July 1, 2011

China Anne McClain A.N.T. Farm

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ANTfarm1_2 Do you watch A.N.T. Farm, Friday nights on Disney Channel? It revolves around Chyna Parks, an 11-year-old musical prodigy who attends a high school as part of the prestigious A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) program. She, along with her fellow A.N.T.s, Olive (played by Sierra McCormick) and Fletcher (played by Jake Short), must find their place and make the most of their high school experience. Chyna takes reign to convince Olive and Fletcher that they can fit in, despite their age, as long as they take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. She encourages them to try out for things like the cheerleading squad and school musical, and she even drags them to a high school house party. Meanwhile, Lexi (played by Stefanie Scott), a popular high schooler, doesn’t appreciate this new competition and tries to sabotage Chyna’s chances to outshine her.

We got to talk to the 12-year-old actress who plays Chyna. Coincidentally, her real name is China Anne McClain! Read on to find out what she has to say. . .

Q: What is A.N.T. Farm about?
China: It is about an organization at a high school called the A.N.T. program. That stands for Advanced Natural Talents and everybody in this program is very gifted in whatever it is. . . mathematics, art. . . I play a musical prodigy, and all of the kids in this program are very young, like 11 or 12, and they are in high school. And the high schoolers do not want them there. They feel like they are ruining everything about high school. My character, Chyna Parks, doesn’t really care. She just wants to make the most of her high school experience. But it’s hard sometimes.

Q: How could you relate to your character? ANTFarm2
China: Just the whole going to school and trying to fit in thing. The first day of school. . . that feeling that you have. “I hope people are going to like me.” Because the first day of school is pretty much make it or break it. But it’s cool. Everyone pretty much thinks she’s adorable after she makes her big impression on people.

Q: What grade are you in now?
China: I am in the seventh grade. But I am homeschooled. I got homeschooled in the fourth grade and have been doing it ever since. It’s working out well. It’s way more convenient than going to regular school!

Q: What is your favorite subject?
China: Definitely Language Arts. Math — not my strong point!

ANT Farm3Q: What about music?
China: I play guitar, bass, piano, and I am learning the violin right now. I get to play actually way more on the show: trumpet, French horn, drums and the harmonica. It’s really fun because she gets to play like 13 different instruments. Actually, that’s my goal. By the end of the show, I am hoping to know all of these instruments.

Q: How did you get into acting?
China: My first audition — I was six. Half my age now! Six long years ago. It was weird because I didn’t even know that I wanted to act, but it was at first just singing because my dad is a music producer. But one of his friends told me about this audition for a girl my age who could sing and act. I didn’t know that I could act. So I went in there and I guess they liked me because I booked it! I winged it!

Q: Have you done the album yet for A.N.T. Farm?
China: We are working on it right now. We haven’t finished it but we’re working on it and it’s going great so far. It will be Pop music pretty much. That’s the A.N.T. Farm side of it. But I just got a record deal with my two older sisters, and that’s pretty much pop/R&B. I am the baby girl. One of them just turned 17 and the other is 14. But we are so close. We love each other so much. Then we actually have a baby brother who just turned 10!

Q: Who are your role models?
China: Selena [Gomez] is my role model so far, because she is just the best. She is the best person, and I worked with her for two weeks on Wizards of Waverley Place. She was always so nice from the get go. She has just been a great role model. You haven’t heard anything about her in the press or anything like that. I just love her! Besides Selena, I just got to meet Bridgit Mendler doing the Disney Channel Friends for Change games. That was so much fun because we were on the same team so we got to do a lot of stuff together, work together. And it is really fun because I love Bridgit. She’s just a sweet person.

Q: Any embarrassing moments?
China: On set, I was saying a line or something and I was supposed to walk out of the room at the end. And I walked out and I tripped over something and fell on my face! It was so embarrassing! Thank goodness there was not an audience, but it was embarrassing and everybody started laughing. It was funny.

