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June 2, 2009

The 39 Clues Author, Jude Watson

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39clues_130Beyond the Grave hits stores today! Normally I’d love to be there, watching as readers scoop up copies of the book I wrote. Pretending to be just another fan, maybe opening up the cover and yelling, “Wow, this looks AWESOME! I’m going to BUY IT!”

Something low-key like that.

But not now. I can’t tell you where I am, but I can tell you that I’m not at a bookstore. Who knows who would be hanging around, waiting for me to show up?

Judewatson It all started a year ago at a top-secret meeting at the Scholastic offices. Korman, Lerangis, Watson. We sat at a table while our Scholastic editors invited us to join Rick Riordan in writing a brand-new series called The 39 Clues. We all signed on that day. Sounds like fun! we said. Can’t wait to get started! we said.

What the editors didn’t tell us was that we weren’t just authors. We were selected because we, too, were members of the Cahill family, even though we didn’t know it at the time. We were now Clue hunters as well. Before I knew it, I was knee-deep into the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

39clues4_big I can’t tell you everything that happened. That’s on a need-to-know basis. What I can tell you is that my calm, orderly life—the life of an ordinary writer in a small town—has been changed forever.

I’ve seen things and done things I never expected—just like Amy and Dan. So I’m just warning you—the hunt for the 39 Clues just might change you.

Stay tuned for further posts. Right now I have to change my location. The hunt for the Clues continues.

—Jude Watson, author of The 39 Clues Book Four: Beyond the Grave

Photo of Jude Watson © Paul LLewellyn

May 18, 2009

Author Jude Watson The 39 Clues Book 4

39clues4 Hello, Clue Hunters! The last time you heard from us, we were busy cracking codes with 39 Clues author Peter Lerangis as he traveled across the United States on The 39 Clues Double-Dealing Tour. Now we’re gearing up for the next adventure! Are you ready for the next book? Only a few more weeks until The 39 Clues Book 4: Beyond the Grave goes on sale!

What will happen to Amy and Dan in Egypt? What will be revealed? And what are they doing in a mummy’s tomb?!?

Watch this video from the author of Book 4, Jude Watson. She has a special message for you, followed by a sneak peek from Beyond the Grave.

— Whitney, The 39 Clues Team

April 22, 2009

Peter Lerangis unveils the next 39 Clues mission!

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39clues_book3_130Someone pinch me — is it really, truly over? Whew! I started The 39 Clues Double-Dealing tour on the day The Sword Thief came out — a blustery, wintry March 3rd. I just finished on Saturday, April 18, in the glorious outdoor Free Library Festival in Philadelphia, PA, under the bright sun and surrounded by cherry and pear blossoms! In between, I’ve jogged on the rocky Pacific Coast around San Francisco, chatted with students under palm trees in Los Angeles, been mobbed by happy kids at the most amazing school in San Diego, frozen my fingers in snowy Chicago, and walked the cobblestoned streets of Philadelphia. I met an aspiring writer on Long Island whose mom agreed to postpone vacation so she could attend a book store visit, been surprised by family and old friends everywhere from Connecticut to California, and heard more interesting personal stories than I could ever relate in this space. Altogether . . . 68 events! I’ve been astounded by the popularity of The 39 Clues coast-to-coast, and I’ve met some amazing fans whom I will remember the rest of my life.

Okay, the really important question is — did I find my clue? As you all know, I’ve been digging around in the New York City subway, meeting exotic agents hidden behind trees (and captured on film), and consorting with Russian operatives in dark Chicago alleys. I worked especially hard on my Chicago clue, and I want to thank all you readers who have helped me with it.

Today, I am posting my latest and final episode. Watch this one closely, because there’s an exciting announcement. I don’t want to spoil it, because it’s important to actually see the . . . oh, okay, IT’S ABOUT MISSION 3!

Fellow hunters, a clue is on the line. We are in this together, tour or no tour! As I go to work on another 39 Clues book, my deepest gratitude goes to the fans who have helped with the hunt, and especially to the thousands of awesome kids (and teachers, librarians, and booksellers!) whom I’ve met over the last month and a half. But our work is just beginning.
So goodbye for now, but I’ll see you all on the hunt!


