August 21, 2013

Claws, a Book for Cat Lovers

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Claws by Mike and Rachel Grinti

“Emma only knew a little about cats, but what she knew wasn’t exactly comforting. They could talk, but they rarely bothered to talk to humans. They could change their size and become huge, the size of lions or bigger. And they’d been known to hunt humans, though there hadn’t been any incidents in a long time. That anyone knew about.”

When Emma’s sister Helena went missing, Emma had no idea how much it would turn her world clawsupside-down. Emma’s parents spent all of their savings, leaving no stone unturned in the search for their oldest daughter. After losing their restaurant, Emma and her parents moved into a trailer park in a dangerous neighborhood filled with crags, a.k.a. magical beings. Coatl, dwarves, trolls, fairies, hags, harpies, ratters, and centaurs are just a few of the creatures that moved into Emma’s world at the same time as the forest magically grew over Old Downtown. Oh yeah, and then there’s the cats.

Jack is the cat who lives in Emma’s trailer because he has been kicked out his pride. Emma would do anything to find her sister, so when Jack offers her the “Pride-Heart,” Emma accepts the cat magic even though it’s dangerous. Although nearly unheard of, this human turned Pride-Heart must trust that Jack will guide and protect her on this perilous journey.

Cat lovers, this book is a must-read! Actually, anyone who likes fantasy should read this book. Are you excited to read this book? Tell us in the Comments below.

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. Anastacia

    I CANT WAIT TO READ THIS and how you made so THRILLING thank u so much for sharing this.i also love the name to it CLAWS

  2. lightningpegasus22

    this seems like an awesome book from the description. I might see if i can get it somewhere.

  3. ilovewoves

    i would find this book very intristing if i would rate it i would give it 5 stars not jokeing i love animals thats why i would go for this books p.s IF YOU LIKE IT GET IT NOW

  4. mysteryart50

    i really want to read that now every book you give a reveiw on i want to read!!! you do to good

  5. CATFAIRY217

    I love animals all kinds make me
    smile. My favorite land animal
    is cats and my favorite sea animal
    is dolphins and sea horses.

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