May 29, 2012

Chocolate Trivia Quiz Answers

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Trivia_quiz1PianoGirl6 inspired last week's Chocolate Trivia Quiz, saying, "No one has truly lived until he or she has eaten chocolate." I can honestly say that I eat some form of chocolate every day. I love it very, very, very, very, very, very much. 

Here are the answers to last week's Chocolate Trivia Quiz.

  1. Cocoa was first consumed as a drink by which group of people? A) Eskimos B) Ancient Egyptians C) Ancient Mayans D) American Puritans ANSWER: C) Ancient Mayans. 
  2. Cocoa was first turned into chocolate bars by which person? A) John Cadbury B) Milton Snavely Hershey C) Jimmy J. Snickers ANSWER: A) Cadbury. Have you heard of the Cadbury candy company? Yep, the same guy.
  3. True or False: Cocoa grows on trees. ANSWER: True. Cocoa beans do grown on trees. They are then roasted and processed into cocoa powder and then into chocolate.
  4. Which continent now produces the most cocoa for making chocolate? A) Africa B) North America C) Australia D) Antarctica ANSWER: Africa
  5. What is "Fair Trade" chocolate? ANSWER: Fair Trade certification strictly prohibits slave and child labor. Sadly, there are parts of the world where cocoa beans are picked by child slaves. Buying "Fair Trade" is the only way to ensure that your chocolate was not picked by a slave.
  6. Who would win? Chocolate vs. Bacon? ANSWER: Chocolate. Although, I did once try a chocolate bar with bacon bits in it. I know it sounds kind of gross, but it was surprisingly good!
  7. Who would win? Chocolate vs. Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid? ANSWER: Chocolate every time. Greg doesn't stand a chance.
  8. Who would win? Chocolate vs. Summer vacation? ANSWER: Chocolate. Summer vacation is awesome, but I would rather have hot chocolate in winter than summer vacation with no chocolate!
  9. Who would win? Dark chocolate vs. White chocolate ANSWER: Dark chocolate. The darker the better! My favorite is 70%. It has more cocoa (a.k.a. chocolaty goodness), less sugar, and is healthier than both milk chocolate and white chocolate. 
  10. What is your favorite way to eat chocolate? ANSWER: 2 words – Fudge Brownie

What are some of your random favorite things, either food-related or not? Let me know in the Comments. Maybe I'll make a random trivia quiz about some of YOUR favorites!

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  1. funnypainting3

    5.fair trade certification strictly prohibits slave and child labor
    9.dark chocolate
    10.funge brownie

  2. Andrea

    Wow, there are so many random things you can do a trivia on! So many things……………..
    etc. etc.etc………..

  3. chattyangel42

    Maybe you could do a quiz on songs, like write a song and the person has to guess which artist/band originally sang it!

  4. Marc

    Good trivia. Maybe you could make some about more facts rather than opinions. Maybe try capitals of countries or actors of movie characters.

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