Peter Lerangis, Author

April 6, 2009

News from Peter Lerangis on The 39 Clues Tour

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39clues_book3_130Well, everyone, the hunt is over. I have found all 39 Clues, hidden in very large fish that washed up on Lake Michigan. I win. See ya!

APRIL FOOL! (Worried there, weren’t you?)

Greetings from Chicago! I figure it’s time for an update on my tour promoting The Sword Thief — and the latest video episode in my clue search!

I am still nearly speechless over my visit to Los Angeles and Southern California. What a send-off I had — an entire day at a school where hundreds of kids gave me an Oscar-worthy entrance, all dressed up as characters from The 39 Clues! You can read about that (and see photos) here.

As for Chicago, well, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I lived here when I was an actor in a Broadway tour. This past Sunday, SNOW was on the ground when we arrived. Yup, flip-flops and palm trees one week, down coats and frozen fingers the next. Gives new meaning to THE DOUBLE-DEALING TOUR, huh?

At one point, we drove through a barrage of thick snowballs hurtling onto the street around us and realized we were in a hailstorm. Chicago is called the Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, and That Toddlin’ Town. Well, The 39 Clues has blown into the Windy City and shaken its shoulders. I’ve been to tons of schools and bookstores, had a TV interview, even spoken to a school group in which kids were bussed in from three different states!

The best news? I’ve made more progress on my hunt! Okay, as you saw in my Los Angeles post, I found my elusive code-cracking friend, Charisse Rachel Johnson. Just as I predicted, she solved the mystery of the San Francisco message. But the solution set up an impossible task for me — plus I received ANOTHER coded message from Janus headquarters by cell phone! Were you able to solve it? I was. And it led me to Chicago: a dark alley on Monroe Street under the elevated train, where I found an odd, rather frustrated Russian man dressed in disguise.

Find out about what happened in my new video blog. Can you figure out the code that’s vexing him?

Let me know. And I’ll see you later this month, in Philadelphia!

— Peter Lerangis, Author

March 29, 2009

Peter Lerangis 39 Clues Exclusive!

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130An update from author Peter Lerangis:

Hey, Splotters!

Well, I’m home for a few days before heading off to the Windy City (Chicago). I’m pretty winded myself, but in a good way. A GREAT way, actually. It’s been amazing to see the numbers of readers hooked on Amy and Dan’s search for The 39 Clues. I visited a LOT of school groups on the West Coast, and wherever I went, I met students and teachers who were fun and enthusiastic and full of good, sharp questions.

But nothing quite prepared me for Mr. Bentz, Ms. Campbell and the Skyline School in Solana Beach, CA.

This visit was scheduled last on the West Coast leg of The 39 Clues Double-Dealing Tour. Their energy and passion for The 39 Clues was impressive. Mr. Bentz had even integrated the books into the school’s curriculum. Well, we suspected they’d planned something for my visit last Friday morning, because when we called to say we were on our way, Mr. Bentz asked us to delay a bit while they “prepared.” Uh-oh.

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March 18, 2009

The 39 Clues Tour: Greetings From L.A.

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39clues_book3_130Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! I had an amazing time in the Bay Area (that’s San Francisco and vicinity, for all you non-Californians).

Whew. Dan and Amy’s quest is really going viral. Well, I talked about The 39 Clues EVERYWHERE — school visits, bookstores, conferences, radio and magazine interviews. I talked to thousands of kids of all clue-hunting persuasions — Janus, Tomas, Ekats, AND Lucians. I also went jogging along the Monterey Coast, had pizza with pineapple, and hung off the side of a cable car, screaming “BEWARE THE MADRIGALS!,” to the chagrin of the driver (an Ekat!).

