June 8, 2012

Coco, Trevor, & Tyler Let It Shine Interview

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LetitshineCoco Jones, Trevor Jackson, and Tyler James Williams Let It Shine

Imagine writing an amazing song and then your best friend takes the credit for it! That is the story of the new Disney movie Let It Shine. Cyrus DeBarge (played by Tyler James Williams) and his best friend Kris McDuffy (played by Trevor Jackson) reunite with their childhood friend, the beautiful singing sensation Roxie Andrews (played by Coco Jones). Cyrus crafts a heartfelt and contest-winning rhyme about Roxie, but his work is mistakenly attributed to Kris. Cyrus stands by while Kris not only takes credit for the lyrics, but begins to win Roxie’s heart too. Now, it’s up to the true poet to overcome self-doubt, reveal his authentic self, and pursue his dreams.

We interviewed the 3 actors to find out more about the movie. Read on to find out what they said!

Who are your musical influences?
Coco: From the time that I started singing, my mom always had me sing songs by singers with big voices, so I sang Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Hudson. I would have to say that these ladies are my top musical influences.
Trevor: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Brian McKnight, Donny Hathaway, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and more.
Tyler: Andre 3000 as an artist and producer, Lupe Fiasco as a lyricist, and John Mayer and Matt Greiner as musicians.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
Coco: My biggest influence is definitely my mom. She has sung with me as long as I can remember. She helps me with everything: learning my scripts, teaching me to cook, plus she homeschools me. I know she believes in me, and no matter what, she and my dad are always proud of me.
Tyler: My mom. She has always been the person I go to when dealing with any difficult decision. She always knows exactly what to say to help guide me in the right direction.

Describe your fashion style.
Coco: I have two styles. When I am performing or working, I enjoy a lot of bling. You’ll find me in crazy accessories, bright colored skinny jeans, and cool shoes. During the week while I am at home or in the studio, I keep it very casual and comfortable with sweats, jeans, and t-shirts.
Tyler: Nothing flashy. Relaxed. I wear boots regardless of the time of year. Laid back but I also have the potential to get dressy at any moment.

What is one thing that you would like to see happen to help make the world a better place?  
Coco: My parents adopted my oldest brother when he was 14 years old. I wish I could help more people to see the importance of older aged adoption in our country. My passion is to work to change things for orphans in the United States. My parents made each of the kids promise that we would all adopt at least one child when we got old enough to have our own families, and we all will.
Trevor: The world would be a better place if there was no more racism and discrimination. I want to use what God has given me to inspire others to do the same and let them know that anything is possible through hard work, humility, and love.
Tyler: I would like to see people love each other more. Our society is so quick to judge and condemn someone who has done something wrong, it’s sad. I believe in second, third, fourth, and fifth chances, which is why I support and work with the Los Angeles Dream Center so much. They will never give up on someone. Ultimately I believe that is what will create positive change in the community, country, and world.

Who was the jokester on set? Who was the serious one?
Coco: I am laughing just thinking about Trevor on set. He was always singing and dancing and making us laugh. Tyler was the serious one. He had done so much work, and he really helped us become better actors.

Do you have a favorite scene in the movie?
Coco: I love the finale scene with the song “Let It Shine.” It has so much energy; the wardrobe is great; the song is wonderful, and the entire cast was there. It was awesome!
Trevor: I love this entire movie, so I don’t think I can pick one.
Tyler: I love the first club scene. The audience gets a good feel of the mood, friendship, and talents of Kris and Cyrus, and we also introduce Roxie.

What do you hope people will learn from Let It Shine?
Coco: Being yourself is the most important thing, but I also know they will see how important it is to discover their talents.
Trevor: You can do anything you put your mind to!
Tyler: Be you. Nobody can be you like you.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Manasseh

    seriously I love this movies “let it shine”,,most especially my dude tyler james has really impress me,,I urge u guys to bow down heads together nd release. a nice one again

  2. C c

    Their all tried but i love that rapper boy so much but coco ya she sings but cant rapp anything man do your thing cause u got it in u i love rappers like i will till the world ends and thanks to go that am a singer and a rapper tool an i want to let it shine

  3. C c

    To me i will sey let it shine let it move nomata what the their sey i will neva stop leting it shine here ends me

  4. C c

    Am a nigeria boy but i love american hip especially lil wayne and i can rapp exactly like him an am also a power singer but i love this movie so much because i saw people like me god bless you all heres

  5. flower girl

    this is my most favorate movie ever. Roxie or Coco is very pretty. I want her voice and look. Sirus has swag. love the way he makes that face with his eyes . Its so cute. Tyler is so cute and funney. I also love the way he dances. Your my number on e movie star fan. wish I met you some day. And can you please create a second movie please , the first one was amazing. just to say I’m your biggest fan.

  6. D

    I’ve been greatly inspired by this movie_let it shine. Most especially by Co. Jones & T.J. Williams.
    Abe sure to be who i am! And adhere to the motivating messages portrayed in the movie.
    Luv you all!

  7. Princess

    Write your comment here…seriously,i wish u guys could produce part2 of dis film,i really fell in love with d film

  8. Davido

    Every part of the movie is great but i so much love the studio part… Phantom,Revelation,Bling n Cyrus they are Good Rappers….. i see y’all

  9. Moose

    Write your comment here… Dae Dnt Fit Nat By Beauty N Hans But By Imunity N Ambition Tyler Fit Up Coco Knws That?

