January 17, 2014

Cody Simpson Interview!

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Cody-Simpson-Surfers-Paradise-2013-1200x1200Interview with Cody Simpson

It’s the dead of winter in New York and SO. COLD. Brrrr! Best cure for wintertime blues? Sunny music! That’s why I’ve been playing Cody Simpson’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” on repeat for the past week. As you know, we are major Cody Simpson fans. The Australian singer really brings on the beachy vibes with his latest album, Surfers Paradise, and even if it’s totally frozen outside, just one listen is sure to warm you right up. Read on to find out Cody’s thoughts about homeschooling, travelling the world, and, of course, surfing! Check it out.

Q: What are three things that you’re most thankful for in your life?
Cody: Family, friends, and my fans.

Q: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Cody: Laid-back, kind (hopefully), and hardworking.

Q: What’s the best part about being a performer?
Cody: There’s a certain sort of, you know, feeling that you can inspire in a crowd that I have experienced myself going to shows and seeing artists that I admire personally, and I really enjoy just being up on stage and being able to inspire those feelings in my fans, and to know that I’m giving them an evening that they’ll remember for a long time. It’s a very cool experience.

Q: Have you been to some place that’s just totally blown you away?
Cody: I went to the Netherlands, which surprised me how gorgeous it is there. I did a show there, and I had an incredible time. I just love to travel and see new places. I get homesick a little bit, but I’ve seen a lot of the world and I’m only 16.

Q: Do you try to surf when you’re on the road?
Cody: Yeah, I do. I mean, when I’m on tour and there are places to surf, I usually don’t have time, but when I’m in L.A. and then when I’m in, obviously, Australia, yeah.

Q: What place would you describe as a real surfer’s paradise?
Cody: None other than home. It’s literally called Surfers Paradise where I grew up. Surfers Paradise, Australia is one of the main areas of the Gold Coast where I sort of spent my childhood and grew up, and whenever I have time to go on vacation, I’ll go home.

Q: Do you have any pets?
Cody: I do. I have a dog about a year-and-a-half old. His name is Buddy. He’s a Maltese.

Q: What are your favorite foods?
Cody: I love good pasta. That’s my favorite thing. It’s very simple, but it’s my favorite thing. I love In-N-Out Burger in California. It’s my guilty pleasure whenever I’m in L.A.

Q: If you could create your own flavor of ice cream, what would be in it and what would you call it?
Cody: Ketchup, barbeque chips, and French fries. And it would just be . . . I don’t know! Paradise. Yeah!

Q: What would a perfect day include?
Cody: I’d be at home in Australia on the Gold Coast. I would get up before sunrise and meet all my friends down on the beach, and we would go surfing. Surfing is the best really early in the morning as the sun’s coming up. Then we would go to a cafe for breakfast, go skateboarding somewhere, go for another surf in the afternoon, and have a big old barbecue by the beach with all friends and family at night. That’d be cool.

–En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Marie Morreale

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    I love Cody Simpson! :) I bet he’s from Australia,he sounds as if he has the accent! As a girl, I personally wouldn’t eat at In-N-out burger…

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    When I wake up I go out to breakfast at dunkin donuts. After we go surfing for about 5/6 hrs. I love living the coast life.

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