Tee hee. I hate to laugh, but that is pretty embarrassing. Let us know what you think of China and A.N.T. Farm in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Gerri Miller
Photos courtesy of Disney Channel

  1. Olat*nz

    Ure a person i look up 2 @ China Anne Maccline. I love Ant Farm so cool 8-) how can i get 2 work with my role model @ China Anne Maccline

  2. Josh

    so, i used to be starstruck China but now I’m more mature. I still am trying to be a better musician and learn way more instruments. But we all have to agree, China is way prettier than Ashley Tisdale. Right?

  3. Anakha

    I have not enjoyed homeschooling most of the time, I feel like its boring and that all my friends are going to leave me behind. But once I heard that you have been homeschooled and that you have been able to star in your own show. Well its givin me a boost! I know it wont happen over night but once I work hard, I can be like you! Thank you for your insparation! You are my role model.
    -Anakha :-)

  4. Johnd242

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  5. kayla

    I can relate to China in the show because in my school ( I’m in the 6 th grade) we have an creative enrichment program and we all have like special talents. Its pretty cool. oh and I play the French horn I hope u learn it because its really cool


    YOU are so cool and your sisters. I like the movie with you and your sister on antfarm.

  7. stephendisneyfan

    Its amazing when olive is some kind of a geeky person and u always get someone like lexi in it I watch your shows every day wowwww!!!!!!!

  8. aquacastle132

    I love China Mclain’s songs on AntFarm! I like the song,”Unstoppable” and “Calling all the monsters”. China is my favorite singer on, Disney channel. I wish I could meet her.

  9. happypupy112

    you chyna are my hero i love your voice i would love to know evrey instrament you play i barley even know the names BTW i love your shows

  10. genster

    china i think ur pretty cool and that ur very talented u r great at the guitar well my nickname is the genster i thought id just say that because my cousin told me too from the genster

  11. ballarina

    do you lesson to jls,rap,and cool songs. i love jls once he
    send it one of his new song called proud.

  12. ballarina

    Hello china iam really suprised about your music some times I USE it to make songs. I also play guitar, violin,piano,flute,and iam learning how to play drams. Bye china

  13. samantha

    i love u china i love your show you are my favorite character. i love your voice too. i am 12 and am going into 7th grade. i love to go online to disney channel and watch your videos and play the games. and the game inner ant i am more musical like you and i know how to play the flute

  14. joshua

    china I love you and I think your hair is pretty and you face is beautiful and the way you dress I just love it and your my role model and I wish I could meet you.

  15. keirra


  16. annonyomous


  17. Morgan

    I love you china I’m also a bigg fan and I love language arts just like you. I wish I could meet you.

  18. Morgan

    I think china is a great singer and actress. She is so funny to watch on ant farm and I love hearing her sing.

  19. Ania

    well what I want to say is china you are a butiful girl you can sing and act I also do the same thing and your an tripple threat and im not the best at math either and I didnt know that you were 12 i am to well keep up the good work!!!! :)

  20. SugerAngle

    Hi,Um Hello Yea.. I would just like to ask if I could meet china anne miclain if i can get a picture of her :P Please :D Please D: Btw i LOVE!! YOUR SHOW ITS SOOOOO AWSHUM I LOVE THE WHOLE CAST tell every 1 i said hiii xD Buh Baiiii <3

  21. Moses

    I think China Mclain is the
    most talented actress i have
    ever seen!.And i am not saying that because i have a
    crush on her.But because i know that she is growing up to be a great and talented woman

  22. Me

    You are so beautiful! I’m a big fan of you and your show! It has always been my dream to be on Disney channel, and hopefully meet you to! I love how great of an actor you are, you have the best facial expressions! Btw I’m 12.

  23. dakota

    China anne mcclain,you are beautiful,talented,smart,good singer,good actor, me and you have alot of thing’s in common we both sing awsome, dress trendy and a lot more i love A.N.T. farm it’s the best show ever and i i would not be watching disney channel if you were not on it i love you so much china anne mcclain from:you’re biggest fan dakota to:my inspiration china anne mcclain!!!

  24. Kalli3rd grade

    if China asked me to be younger I would wear a diper, and drink from a bottle that is how much I love her.

  25. taliyah

    hey my name is taliyah and if disneychannel is looking for a 11 year old girl tell them i’ll be waiting for a big part in aknew show iwant to be just like you i can dance,sing and act by the way a you rock to china anne mcclain

  26. M

    I think every time I see her on T.V.I get nervous because what if I really did get to see her because I really like her.she is talented like me and she is beutiful.

  27. taliyah

    this is taliyah and if you looking for talent 11yearold girl i’m always waiting for audition’s for disneychannel knew show i can sing dance and act

  28. M

    Hi chyna I’m 11 years old and I’m not an ordinary guy of the street. I seriously love you with all my heart

  29. kiade

    i love ant farn cast i think, that was the most intersting show to watch also its for children.so i give you a gold star

  30. sindy

    i love your show well i do acting modeling play volin viola chello and a little bit of guitar and well write me back if you need anything or like if you want me to be on the show tehe well im 11 years old in the sixth grade

  31. Justin

    China’s very pretty, musical,smart,and awesome. Not to mention all the other things I like about her . Wow if only I was one more year older………

  32. 19smm

    Hi China Ann I am a HUGE fan of you and i think you are so pretty and i love your name sooooooooooooooooo much!

  33. Kenniyah

    The A.N.T Farm is my fav. disney channel show every time it comes on i turn to it. i love china ane mclain i wacthed her on tyler perry house of panye to

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    hey china how old r u now my name is chyna kind of simular to urs but mind is without the i.well i hope we meet sum day in life :D

  35. jacob

    Disney is my favorite Channel and I love A.N.T farm. I play the Aqustic guitar and im 11. I love music it just moves me and I saw salena gomez in concert a few weeks ago. Injoy the rest of the summer and have wonderfull cristmas.

  36. Lavenderblue4

    I love China Anne Mclain! i hope she’ll have a good life that is going to reach her soon. She’ll always be my roll-model!

  37. purplefashion104

    chyna anne is amazing i cant believe that she is so young i thought she was in the 8th grade



  39. dragonflyaqua12

    China Anne McClaine is GREAT in A.N.T Farm. Her character just matches her and her personality.

  40. Sydnie

    everybody always says you know who you remind me of and i say who and they say chyna from ant farm

  41. jadedragon49

    China, you are an AMAZING singer! In the car, every time I hear you singing “Dynamite”, I can’t help but sing along! It would be soo cool to bwe an A.N.T.

  42. Jordan

    I think you were great on your first music video dynamite.Also I wish you can come to my house and do a privet concert.

  43. flawlees01

    china you go girl i love your swagg in your singing rocks someday i wish i could be like you a disney channel star

  44. aquaheart28

    This is a really interesting show i recommend it to anyone who likes disney channel or likes to laugh!

  45. hanan

    A.N.T farm AWSOME china, olive, fleture, i want 2 c the 1 when china has a crush on a robot?! haha it seems good

  46. dancingsinging11


  47. mia hamm fan 10

    I LUV A.N.T F.A.R.M it is so cool its my favorite show on diseny. SHE and i sing just ALIKE i LUV you China

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  49. dancprincess

    I love A.N.T farm!!! Its one of my favorite shows now. It really funny and when I’m sick I watch it mostly!