  10. Ruth

    Write your comment here…I luv let it shine for the first time i transfared it to my phone through bluetooth i watched it and it was owesome i luv it when ever coco aka roxie wants to SING especialy the first song she sang in the church i luv all of you waiting for let it shine part two

  11. Anonymous

    Write your comment here…the movie, the characters really thought me alot,most importantly discovering the you in you and being you.pls make a let it shine 2

  12. ada

    OMG.coco,tyler nd trevor were just perfect for d roles they played.infact am speechless.never watched a film dat got me dat crazy before.i watch it almost everyday.i make sure i send d film to at least one person in a week.particularly tyler’s rap inspire me.coco’s voice make me elated and trevor is cute…………..tyler’s got swag

  13. Jaida

    I watch this movie very night before I go to bed because it proves a point about the world and it’s the best movie you could ever watch! Make a let it shine 2!!! Please.

  14. eddrian

    I want to be a singer and a rapper just like you folks but I need help I can’t do it alone can I get a response or some

  15. Judson

    i’m Angolan but i love American music, i d’like to make a short comentary about Coco: that girl is too beautyful and smart and i love the way she sings, coz she sings nicely, i come along to what Coco said; and i usually talk to my friends about it, if we want get something we have to have knowledge wise and be friends high of other, it’s also necessary to know our mother tongue, many people say many hands makes light work!!
    dreams come true if we take a time to think about what we want in life, get to know yourself,
    try to find out who you really are, and in wha you are good at, and live life to fullest!!

  16. Anna

    Trevor Jackson is so cute.Tyler James loves rapping.I love his swagg.Coco is just like me.We both love fashion,singing,and were talented.

  17. hunterbulldog2

    hey OMG let it shine was such a great movie. Coco jones is a mini beyonce.she might be my favorite disney channel star. I wish i could try out for NBT.

  18. platinumjetsetter3

    That movie was really cool.I had to use the bathroom about 5xs during the movie and i didnt get up not once thats how much i liked it …..wait *LOVED IT*!!!!!!!!!!! cheers 2 disney channel for a job well done.KEEP ON LETTIN IT SHINE!!!!!!!!!

  19. moriah

    This was a good movie and I think that Roxie was a good singer in the movie and I think they can fix it by making it a little bit more reasonable by making it more longer and making more main characters.

  20. Moriah

    Let it shine was a great movie. I enjoyed the rap parts and and when coco aka Roxie was singing. I also liked when cyrus battled Bling at the night club. I didn’t like when when Cyrus’s father didn’t let him rap/sing.

  21. sharkbulldog11

    The movie is great! I give it ten stars.It sets the mood in all different ways. My favorite part was “moment of truth.” It shows that if you step yourself up you can do great things. GO Trevor,Tyler,and Coco!

  22. cookingbasketball22

    I love the movie saw it about 8 times to me it is a good movie. I almost cried because that is how good it was. I when it first came on the first time I was at my dad’s house. The worst part was when Cyrus got slapped but not Kris didn’t for lying.

  23. pnut345678

    I can’t wait till the movie comes out so that they will stop playing the songs every other comercial!

  24. artisticcupcake10

    Tyler’s song Don’t Run Away is my favorite song.I’ve got it on my ipod.

  25. mysterysecret9

    that is a movie that i like i think it is awesome i am surprised it was a disney channel movie

  26. librarychocolate18

    Coco Jones is so awesome she is sn amazing singer dancer rapper shes good at everything

  27. redwolf80

    llllllllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. hurricaneaqua9

    how sweet is that and any way can any of you guys friend me i am felling lonly with one friend and no shout outs! :( by the way my username is hurricaneaqua9 look out for me

  29. dancecelebrating32

    love let it shine i like cyrus rapping and him and i like rockie singing and a little rapping

  30. fearlessangel116

    i cant wait to see let it shine it sounds like such a great movie. I hope I am actually able to see it and I don`t miss it!

  31. emily

    I LOVED IT!!!! Cyrus and you make the CUTEST couple that’s the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D LOVE <3 :D
    LOVE <3
    LOVE <3
    : D

  32. seastrong2

    I loved coco jone in the movies all her outfits in the movie were flashy and cool. I like Tyler hes really cute but Trevor is funny…..:)

  33. PlatinumTurquoise3

    I liked that movie although the rapping wasn’t exactly my style. Coco Jones is an amazing singer plus she is beautiful.

  34. sarahr

    (P.S.- I think I just commented on GraceJ but don’t know. help? And, I’ve read the summary before but it doesn’t sound the same as the commercial.
    Although I may be thinking of a different commercial.)

  35. Corneila von Snicklefritz

    THIS MOVIE LOOKS GOOD I WILL MAKE SURE I WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Haley

    i cant what to see the show that is goin to play on Disney channel that is how i am goin to watch it i have not read the book tho

  37. butterflyblack247

    ur movie was great i seeen it online you rock and u and cyrus make a great couple

  38. sammy

    i can’t wait to see that movie! it’s coming on friday the 15th of june
    and actually tyler james williams plays cyrus debarge and trevor jackson plays kris mcduffy. this movie is going to rock!

  39. safedirector4


  40. celebratingdancing71

    i can not wait to the movie come out on Disney channel crazy for it to come on

  41. necklacerainbow2

    I thought the movie was boring but after the first look of let it shine it looked great but what makes it great is the actors!!!!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  42. iridescenttrickster6

    let it shine thats the song wow ahhh this is my second time bloging its so fun i could do this everyday yum as in ahhhhhh again if i seem pumped i am blog again so i say hi and to read the book bye ok got to go

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