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April 8, 2010

39 Clues LIVE CHAT with Gordon Korman

39clues_130 The 39 Clues Book #8: The Emperor’s Code is here, and time is running out to read it before our live chat with the author, Gordon Korman!

WHO: Gordon Korman, author of The 39 Clues Book #2: One False Note and Book #8: The Emperor’s Code
WHEN: Thursday April 8, 2010 6-7 p.m. ET (3-4 p.m. PT)
TOPIC: The 39 Clues!

And if you don’t have Book 8 yet, here is a video preview from Gordon Korman.

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— STACKS Staffers

This chat already happened, but you can enjoy reading the transcript.

February 4, 2010

The 39 Clues Book #7

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39clues_130 Good news for fans of The 39 Clues! Book #7: The Viper’s Nest is out! I haven’t read it yet, so you don’t have to worry about me giving away any spoilers. But I do have some treats for you from The 39 Clues website. First the summary:

Shaken by a shocking loss, Amy and Dan flee to an exotic land and trace the footsteps of their most formidable ancestor yet: a military leader of mythic proportions. Yet just as the siblings begin to master the art of ancient warfare, they confront a dangerous enemy — the truth. With the stakes higher than ever, Amy and Dan uncover a devastating secret about the Cahill family that changes everything.

Now check out the video sneak peek read by the author, Peter Lerangis.

What do you think? Let me know in the Comments.

Oh, and the wait for Book #8 is not too long. I can’t tell you the title, but I can tell you the author: Gordon Korman (who also wrote Book# 2: One False Note), and the release date is April 6, 2010!

Sonja, STACKS Staffer

November 18, 2009

Create Your Own Agent Card for THE 39 CLUES

39clues_130 Thanks to all the fans of The 39 Clues, and congratulations on being top-level Clue-hunters! World domination doesn’t come easy, does it? That’s one of the first lessons Amy and Dan learn.

You may not have all 39 Clues yet, but you can still showcase your Clue-hunting prowess by designing your very own agent card on Check out my card right here.

39 Clues - Gordon's agent card
First you have to create a Cahill alias. That’s me – Desert Squall1. Then it’s time to show off your skills.

There are tons of cool images to add to your card – background designs, animals, weapons, characters from the series, etc. And of course, a little bragging never hurts. You get to display all your Clue-hunting accomplishments. But the coolest part is this: your card will have a unique code. So when you send the code to your friends (and rivals?!) your card will be added to their card galleries. My code is P2DTMN4WXP.

Risky? Perhaps. There’s no guarantee that your card won’t fall into Madrigal hands. But let’s face it – no guts, no glory. The Clue hunt is no place for wimps.

So when you create your agent card, rest assured I’ll be watching. The bigger question is: Who else will be?

See you on the hunt! And if you haven’t joined the hunt for the Clues yet, it’s never too late to join!

— The 39 Clues Author, Gordon Korman (aka Desert Squall1, Card Code: P2DTMN4WXP)

November 2, 2009

The 39 Clues Alternate Title Writing Prompt

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39clues_130 If you have been reading the books, playing the game, and collecting the clues, then you probably know a lot more clues than I do. I have only read the books (1-5 so far) so I only know the first five clues.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet gotten the first five clues, then don’t read any more of this blog post! I’m about to give them away!

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September 24, 2009

The Making of The 39 Clues™ App!

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I’m Sam, producer of The 39 Clues Madrigal Maze App for the iPhone™ or iPod touch®! We know a lot of Ink Splot 26 readers who are 39 Clues fans so this blog will give you a sneak peek into the new app. When we started working on The 39 Clues app, we knew we wanted to tell a different side of The 39 Clues story. If you read the books, you know about the Madrigals — the shadowy group that thwarts the Cahills in their search for the clues. But what is it like to actually be a Madrigal? Our app explores the idea of becoming part of this secret organization.

The app puts you through a recruitment test to become a Madrigal. As you’d expect, it’s not easy. You get locked inside a labyrinthine Aztec pyramid and have to survive all kinds of perils in order to get out. The game is a test of wits and strategy as you attempt to successfully navigate a series of 39 mazes inside the pyramid. As you progress, each maze gets more challenging.

We wanted a combination of pulse-pounding action and brain-teasing puzzles, just like the books. You know how Amy and Dan are racing speedboats through the canals of Venice one minute, then solving an elaborate puzzle the next? Our game has the same feel. On one level you’re weaving through a pack of guard dogs, and on the next, you’re figuring out the right path that won’t trigger deadly boulder traps in the maze. You’ll have to be very quick and very smart to make it all the way through. Some mazes even have time limits on top of all these obstacles.

Level 23

But how hard is too hard? When the game was almost done, we tested it with kids and adults and adjusted a lot of the levels. We wanted to make sure that the early and middle levels were fun and not too hard for the casual gamer. We won’t lie to you, though – some of the final levels are very tough. We’ll be interested to see how many players make it all the way through!