  50. brainsurgeon12

    i like A.N.T Farm. Fletcher is my fav bcause he is an artistic genious & i try 2 draw but it doesnt’t turn out 2 good. so now i’ve sorta turned 2 trying Abstract. I think i’ve had some good ideas an hopefully i will think of more!!! All of the other cast members r aresome 2!!! :)

  51. cameron

    i dont get how someone so young could be so talented …its an inspiration 2 me i wish i was so talented but i always will try 2 be i can sing and play the flute and i really want 2 cheerleade i even played the viola wich is a smaller vezion i meeen bigger verzion of the violin go chyna ann mcclian and all the other wonderful young talented artists and 1 other thing before i end thids blog or post why r cheerleaders always so mean in movies and tv shows because they really arent like all my friends r cheerleaders and i love them all of friends of corse but the cheerleaders i know r not mean…peace

  52. madison

    heyyyyyy China you are the best i would love too meet you some people say i act and can sometimes look like you, you are my role model and i am your number 1 fan and i hope u read this message because everytime A.N.T. Farm comes on i resite all the words you say you might think its wierd but thats what i do and i would love too meet your sisters u did great in daddys little girls

  53. Jazzy

    Hey China I hope you get this I’m in the gifted program too it just like the ant program for smart people I use to watch Tyler Perry house of payne and you played Jasmine I thought you were eleven in real but now I know you 12 I’m ten I really want to be like you:)

  54. PinkPanther73

    I think “A.N.T. Farm” is a good t.v show but you need to make more shows for people to see. But other than that i am a HUGE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. aproditefairy19

    i do not wacth the show becuse my mom and dad thinks it is stupid but i love her she is a nice person

  56. anika

    well we have a comment she loves selena gomez and i do to and china is a great person and she is really sweet and she has good peronality

  57. zamond

    you are a hit your first song I liked it. I know your first song and I can even sing it

  58. dede

    i love it on disney channel it is like my FIRST favorite channel or show i wish i was her for a day!!!! dont u?

  59. cookingsoccer2

    china is a great singer and i will like to ask is their anyone in her family who inspires her i wish i could meet china she’s really funny to,my sister and i sing to we’ve made a couple of songs already i am also 12 and im going to 7th grade and i love language arts to i also love to read and write alot china ur really lucky to have a family who loves you and such beutiful talent and ur famous people love u and some even look up to u all have to say is that ur amazing and keep it up!!!

  60. Doodleberrypie

    I like ant farm it’s so awesome and i think it’s funny in the episode when they hang out with their guidance counselor that they call a “man-child”.

  61. bluebrownie

    i used to watch her on Tyler Perry house of Payne. Watching her move up like that is awesome. She makes me fell like I can go through anything and still make it. I just hope to become famous one day. Thanks China Anne Mcclain.

  62. EmeraldArt23

    I love A.N.T. Farm it is my favorite show on disney channel. My favorite Character is Chyna because she is always positive about everything even when things go wrong.

  63. volleyballblue10

    i love ant farm its awesome but i like my babysitter is a vampire because it is funny and because sarah is excited and the new kid in ant farm is cute!!!!!!!!! $

  64. Grace

    Hi I’m 27 and I have 5 girls. I’ve been divored after having my oldest duathger. She’s turning 11 and I need her to like school and have fun but she won’t let me help her. When I found thbis site I saw it helped her improve and now school is her favorite thing! My other four girls have found this site fun aswell! I now have three well schooled girls!

  65. Dallis

    Chyna is very unique and talented to be going to high school when shes only 12 years old.I just think that she will be the next raven on disney channel because Chyna is trying her best to fit in with disney channel and make huge differences in litte kids lifes.

  66. purplegymnast

    Cool! I don’t watch many shows on disney but this is 1! So talented! Go Disney! I also can’t wait for the new shake it up movie! And Lemonade Mouth 2!!!!! And Frenemies! Starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya!!!

  67. Alexis

    I’m going to 7th grade too. I remember China was in House of Payne, and Daddy’s Girls. She’s A really good Actress.

  68. Luckybanana10

    Chyna is my inspiration she is awesome cool and talented and I hope she keeps it up she is doing a good job and also I want her to know that I believe in her

  69. brooke

    i love the show A.N.T Farm on Disney Channel! It is my favorite show other than Good Luck Charlie.
    Chyna: You are SOOOOO talented. I bet that it is very hard to learn how to play all those instruments on A.N.T Farm

  70. Katlyn

    hi Chyna I have seen all of the A.N.T Farm episodes. My role modles are Selena Gomez,Kate Middleton and you! Me and my mom think your show is halarios. My favorite character is you and my moms is Olive.

  71. alexis

    i luv china’s outfits and olive she’s so smart and funny or SMUNNY (a combination of smart and funny!!!)

  72. jumpingsleeper1

    If you were Chyna, how would you feel being an 11-year old in a high school? I would feel totally lost. It’s a good thing Chyna has friends to help her..

  73. percy and harry fan

    Not to be mean or offensive, but I don’t care for the show at all! Disney Channel comes up with the worst concepts.

  74. Leyah

    i luv china dis is my se fav show on disney channel i luv dis how did yhu get to be a a.n.t i wish i was a a.n.t

  75. authorsoon2b

    I love A.N.T Farm but I was wondering do any famous people have a stack account?

  76. Abby

    A.N.T. farm is my favorite—————————————————————————————–TV show

  77. browniecandy14

    ps i love a.n.t farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  78. browniecandy14

    i love chyna shes a nice girl or great one day shes my first thing to become

  79. blizzardfrost5

    I love A.N.T Farm! I really like China (Chyna) but I like Olive (Sierra) too.

  80. luluberry123

    I luv this show it’s such a idea it teaches kids what its is like to grow up <33333

  81. funkysarah0223

    i really like ant farm ever since hannah montana quit i never expected that but i found another show ant farm!!!

  82. jadedragon49

    Olive was on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?! I just remembered! Sierra McCormick? I really like Ant Farm, and I love China’s version of Dynamite! My brother and I love to sing it everywhere we go!

  83. la'dedria

    i just wont to say to you that im your biggest fan and i loue ant farm keep up the good work and tell felthcer i said i love him he is so funny can you say my name on disney chanel that would be cool write back la’dedria

  84. lilmissyvampire

    i love her i have seen her act on some big showes like wizards of wavarly place and jonas ah has got a big carrire ahead of her

  85. Unicorn Cheese 3

    It is an “ok” show, kinda like all of the other disney channel shows, it has alot of the same storys from like shake it up and hannah montanna, Remember how fast thoose shows went out?!?!?!?! the same thing will probably happen


    I watch that show a lot she seems down to earth and committed to acting. She has a great voice.

  87. jess

    that show is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. angleclaws8

    man i love a.n.t farm wen i took the ant qwiz and i got a A+ oh yah you r the best actor

  89. pinkbrownie59

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    i l to the o to the v to the e whech speells love and in love i mean i love u show
    so nice talkin to you
    love ur BEST fann an777

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  97. happyfrost6

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  98. StarMagic

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  99. astronautsnake2

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    Keep up the good work Chyna!

  100. Lauren

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  101. swimmingship1

    i love antfram when ever it is on i watch it it is so cool i love you guys:):)

  102. gigglydolphin31

    i have only seen the first episode too b ut the second one is supposed to be even better then the first
    did u guysher her sinhing and her guitar plaaying guitar!!!
    i wish i was ecactly like china!!!!
    P.S. who likes china?

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  104. Lemonade101

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    hi i LOVVVEEE this show and i was wondering if you could put her on a chat so she could maybe chat with us is that ok?

  106. percyj99

    Oh my gosh!!!
    I’m in the seventh grade, and have been homeschooling since fourth grade, too!
    P.S. A.N.T. Farm is really good! I like it a lot.

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    I think shes an alright actress.i mean i am not hating on her its just that the show isn’t really five star quality but that’s just my opinion. :)

  108. Erica

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  110. dakota

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  112. cupcakeandicecream

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  113. Topazstorm3

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    China Anne McClain is my favorite chariter!!

  114. greendolphin35

    I like her and hope she can have as good as a career as her role models! That was interesting stuff we heard about her! Selena Gomez is my role model, too!

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