May 22, 2012

Color Blindness Quiz Answers

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Trivia Tuesday:Color Blindness Trivia Quiz Answers

Last week I posted a Quiz on Color Blindness. How did you do? Were you able to decipher the color blind test image? Check out below for the official answers.

  1. What letter or number is shown in the circle? Colorblind
    ANSWER: 29. If you’re color blind, the circle might look like this.
  2. TRUE or FALSE. If you’re color blind, you can’t see any colors at all. 
    ANSWER: FALSE. In most color blind cases, a person can’t distinguish between red and green, and thinks they are the same color. A less common type of color blindness involves blue and yellow. Total color blindness (called achromatoposia) is very rare.
  3. Who is more likely to be color blind, men or women? 
    ANSWER: Men. 7 in 100 men are color blind. Only 1 in 1,000 women are color blind.
  4. Name a job that requires you NOT be color blind. 
    ANSWER: Police Officer, Firefighter, Airline Pilot. You must be able to see colors to have these jobs. 
  5. Are bees color blind? 
    ANSWER: No! Bees and most insects see colors in ultraviolet. To a bee, a daisy flower is a center with a ring of glowing bright dots around it. No wonder they are attracted to brightly colored flowers!  
  6. If you’re color blind, how many color hues are you able to see? A. 0 B. 3 C. 20 D. 50
    ANSWER: C. Color blind people can see only about 20 color hues, while other people can see about 100 hues.  
  7. Name the cure for color blindness.
    ANSWER: Trick question! There is no cure. But color blind people live just as healthy, happy lives as anybody. And they have a cool, hidden fact about them that they are color blind.  
  8. How can a color blind person tell if a traffic light is red or green? 
    ANSWER: Color blind people are brilliant at figuring out other ways to deal with colors. For example, they know that the red light is always on top of the traffic light, so even though it doesn’t look red to them, they can still see that it is lit, and they know to stop. The green light is always on the bottom. Genius!
  9. If a woman is color blind, will all her sons be color blind? 
    ANSWER: Yes! The color blind gene is carried on the X chromosome. Because a boy has the chromosome combo of XY, he will definitely have the color blind chromosome from his mom. A girl has the XX combination. So she will have a chance to draw from the non-color blind X chromosome from her dad.

Are you color blind, or do you know anyone who is? Drop a line and let us know your thoughts in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Jordan

    Im color-deficant. Color blindness is only when you can’t seem
    See any colors. Color defiant is when you have trouble seeing different colors. Look it up. #2 is wrong

  2. Amelia

    My dad is sort of colorblind with green, not anything else. Green and blue are mixed up for him.

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