June 10, 2014

Celebrity Names Word Scramble

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Unscramble the Celebrity Names!

PurpleWizard50 has a new word scramble puzzle for you. Can you unscramble the letters to figure out the names of these celebs? You should recognize a lot of these famous people from their STACKS interviews!

PurpleWizard50 STACKS Profile


  1. Ainll Ranho
  2. Jntisu Irbebe
  3. Jnhony Pedp
  4. Dama Nadsler
  5. Nadlie Cildfrfa

Female Celebs:

  1. Mame Snotwa
  2. Yatorl Wifts
  3. Lenase Mozge
  4. Tyak Reyrp
  5. Rocamne Zaid

Are you stumped? Click here for the answers.

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  1. thoughtfulfire18 pw fluffyball67

    i have no friends and im wondering if you could lend me some friends foorever love thoughtfulfire18

  2. gymnasticsfashion191

    I love this game. It is fun and also confussing. My mom said that it helps me with my literecy. Liar liar pants on fire!!! But now that I think about it she is kind of right. Thank you PurpleWizard50.

  3. Carly

    Male celebs:
    1. Niall Horan
    2. Justin Bieber
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Adam Sandler
    5 Daniel Radcliffe
    1. Emma Watson
    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Selena Gomez
    4. Katy Perry
    5. Cameron Diaz

  4. eagerhound14

    For male celebs number 3 it’s Johnny Depp and for number 4 it’s Adam Sandler. Those two for me were easy. I’m still trying to figure out the rest, though.

    1. eagerhound14

      For male celebs, number 3 is Johnny Depp and number 4 is Adam Sandler. THose two were easy for me. I’m still trying to figure out the rest, though.

  5. scarletrabbit41

    I love this place because its really fun. Im glad my library teacher showed me this place . fun fun fun. Its fun

  6. shrewddreamtime11

    it’s johnny depp adam sandler taylor swift sesena gomez katy perry Justin bieber and the others I don’t know yet

  7. randomangel13

    What the what!!!!??!!!!!! It just looks SOOO weird when u r NOT thinking of it as mixed up celebrity names.

  8. chickencorporal31

    i think that this is a good blog,this made me add on minutes to my log ha ha ha ha and i really enjoyed this article i mean blog haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!