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March 18, 2009

The 39 Clues Tour: Greetings From L.A.

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39clues_book3_130Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! I had an amazing time in the Bay Area (that’s San Francisco and vicinity, for all you non-Californians).

Whew. Dan and Amy’s quest is really going viral. Well, I talked about The 39 Clues EVERYWHERE — school visits, bookstores, conferences, radio and magazine interviews. I talked to thousands of kids of all clue-hunting persuasions — Janus, Tomas, Ekats, AND Lucians. I also went jogging along the Monterey Coast, had pizza with pineapple, and hung off the side of a cable car, screaming “BEWARE THE MADRIGALS!,” to the chagrin of the driver (an Ekat!).

But I never EVER forgot about my top-secret diamond hunt. And I have some good news about that! I did reach my code-cracking-expert friend, a former government official who is now a Janus operative. For security, she operates in very mysterious ways — but I managed to locate her people and hand over the coded telegram found by my jeweler friend, Rupert, in San Francisco. Watch the video blog VERY carefully — but before you do, make sure you have a pen or pencil in hand!

Aggh! The further I get, the more questions I find! What do YOU think? Can you help me, before I get to Chicago? I hope to get a little closer there, and then it will be off to Philadelphia.

I’ll report back to you from Chicago in a few days. In the meantime, if you want to sharpen your clue-hunting skills, try playing the game LAB RAT at The 39 Clues headquarters on THE STACKS!

See you in the Windy City!

Peter Lerangis, Author

December 3, 2008

Patrick Carman Books

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6a00e55007a31488340105362eac03970c-800wi If you’re like me, as soon as you finished reading Maze of Bones (the first book in The 39 Clues series) you went online to find out everything you could about the next books and their authors. Or maybe you’re not like me and don’t share my constant, burning need to find out every single scrap of information I can about a subject I’m even only slightly interested in. Annnyyywwaaayyy. . .

Turns out that the fifth book is to be written by none other than Patrick Carman! You may know Patrick from such books as Stargazer (the latest Land of Elyon title), or this ridiculous video.

To help you get to know Mr. Carman, I’m going to give you a quick web tour of everything related to PatCar. (That’s my nickname for him.)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this great interview, in which he talks about his entry into children’s fiction and his life before that. (He ran his own ad agency for nine years!)

And finally, in addition to The 39 Clues book he’s got coming out, PC (that’s his other nickname, but only use it if you know him well; otherwise it’s offensive) is working on something called Skeleton Creek. I should just let this scary video do the talking . . .

Spooky! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve.

Later, Splotters!

— Jack L., STACKS Staffer

December 2, 2008

The 39 CLUES: In the Webcast Control Room

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If you’re a true Cahill, then I’m sure you already know that today was a big day for our family — The 39 Clues Book 2: One False Note hit stores this morning! Dan and Amy are off to Austria as they continue on their dangerous quest to discover the secret behind Cahill power. Could Mozart’s sheet music hold a key? You’ll just have to read the book to find out! (If you don’t have your copy yet, download the first chapter now.)

To celebrate the release of Book 2, Scholastic hosted a  big event yesterday: an internationally-broadcast live webcast with Gordon Korman, the author of One False Note. And he was interrogated — er, I mean, interviewed — by none other than actress Whoopi Goldberg! Turns out she’s a big fan of The 39 Clues series! If you missed the webcast, you can get the highlights from Carly H.

And while Carly was sitting in the audience, I was up in the control room. That’s right — I was manipulating the whole thing. Mwahahaha!

No, not really. Seriously, you think I have the technical know-how to run a webcast? Um, no.

There was one person manning the lights, one person controlling the audio, one person operating three different cameras and simultaneously editing together a live video, one person cueing up the video and the slides that were projected during the webcast, and one person monitoring the live online feed. And then there was little old me. What was I doing, you ask? Well, you know those polls that launched every once in a while during the webcast? Yeah, I was in charge of those.

