May 22, 2012

Chocolate Trivia Quiz

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Trivia_quiz1You may remember I wrote a Random Bacon Quiz a few weeks ago. Well, in the Comments, PianoGirl6 suggested a Chocolate Quiz, saying, "No one has truly lived until he or she has eaten chocolate." I TOTALLY agree! Oh my goodness, I love the cocoa confection called chocolate! I know some people don't like chocolate. I respect that. I don't really understand it, but I respect it. So whether you think chocolate is pointless, or you can't go a day without it, take our quiz to see how much you know. . . 

  1. Cocoa was first consumed as a drink by which group of people? A) Eskimos B) Ancient Egyptians C) Ancient Mayans D) American Puritans
  2. Cocoa was first turned into chocolate bars by which person? A) John Cadbury B) Milton Snavely Hershey C) Jimmy J. Snickers
  3. True or False: Cocoa grows on trees.
  4. Which continent now produces the most cocoa for making chocolate? A) Africa B) North America C) Australia D) Antarctica
  5. What is "Fair Trade" chocolate?
  6. Who would win? Chocolate vs. Bacon?
  7. Who would win? Chocolate vs. Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid?
  8. Who would win? Chocolate vs. Summer vacation?
  9. Who would win? Dark chocolate vs. White chocolate
  10. What is your favorite way to eat chocolate?

The last question will obviously require lots of research, extensive scientific taste tests, and some serious, soul searching reflection. I'm going to go get started on that right now! Leave your answers in the Comments, and click here for the official answers.

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  1. bookstrawberry16

    1. B
    2. A
    3. False
    4. C
    6. IDK Both so good!!
    7. Chocolate
    8. IDK Both so good!!
    9. Dark chocolate
    10. IDK Lots of different ways…

  2. Amrutha

    My favorite lunch would have a grilled-cheese sandwich or macaroni-&-cheese or
    quesadillas for the main part.I would also have a fresh salad with ranch dressing and
    chocolate-covered wafers for dessert.Mango juice would be my beverage.Except for
    the chocolate covered wafers, my lunch is pretty healthy.( Technically dark chocolate is
    good for you because it has antioxidants)

  3. JoJo

    1.Ancient Mayans
    2.Milton Snavely Hershey
    4. Africa
    5.No Clue……
    8.Summer Vacation
    10.Leave it in my mouth until it melts…. the taste lasts longer that way. I AM A CHOCOLATE MONSTER!!!!! :P

  4. Hannah

    I love chocolate!! I dont think I could live a day without it. The way I eat it is with ICE CREAM!(which I also love)

  5. Varun

    1.Ancient Egyptions (I think)
    2.John Cadbary (I think)
    3.False(I think)
    4. Africa (I think)
    6. Chocolate
    7. Chocolate
    8. Summer Vacation
    9. White Chocolate
    10. By eating it whole

  6. Sarah

    2.A or B. I’m not sure.
    8.summer vacation
    9.dark :)
    10.alone or melted on ice cream.

  7. Jennifer

    1. C
    2. B?
    3. True
    4. A?
    5. ??
    6. I would say eating chocolate in the summer
    7. Chocolate
    8. Chocolate
    9. I don’t really like either, but I suppose white.
    10. I like it as a candy bar and on top of ice cream.
    Great idea!

  8. midnightphoenix18

    i remember the bacon quiz……i’m more of a chocohoic :)
    1. c
    2. b
    3. T
    4. a
    5. ???
    6. i can’t decide!!!
    7. chocolate
    8. chocolate
    9. dark :)
    10. with ice cream!!!

  9. opallabrador7

    listen to me i’m a chocolate maniac!!!!!!!!! i even once went to a chocolate MUESM in paris france!

  10. Starrninjarawr

    1. C) Ancient Mayans
    2. B) Milton Snavely Hershey
    3. True
    4. A) Africa
    5. The movement advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters as well as higher social and environmental standards. It focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries, most notably cocoa.
    6. Chocolate
    7. Chocolate
    8. Summer Vacation
    9. White Chocolate
    10. Sipping hot chocolate

  11. i have an awsome dog

    I just got a suddon urge to eat some chocolate……….
    By the way, lets all post our favorite way to eat chocolate!

  12. Hungercraftlover

    1. C
    2. A
    3. True
    4. A
    5. No clue
    7. Greg
    8. SUMMER VACATION! I’m on it.
    9. White!
    10. Eat it slowly but DEVOUR the last part.

  13. lotrnarniafan

    1. c
    8. Summer Vaca
    9.White chocolate bars on hot days
    I LOVE Chocolate!!

  14. basketballgreen60

    wow wow didnt knw all dat but nw i do so thx vedy much. learn someten new every day cooliossss