Level 33

The final ingredient of any great 39 Clues story is secrecy, and we worked with the books’ editors to work in some good secrets. If you make it to a certain level of the game, you’ll unlock a secret Madrigal Encryption Key on We don’t want to say too much, but if you’re interested in the Madrigals, you’ll definitely want to get that Key before you finish the game!

— Sam, Scholastic Interactive Staffer

August 27, 2009

STACKS Kids Chat: The 39 Clues with Patrick Carman

Patrick_Carman_ChatLive Chat Transcript
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Special Guest: Patrick Carman
6-7 P.M. (ET)

_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We will start posting your questions in just a few minutes.
_Dewdrop208_: Hi you guys!
_alboztomboy_: hey this is my first
__Lucian__: 39 Clues!
__Lucian__: Thanks moderators for moderating us. Continue reading
August 26, 2009

LIVE CHAT! The 39 Clues Author Patrick Carman

39clues_130Breaking News about The 39 Clues — the next live chat will be with Patrick Carman, author of Book 5: The Black Circle!

WHEN: Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 6-7 p.m. ET
TOPIC: The 39 Clues!

The worldwide hunt continues. And to celebrate August’s release of Book 5, we’ll have the author of that book, Patrick Carman, as a special guest! Join in the chat to get the latest intelligence on Amy and Dan’s quest to unlock the most powerful secret the world has ever known. Who knows what Clue leads will be revealed!

And if you’re new to the race for The 39 Clues, it’s never too late to join the hunt!

—STACKS Staffers

UPDATE: 8/31 Check out the transcript here, and find out where Book 6 will take place!

August 11, 2009

The 39 Clues Book 5 Is Here!

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39clues5_130 Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another wild ride because The 39
Clues Book 5 is finally here! Everything about this book has been top secret, from Amy and Dan’s next destination (I’m not telling. You have to read the book!) to the book cover itself. THAT at least I can show you. In fact, here is the author Patrick Carman himself posing with his copy.

Patrick Carman reveals final cover of The 39 Clues #5_The Black Circle

And speaking of Patrick Carman, don’t miss the live chat with him here at the STACKS talking about The 39 Clues. Who knows what Clue leads will be revealed!

— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

June 24, 2009

Writing The 39 Clues: A Jude Watson Exclusive

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39clues_130People always ask me if I have a writing routine. I do — every morning I get up right before sunrise, and I go right to the computer. It’s dark and quiet. Even the birds are still asleep. I like the feeling that I’m the only one awake in the whole world.

Until The 39 Clues came along, that is. Didn’t I mention in my previous blog entry that things got complicated?

It happened like this: I grabbed a mug of tea, like I always do. Opened the file marked “39 CLUES #4.” Stared at what I’d written so far after a grueling day of work the day before:


Brilliant, right?

That morning, I thought I heard a footstep outside. I held my breath. No, just the leaves skittering on the porch, I told myself. We’d been warned by our editors to be careful, but there was no need to get spooked. I started to type.

If Amy Cahill had to list what was wrong with eleven-year-old brothers, their habit of disappearing would be . . .

Another noise. Definitely not leaves on the porch this time. Definitely . . . footsteps.
I got up and went to the front hallway. Slowly, something was being pushed under the frame of the door.

Judewatson I bent down and picked up a plain brown envelope.



No return address.

I flung open the door. The porch was empty. I stepped out. Nobody there. Nobody on the street, nobody walking away. Spooky.

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June 2, 2009

The 39 Clues Author, Jude Watson

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39clues_130Beyond the Grave hits stores today! Normally I’d love to be there, watching as readers scoop up copies of the book I wrote. Pretending to be just another fan, maybe opening up the cover and yelling, “Wow, this looks AWESOME! I’m going to BUY IT!”

Something low-key like that.

But not now. I can’t tell you where I am, but I can tell you that I’m not at a bookstore. Who knows who would be hanging around, waiting for me to show up?

Judewatson It all started a year ago at a top-secret meeting at the Scholastic offices. Korman, Lerangis, Watson. We sat at a table while our Scholastic editors invited us to join Rick Riordan in writing a brand-new series called The 39 Clues. We all signed on that day. Sounds like fun! we said. Can’t wait to get started! we said.

What the editors didn’t tell us was that we weren’t just authors. We were selected because we, too, were members of the Cahill family, even though we didn’t know it at the time. We were now Clue hunters as well. Before I knew it, I was knee-deep into the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

39clues4_big I can’t tell you everything that happened. That’s on a need-to-know basis. What I can tell you is that my calm, orderly life—the life of an ordinary writer in a small town—has been changed forever.

I’ve seen things and done things I never expected—just like Amy and Dan. So I’m just warning you—the hunt for the 39 Clues just might change you.

Stay tuned for further posts. Right now I have to change my location. The hunt for the Clues continues.

—Jude Watson, author of The 39 Clues Book Four: Beyond the Grave

Photo of Jude Watson © Paul LLewellyn