Anyway, it was my first time in the Scholastic Auditorium’s control room, and I was totally psyched to be there — right in the thick of the action. To give you an idea of how fast-paced it was: before the webcast began, Colin, the head AV guy was like, “Karen, when the webcast starts, I’ll need you to be sitting down because I’ll be running around back here.” In other words: stay out of my way! And I was like, “Yes, sir!”

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

December 1, 2008

The 39 Clues Gordon Korman Webcast Highlights

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Hey, everyone! How awesome was that webcast? (So awesome!) Here’s what stood out to me — all exactly as I remember it:

  • Whoopi Goldberg thinks Grace Cahill’s hat is cute.
  • Gordon’s username on is GKAmadeus.
  • Gordon is a member of the Janus branch.
  • Gordon and his son are from different Cahill branches.
  • Gordon is scared of the Lucian branch because they’re sneaky spies.
  • Kids from over 100 countries have already joined the quest to discover the secret of the Cahill family’s power.
  • The clues are being kept top-secret. The clue for Book 2 was delivered to Gordon’s house in the middle of the night in an unmarked, black envelope. Gordon never saw the face of the person who delivered it. He’s not even sure the messenger was entirely human!
  • One of the special cards reveals that Hope Cahill, Amy and Dan’s mother, had a chip with one of the clues implanted in her arm.
  • Book 2 is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister.
  • Mozart loved potty humor. Once, when he quit his job, he told his old boss to use his contract for toilet paper.
  • Mozart’s sister, Nannerl, was just as musically talented as Mozart.
  • Despite being the most notorious musician of his age, Mozart died broke. What was he spending his money on? Gordon thinks he was searching for the 39 clues!
  • Since Mozart died poor, he was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave. To this day, no one knows where he was buried.
  • Gordon’s favorite character to write is Jonah Wizard because of his dialogue. Gordon thinks every character has a dialogue “fingerprint,” meaning that the way each character speaks is completely unique. Jonah’s boneheaded, teen mogul speech is Gordon’s favorite.
  • At the end, someone jumped on stage. It turned out to be Peter Lerangis, who is the author of Book 3. It’s coming out in March. The title of Book 3 is The Sword Thief. The cover is red, with swords and ninja stars!

What did I miss? What was your favorite part?

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

November 26, 2008

Gordon Korman Interview

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If you have read the first book in The 39 Clues series, then I know you are dying to read the second book, which comes out on December 2nd. The title is One False Note by Gordon Korman, and this book is so top-secret that I couldn’t even pull any strings to get an advance copy! No fair!

I did have the chance to interview Korman a couple of weeks ago, and I tried to get him to reveal some of the secrets! He didn’t give anything away, of course, but one thing he told me is that he loves it when kids write new stories based on his books. He actually said it was one of the best gifts he ever gets from kids.

So, now it’s your turn! Let Korman’s books be a springboard for your imagination and write your own story.

— Sonja, Editor

October 22, 2008

The 39 Clues Breaking News: Mission 1

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Attention all Cahills: Mission 1 has launched!

If you’re asking yourself, “Who are the Cahills?” then you better read my blog entry from September. There’s a chance that you belong to the most powerful family in history! The source of the Cahills’ power is scattered around the world in the form of 39 Clues, and the hunt is on to find them! In order to find the 39 Clues and become the most important Cahill of all, you need to read the exciting books, collect the top-secret Game Cards, and search for the Clues online!

Congratulations to those of you who’ve already read The Maze of Bones (the first book in the series) and found the first Clue! But that was just the beginning of your hunt. Now that you’ve read about Amy and Dan’s first adventure, the time has come for you to go on your own Clue-hunting mission. Anyone who found the secret information in The Maze of Bones and on the 39 Clues Game Cards will have noticed that there’s a BIG mystery surrounding the sinking of the Titanic. Mission 1 will send players off to uncover one of the biggest cover-ups in Cahill history and track down the next Clue!

Think you’re up to the challenge? Go to If you’ve already registered, simply log in to start your hunt. Otherwise, click the “Join Now” button to see if you’re a long-lost member of the Cahill family.

I’m really excited for 39 Clues fans to play the mission because it’ll explain a lot of the secrets in the The Maze of Bones and on the cards. I know many readers already have some theories about what’s going on, but I think they’re going to be really surprised by what they discover on the mission. That’s all I can reveal here; the rest is up to you!

