November 27, 2008

Character Confidential: 3 Questions for Kaitlyn from The Babysitting Wars

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Babysitting_wars So I just finished reading Mimi McCoy's The Babysitting Wars, which totally brought me back to my babysitting days. The hilariously entertaining kids . . . the responsibility of my first real job . . . and, of course, the extra cash. But enough about me! In The Babysitting Wars, Kaitlyn is the top babysitter in her town until the new girl, Nola, moves in and starts stealing her clients away. Now it's an all-out war, and Kaitlyn has to find a way to beat Nola at her own game. She has to do this without alienating her friends or getting into major trouble with her parents.

I never had such babysitting drama (which was good because middle school was already stressful enough!), but I can definitely understand what Kaitlyn was going through. Here are three questions I would ask her as a fellow babysitter and friend:

1. How much do you charge per hour? (You never told us in the book!) And how much did Mrs. Marshfield offer you? (It was triple your normal rate).

2. When you decided babysitting wasn't for you at the end of the book, what was your NEXT job? Walking dogs? Mowing lawns?

3. Are you friends with Nola now?

What would YOU ask Kaitlyn if you got the chance?

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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