. True
    4. False
    5. No idea…don’t read her books
    6. False
    7. False
    8. False

  8. shania

    california babies can nap without hteir puppy napping right next to them.i say false because i was born in california and i dont even have a puppy

  9. Winterninja3

    1 Weirder things have happened, but I am guessing false
    2 True, I think I heard about that, might not have though
    3 False
    4 Probably true
    5 I have no idea, I don’t really know current news about her books since I don’t read them
    6 Seems really unlikely but maybe
    7 Seems again really unlikely but maybe
    8 False

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