May 7, 2013

Summer Challenge: Clash of the Titles

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Summer_challenge11_logoSummer Challenge: Clash of the Titles

As you know, summer reading is AWESOME because you get to read whatever you want as much as you want. You don’t have to do homework or write book reports, and you don’t have to get up for school in the morning, so if your parents let you, you can read in bed until way late! Ah, I remember those summer days and nights of endless reading . . .

The Scholastic Summer Challenge is kicking off this week, so you can put all that reading to good use. Log your reading minutes and you will reach reading milestones, have a chance to win prizes, and possibly help break the world reading record.

ClashThis week’s milestone is The Coliseum. It is the ancient Roman stadium where gladiators used to fight for glory and honor. . . and their lives. We are not going to ask you to engage in hand-to-hand combat, obviously. But you can relive the glory of Ancient Rome by voting for your faves in the Clash of the Titles game. 2 books face off cover to cover, and YOU get to pick the winner.

Vote now! And may the best book win!

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  1. mightybeliever1

    I agree with “WON’T TELL YOU” on the subject that you should read the matched series. I have read the series twice and they are AMAZING books!!!!

  2. bluekitten350

    Harry Potter rock don’t you think??? i love the movies and books.The person that plays him should gt some type of award.That’s what i think.

  3. tornadobrown11

    my school protects you and dose fun stuff they also love you and care about you

  4. sealhappy8

    Personally, I think that Harry Potter is the better series because J.K. Rowling delivers her story with a pinch of imagination that just makes the reader want to read more. Harry Potter would get my vote, but Dear Dumb Diary is still a good series altogether.

  5. fangenius4


  6. Gwenith

    Harry Potter will so win so you know if it was a pole it would win but the outher book is good to I have read it to so there both good books but Harry Potter will so win ok you get it.

  7. april555

    Wait some of you are reading the lightning theif awsome i am reading it rite now

  8. tigerbear45

    i think harry potter is better because their is more intresting finding who was the one who did the damage in hogwarts school when harry came to hogwarts everytjing bad happened and they are trying to find who did it.

  9. bearmelon6

    i also agree that harry potter is a grate book if i where you i pick a book like that i have a good question is what chapter are you people on on harry potter or what book do you have on harry potter

  10. Gwenith

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  11. Gwenith

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    thanks a lot Gwenith

  12. dragonrider49

    Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Warriors, Kane Chronicles, Artemis Fowl, Divergent, Eragon, Hunger Games. Those are the books I recommend: they’re AWESOME!

  13. bearmelon6

    i cant wait for summer when its the last day of school my backpack is going to be full i tell you full

  14. bashfulkoalabear10

    I personaly believe that “Harry Potter” is a MUCH better book series than “Dear Dumb Diary”. I believe that “Harry Potter” is better than “Dear Dumb Diary” because the “Harry Potter” series has sold over a million series- NOT just books, but WHOLE SERIES. It has also made many movies, in which was a VERY big deal, at least, thats how I feel. Not to mention the fact that the last movie of “Harry Potter” was shown last year, and people are STILL talking and debating about it. <:

  15. Won't tell you!

    Hey! For those of you who like Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Percy Jackson I recommend these three books in this order. It’s a series.
    1. Matched
    2. Crossed
    3. Reached
    They are really good and I’m reading Crossed right now. They have a sense of adventure with a twist to them. Read Now! Thanks!

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