May 26, 2009

Character Crossovers

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Charactercrossover_130 Often comic book writers will take two superheroes and put them into one comic, or they'll take villains and interchange them throughout various comics. Television shows will also at times merge two hit shows together. The Disney Channel does this quite well as they've had Hannah Montana and Raven from That's So Raven both appear on episodes The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Though the show changed, Hannah Montana and Raven Baxter remained in character from their other shows.

Wouldn't it be cool if books did the same thing — combine their characters and plots into one grand story? Here's what I envision if authors were to join forces and meld their books into one epic novel:

Harry Potter meets Twilight . . .
Harry Potter and the Cullen Clan

Synopsis: Harry, Hermione, and Ron join forces with the Cullens to rid the world of evil vampires. A cute wizard and a gorgeous vampire in one book? I'd read it!

Captain Underpants meets Magic Pickle . . .
The Adventures of Captain Underpants and the Magic Pickle: The Attack of the Terrorizing Toupee-Touting Tomato

Synopsis: What's worse than an oversized tomato taking over the town? A giant tomato wearing a toupee! But when Captain Underpants and the Magic Pickle unite, the only thing this tomato has to look forward to is being spread on a hot dog.

Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls meets How I Survived Middle School . . .
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: First Year at Joyce Kilmer Middle

Synopsis: It's Allie's first year of middle school, and once again she’s the new girl —  this time at Joyce Kilmer Middle School. Who will snag Allie as their friend first? Jenny or Addie? The battle for the new girl begins.

The Last Dragon Chronicles meets The Circle of Magic . . .
Circle of Fire

Synopsis: Just when Zanna Martindale thought that she'd never find anyone after losing David, she meets Briar Moss. With his knowledge and magic in plants and Zanna's mystical powers, these two are inseparable. However, when evil forces go after Briar and Zanna, will their love triumph?

Dear Dumb Diary meets The Knights of the Lunch Table . . .
Dear Dumb Diary: Double Dodging

Synopsis: Boys can be so dumb! Especially boys named Artie, Percy, Wayne, and Joe! Jamie just doesn't understand the importance of being able to open a locker. But when Artie lets her in on a little secret, will Jamie join the knighthood or want be exiled from their lunch table?

Those are my suggestions for some potentially very interesting and intriguing books. Share yours in the comments!

And beyond books, I'd also love to see TV producers combine characters and themes from various reality television shows. I know I'd like to watch America's Next Top Model contestants try to look glamorous while duking it out to win Survivor.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Rachel

    Looks fun.I’ll do one,too.
    The Uglies trilogy (young adult)/Among the Hidden crossover:Among the Rebels
    Synopsis:Tally Youngblood,Aya Fuse(from Extras)Shay,and David meet Luke,Nina,Jen,Trey,and Mr. Talbot as they all try to rebel against the population laws and infiltrate the Population Police headquarters.(Since this is a crossover with Among the Hidden,Jen’s rally didn’t happen yet,but in this version Luke met Jen,Nina,and Trey at the same time.)

  2. Tsukaiz

    Ooh, looks cool. =O I think I’ll crossover, too~
    Ginga Densetsu Weed (anime/manga)/Warriors: Power of Three Crossover: Silver Fang Legend Warriors
    Synopsis: After defeating the evil great dane Hougen, Weed and his soldiers have left Ohu for a small vacation, only to be greeted by groups of Clan cats. Though they agree to make amends, conflict is still bubbling up between them, and Weed’s infatuation with Hollyleaf may just be the source…

  3. Songheart

    Here are a few more!
    The 39 Clues+Alex Rider: Alex Rider and the 39 Clues!
    Synopsis:Join the famous teen spy Alex Rider as he joins the competition for the 39 clues!
    Synopsis:All the characters you missed in Inkdeath is now back again in the magical preserve of Fablehaven! What will they find in there? And will they help Kendra and her brother find the missing artifacts and defeat the Evening Star?
    Percy Jackson+The Golden Compass=Percy Jackson and the Olympians:The Golden Compass!
    Synopsis:Grover thinks he has found a new half-blood, a girl named Lyra who lives in Oxford, England. Percy and his friends must journey there to take Lyra to safety to New York, but there is something mysterious about her,and she has a strange golden compass that tells the truth.A truth that is rather kept hidden…
    Alex Rider+Artemis Fowl=Artemis Fowl:The Stormbreaker(Note this is a merge with the first book in Alex Rider)
    Synopsis:After Alex Rider’s uncle,Ian Rider,dies in a car accident,Alex is pulled into the MI6,where his father was working secretly.After his training,he is assigned on a special mission,with teen genius Artemis Fowl.

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