July 10, 2009

Celebrating a Softer Side of Harry

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Hp7_130 What were you doing July 21, 2007? Even though it was two years ago, I can tell you exactly what I was doing: reading my copy of the just-released Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Since then I’ve read the book all over again, cover-to-cover, plus listened to the audio book twice. So, do you think I was excited when the book came out in paperback earlier this week? Even a troll would know the answer to that question: YES!

And don’t forget that our next STACKS chat is all about Harry Potter! Join us on July 25, 4–5 p.m. (ET) for a LIVE discussion about the boy who lived.

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. harrypotter3330


  2. brainiac 101

    the books were better.
    anyway in the movie i should have been hermione- i mean jk rowling’s description fits me perfectly, physical and characteristical

  3. HarryPotterFan 7

    I wish i’d been there it looks like so much fun! HARY POTTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! For all u Harry Potter fans out there: U ROCK! I love H.P. so much i even got a wand. i’ve seen the movies almost 12 times each. J.k. Rowling’s the most creative and best author there is. I wish i could meet the H.P. cast. And of course, j.k. rowling too. All my friends think i’m the biggest Harry Potter fan. I agree. H.P. ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! :D

  4. Alice

    Man, I wanted to go there! I didnt even know you guys were celebrating!Wait,was it in New York or something….. I really wish I had been there and to get the Harry Potter boxed set….awesome! Anyway keep up the great work,you guys!

  5. Eruanna

    I so wish I had been there! So where do you get Fairy Snot? I don’t really remember any fairies except for the Christmas decor in book 4….

  6. Dumbledore77

    Yes can’t wait to get it My friend read the entier series 82 times (on her 83!)

  7. summer rocks.

    o how i love h.p.and ginny(4ever!)too bad i cant be hermione……………………………………..!

  8. Ashley

    I would have loved to be there. I have read the whole series 8 times and the 7th one at least 12 times.I also agree with #16.

  9. Lily

    Totally agree with number 14. er…. almost. The ink series is the 2nd. Percy Jackson and the olympions is the third!

  10. posidonrox

    you guys you know what the 2ed best book is? PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. crazytacogirl

    I wish I was there…do u guys know how to get friends on this? I can’t figure it out…

  12. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    Ha ha, thanks for the compliments on my photo captions! I wrote that one about the costume at the end of a long day, and when I read it to Nancy, she actually said, “Karen, I think you’ve gone off the deep end.” :-)

  13. DracoMalfoy2345

    “Oh wait…That’s not a costume…Akward!”
    That was so funny!

  14. DracoMalfoy2345

    It’s so not fair that I’m going to be at camp on July 25! :(
    Why can’t it be on Aug. 1 When I’m actully here? *cry*

  15. LOONY lovegood

    Dude. I wish i was there. This one kid in one of the pictures had an awsome Harry Potter tee.

  16. blaque

    nice comments
    luv da pics too bad i cant make the live chat
    with love from Denmark!!!!

  17. bubblew

    lol… i like the captions on the pics…. haha… oh wait, that’s not a costume? awkward… lol… good job.. too bad i wont be able to get the paperback….

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