September 11, 2008

3 Questions for Thorn

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Bone_thorn_4 I would love to interview Thorn from Jeff Smith’s Bone series, mostly because I have a huge crush on her. If I ever got the opportunity, I would probably ask these three questions:

1. How’d you get so be so pretty?
2. Is it hard being awesome?

OK, no, seriously . . . Bone is a great series, and Thorn is a very strong, very complex character.

1. Life has gotten pretty complicated for you recently. You went from being a simple, happy-go-lucky farm girl to heir to the throne of a powerful kingdom. Do you miss your old life? Or is being a princess fun?

2. Who do you think would win in a fight: Gran’ma Ben or the Great Red Dragon?

3. How did you keep from strangling Phoney Bone? He was so greedy and mean, and he never cared about anyone but himself — even when the fate of the entire world was on the line.

What do you guys think she’d say? And what would you ask her if you got the chance?

— Jack, STACKS Intern

Illustration copyright 2004 Jeff Smith. BONE is a registered trademark of Jeff Smith.

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