But I never EVER forgot about my top-secret diamond hunt. And I have some good news about that! I did reach my code-cracking-expert friend, a former government official who is now a Janus operative. For security, she operates in very mysterious ways — but I managed to locate her people and hand over the coded telegram found by my jeweler friend, Rupert, in San Francisco. Watch the video blog VERY carefully — but before you do, make sure you have a pen or pencil in hand!

Aggh! The further I get, the more questions I find! What do YOU think? Can you help me, before I get to Chicago? I hope to get a little closer there, and then it will be off to Philadelphia.

I’ll report back to you from Chicago in a few days. In the meantime, if you want to sharpen your clue-hunting skills, try playing the game LAB RAT at The 39 Clues headquarters on THE STACKS!

See you in the Windy City!

Peter Lerangis, Author

March 14, 2009

Hot Lead from author Peter Lerangis

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39clues_book3_130Peter Lerangis is sooooooo busy with his diamond hunt AND book tour that he asked me to post his latest video blog for him. Peter flew all the way from New York to San Francisco to continue his diamond hunt (and to meet 39 Clues fans on his book tour, of course!).

Check out the latest video that Peter filmed during The 39 Clues Double-Dealing Tour. Peter received another hot lead that he wants to share with you. Make sure you pay close attention to the code that he shows at the end of the video. Can you crack the code before Peter does?

The next video blog will be coming to you next week from Los Angeles, where Peter knows an expert code-cracker!

Good luck on your hunt!

—Whitney, The 39 Clues Team

March 3, 2009

The 39 Clues Double-Dealing Tour

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39clues_book3_130I’m not used to double-dealing. But that’s all changed.

As you probably know, today is the debut of The 39 Clues #3: The Sword Thief, by yours truly. Now, when I agreed to write this, I didn’t know what it would do to my life. And now that I’m leaving on a coast-to-coast tour to promote The Sword Thief, I have a confession.

I’m obsessed. With clues.

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a book, not an obsession. I’m supposed to understand the difference between life and fiction, right? Well, while I’m visiting schools and bookstores, signing books and meeting fans in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia having fancy black-tie dinners with heads of state (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating that last part), I’ll also be on my own secret hunt.

You see, there’s a rumor about a clue hidden with a famous diamond. And I’m after it.

This diamond is not a mere multi-thousand-dollar trinket, but one of the most valuable stones ever known. In fact, I’m bringing along a tiny videocamera to record my hunt. And some of my pals on the Scholastic blog team (whom I have promised not to name) have agreed to post these video blogs!

This is my first post — the hunt begins in my hometown, New York City. Watch carefully. Each week I promise to report on any hot tips I find. Oh, one thing — please, if you plan to meet me during the tour, don’t tell anyone about my secret, OK? And check once a week for my video blogs. You never know when they’ll be taken down. The Lucians are all around us.


Peter Lerangis

January 23, 2009

Peter Lerangis

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Peterlerangis_130Seems like just yesterday that everyone here at The STACKS was getting really excited about the launch of the first 39 Clues book, and now we’re only about a month away from the release of The Sword Thief (Book 3). Early reports indicate that it’s just as good as the first two. The blend of action, adventure, history, and humor is still there, so I tho39clues3ught this would be a good opportunity to introduce you to its author: none other than Mr. Peter Lerangis.

Peter has written more than 150 books in a wide variety of genres. A small sampling: SmilersboneSmiler’s Bones, the Drama Club series, the Spy X series, the Watchers series, the Abracadabra series, the Antarctica series, and novelizations of movies like The Sixth Sense and Beauty and the Beast. He went to Harvard, where he graduated with a degree in Nuclear Rocket Brain Surgery or something insane like that. And he spent eight years in New York working in musical theater before turning to writing. We are looking at a man with way too much talent for one person to have. He also sang a cappella
at Harvard in the Krokodiloes.

SpyxI’m really wondering where he gets the brainpower to do all that stuff and write novels on top of it. But I guess that’s the kind of guy you want writing your books, right? I have a feeling that we 39 Clues fans are in good hands. Can’t wait to find out the identity of the mysterious warrior Dan and Amy are tracking . . .

Till next time, Splotters!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer