August 10, 2013

Confectionately Yours Friendship Confessions

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confect4_130Friendship Confessions from Confectionately Yours

It’s National Friendship Week and Hayley Hicks, leading (young) lady of the Confectionately Yours series, has . . . well, had planned something sweet to show her new BFF just how much she cares. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Confession: I ate the last cupcake.

I didn’t mean to! I had made a bunch of gluten-free mocha cupcakes, and when they started to sell out, I set one aside. Then I called my friend, Meghan, and told her I had a surprise for her. She was busy making posters for a summer block party, but she said she’d try to come over later. That cupcake sat behind the counter for a long time. I wondered if it was as mocha-y as I hoped. Then I thought about how Meghan had said she would “try” to come over. I looked at the cupcake. The cupcake (I swear) looked at me. I picked it up and crammed a huge bite into my mouth. Crumbs and frosting were still ringing my lips as Meghan walked in, and was like, “So, where’s my surprise?”

I gasped, inhaling a crumb.

“Is the surprise that you need me to give you the Heimlich maneuver?” Meghan asked as I coughed.

“No,” I sputtered finally. “I ate your cupcake!” I hid my face behind my hands and wailed, “I’m sososososososo sorry!”

Meghan laughed. “Was it worth it?”

“Uh. . . yes?”

Meg grinned. “Good,” she said. And that was all.

Meg says the Cupcake Incident (as she calls it) wasn’t a big deal, but I actually think she’s wrong. There are some “friends” who would not have laughed it off.

But that’s what a friend is. Someone who knows that you aren’t perfect, and loves you anyway.

Do you have a perfectly imperfect friend? Tell us: How are you going to celebrate National Friendship Week? You could bake him or her some French Toast Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting! Or maybe just send a cute Cupcake E-card.

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—Vanessa, Scholastic Staffer

  1. candybrowine237

    I like dramatic books so when I looked at this i knew this book is perfect for me. It also has cupcake recipes which my mom saw and LOVED!

  2. seadolpin43

    i love this website so much becase its fun and i get talk to my best freinds out of state if you dont have one you should get right now

  3. aquakitten912

    I never read this book but I heard a little about it especially the main character like somebody. Is that even true? Somebody please tell me!

  4. redbulldog316

    wow i did it to my sister but it was a peppermint patty and i open it and ate it but i bought it just for her

  5. brianna

    I would say this was a sad and funny moment. I would have done the same thing if it was taking to long.

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