February 11, 2009

Character Confidential: Three Questions for Garfield

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Every Sunday growing up, my brother and I would race to beat each other to the comics in the paper. My favorite comic strip has changed so many times over the years that I don't even remember what I was going for on any given day. But my brother was always racing for Garfield. The fat, orange cat was front and center on the page, and my brother loved him. He had all the compilation books and couldn't wait to see what would be in the next set of panels.

So my three questions today are for Garfield:

1. Everyone knows your favorite food is lasagna. What food do you absolutely hate?
2. Admit it — your really love Odie, right?
3. Why do you think Jon can't get a date?

To the other fans of this lazy but lovable feline, what would YOU ask Garfield? And if one of the other strips is your favorite, what would you ask those characters?

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Garfield

    #1 I HATE brussel sprouts! They are the worst food around. That and parsley.
    2. Of course not! He’s annoying and irritating and he always takes my chair…. but he is good to use to get food….
    3. Talk to Jon’s therapist.

  2. reader10496

    I think jon cannot get a date because he doesn’t send much time with anyone but Garfield. I think that Garfield’s least favorite food is cat food becaus ehe turns it down every time!

  3. softballcatcher

    garfeild is so hilarious! oh and jon will never get a date because… well… because… he is jon.

  4. kap21

    i am answering the 3 questions
    1.my least favorite food is spinach
    2.yep he is the cutest dog in the world!
    3. because john is really geeky

  5. harryp12345678

    Yes I do!! My least favorite is spinach. Jon tryed to get me on a diet and it was ick.
    Sure if you say so.
    Because Jon always drags me around so I geuss girls don’t like me for that

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