Are you ready to embrace your destiny as one of the most powerful people on earth? The hunt is on!

— Mallory, Editorial Assistant for The 39 Clues

September 10, 2008

Rick Riordan in the House! (Part 2)

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As promised in yesterday’s blog entry, here is Part 2 of my report to mark the launch of Scholastic’s new series, The 39 Clues.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of my coverage of the special talk between Rick Riordan (author of the first 39 Clues book, The Maze of Bones) and David Levithan (executive editorial director and overall 39 Clues mastermind). Get ready for Rick’s Answers Revealed . . .

After introductions and thank yous, David asked Rick a bunch of questions about his experience working on the series and writing The Maze of Bones. My top three fave moments:

1. Benjamin Franklin history plays a critical role in the first book, so Rick revealed some Franklin fun facts:

  • “Benjamin Franklin basically invented Sudoku.”
  • “He one time electrified his front-yard fence as a joke on his friends.”
  • “He wrote an essay on farts — how could you not like the guy?”

2. Rick used to be a middle school teacher, so he explained that he always keeps his toughest critics in mind when he’s working on a new book: “I always imagine when I’m writing a book that I am reading it to my classroom. I try to put myself in 5th period after lunch.” I’m sure you’re always well-behaved and have no idea what he’s talking about, right?

3. When he mentioned that there’s an online game for The 39 Clues, Rick made a confession: “I’ll admit to being a game geek!” The crowd cheered.

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September 9, 2008

Rick Riordan in the House! (Part 1)

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Today is a very big day for Scholastic: The 39 Clues is finally here!

If you read last week’s entry about the upcoming series, The 39 Clues, then you know it’s going to be absolutely ground-breaking. For the full background scoop, watch this video interview with Rick Riordan, the author of the first book in the series, The Maze of Bones.

As you can see, The 39 Clues is not just a book series — it’s got game cards, an intricate online hunt, and (gasp!) prizes! And although Scholastic employees are not eligible to win (sigh), you can bet that everyone here is still really excited about today’s launch.

In fact, we’re all so hyped up about the series that over 130 of us squeezed into a conference room yesterday for a chance to meet Rick Riordan in person. (So many Scholastic employees wanted in on the action that the room hit maximum capacity and people were even turned away at the door!)

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September 4, 2008

The 39 Clues Sneak Peek!

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The 39 Clues is special for many reasons. It’s the first book series that uses collectible cards and an online game to tell an exciting story: the secrets of the Cahills. The Cahills are the most powerful family in the world, and their members include people like Abraham Lincoln, Annie Oakley, and Albert Einstein. The source of the family’s influence has been hidden around the world in the form of 39 clues, and a competition has been organized to find them. The winners will become the most powerful Cahills of all, no small feat when your ancestors include George Washington!

The books follow Amy Cahill, age 14, and Dan Cahill, age 11, as they travel the world, solving the most important puzzles in history as they hunt for the clues. I love that each of the 10 books will be written by a different author — the “dream team” approach to storytelling. We were incredibly lucky to have Rick Riordan write The Maze of Bones. It’s full of Rick’s signature humor and adventure.

The 39 Clues is much more than a series of fantastic books. It’s an interactive adventure that allows you to uncover the secrets of The 39 Clues. You can buy 39 Clues Card Packs which contain 16 cards full of information about the Cahills. There’s also a website where you can research the Cahills and hunt for the clues. You can check out our site now:

Working on The 39 Clues has been a blast. I’ve always loved history, and it’s been so much fun to include the strangest, wackiest aspects of it in The 39 Clues. Ever heard the phrase, “Truth is stranger than fiction”? Well, it’s true . . . and the Cahills were involved with it all! I can’t wait for all of you to read The Maze of Bones, check out the cards, and play on the website. Do you think you might also be part of the most powerful family in history? Go find out at!

For a special head start on your hunt for clues, you can read the first two chapters of The Maze of Bones now! Check it out (PDF)!

— Mallory, Editorial Assistant for The 39 Clues