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April 6, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: The 39 Clues Medusa Plot

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SneakPeek The 39 Clues Book 11, Vespers Rising is out in bookstores now, so it's already a great week, but there's more! We also have for you a SNEAK PEEK of the next 39 Clues book:

The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot by Gordon Korman Medusa  

After the mysterious Vespers kidnap Cahills around the globe, they order Amy and Dan to steal a priceless painting in exchange for the hostages. The siblings rush to Italy to execute a heist that rivals the most famous art thefts in history. There's just one problem — the painting they steal is a fake. With the clock ticking, Amy and Dan have to track down the real painting before one of Cahill hostages pays the ultimate price. But Dan and Amy can't stop the Vespers alone.

Read the Prologue.

Nice, huh? Leave a Comment telling us what you think of the new book so far.

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December 8, 2010

Book Club: The Black Book of Buried Secrets

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StacksBookClub Hi! Welcome to THE STACKS Book Club where every month we all read the same book together. Here’s how it works. I’ll write the blog post here announcing this month’s book, why I chose it, and a question that I am interested in. You participate by writing what you think in the Comments below. Anyone can join!

This month’s book is: The 39 Clues: The Black Book of Buried Secrets Black_book

Why I chose this book: The 39 Clues: Vespers Rising is coming out in April, and I want to be caught up on all the  top secret information from the four branches. This book will reveal secrets that you wouldn’t know just from reading the first ten 39 Clues books.

Question to Discuss: Rumors have been swirling for years about an arch enemy. Many believe it is just a myth, but there are those who have seen proof and know that the arch enemy is, in fact, very real and incredibly dangerous. Who do YOU think the arch enemy is?

Now, read the book. Then add your thoughts/questions/rants/random musings in the Comments.

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October 7, 2010

Meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Into the Gauntlet

Hi everyone! It seems like ten years ago that I interviewed Margaret Peterson Haddix for THE STACKS. You all helped me prepare for the interview by giving me some awesome questions! Sadly, I couldn’t ask them all. It was really tough to choose only one of your questions, but the final question I chose was submitted by marytonga, who asked:

7191129face If you could meet ANY Cahill, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Margaret was really impressed with that question and I think she had fun answering it.

She is super, super nice and fun, and after the interview, she even autographed 2 copies of Into the Gauntlet for me.

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September 23, 2010

The 39 Clues NEW SERIES!

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The 39 Clues News

You asked for more, and Scholastic listened.
The 39 Clues series ended with Book 10: Into the Gauntlet (August 31, 2010) by Margaret Peterson Haddix. However, on October 26, 2010, you can also get The 39 Clues: The Black Book of Buried Secrets, the ultimate guidebook to the world of The 39 Clues.

But that’s not all. . .

VESPERS RISINGOn April 5, 2011, Scholastic brings you Book 11: Vespers Rising, written by 4 authors: Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, and Jude Watson. PLUS, an all-new series, The 39 Clues Part 2: Cahills vs. Vespers, will launch in August and continue with six books written by a team of superstar authors, including Gordon Korman (The Medusa Plot, August 2011), Jude Watson (A King’s Ransom, December 2011), Peter Lerangis (March 2012), Roland Smith (August 2012), and Linda Sue Park (December 2012). The final book in the series (Day of Doom), written by David Baldacci, will be published in March 2013.

What will the new series be about?
Within the world of The 39 Clues, the Cahills are the most powerful family the world has ever known, secretly dominating every area of human endeavor over the past 500 years. The source of their power has been lost, hidden in 39 Clues scattered around the world. In The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, the Cahills discover they’re not the only ones who have been searching for the Clues. The Vespers, a ruthless cabal lurking in the shadows for their turn to stomp across the world stage, have also been hunting for the source of ultimate power. The Cahill family must unite to protect the Clues, and the world, against the Vespers, who have sinister plans darker than the Cahills could ever imagine, dating back to the mysteries of ancient times.

Will there be a 39 Clues movie?
Possibly. . . Movie rights for The 39 Clues have been acquired by DreamWorks Studios with Steven Spielberg eyeing to direct. We’ll keep you posted.

August 16, 2010

Ask an Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Hi guys! I have AMAZING news!! Margaret Peterson Haddix will be coming to Scholastic and I will have a chance to interview her for THE STACKS!!!!!!!! Do I have the best job ever, or what? Yes, I do, but stay with me here, because I need your help.

If you have read Margaret Peterson Haddix’s books, then you understand why I’m so excited. They are AWESOME! If you haven’t read them yet, you should definitely check them out. They are un-put-down-able action-filled page-turners. Read our reviews of Running Out of Time, and Found to see what I mean.

Continue reading

June 1, 2010

The 39 Clues Word Scramble Answers

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39clues9Congratulations to GNOLetsgo1 for being the first to correctly unscramble last week’s 39 Clues Quiz! How did the rest of you do?

  1. Trekaaein
  2. Nhjao Adizrw
    Jonah Wizard
  3. Bcssataom
  4. Gmdiralsa
  5. Aohiltnm Ohtl
    Hamilton Holt
  6. Nirai Ksspya
    Irina Spasky
  7. Cluina
  8. Amn ni Cbakl
    Man in Black
  9. Nsldiaa
  10. Tino eht Ttganleu
    Into the Gauntlet

And thanks to percyj99 for giving us some new word scrambles! Try this out:

  1. ecpry asjkonc nda eth siopmalny teh altetb fo hte bhliath
  2. yrarh otpetr nad eht rored fo hte xhepnoi
  3. eht yhitrt enin slcue teh eamz fo soben
  4. srtmaie lowf het eimt xpaardo
  5. ctantfsai sbetsa dna ehwer ot dinf mteh
  6. setehr a yob ni eth sgrli mobatroh
  7. hrlacei dan teh colcaoet yfracot
  8. espredfguu
  9. kbcla yebatu
  10. mrfo eht xdmie pu sfiel fo srm lasbi e kfeaerirwn

P.S. These are all books. Have fun!

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May 25, 2010

The 39 Clues Book 9: Storm Warning

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39clues9 The 39 Clues Book 9: Storm Warning is available today! I am actually holding the book in my hand as I type this, and I have to say, the cover is beautiful. This tiny picture on the blog can’t possibly do it justice. You have to go to see it for yourself. They are revamping The 39 Clues website too with some fun new features. Definitely check out the new clue map.

Since it’s Tuesday and we always do trivia on Tuesdays, how about a 39 Clues word scramble? Try to unscramble these words from the series and leave your answers in the Comments.

  1. Trekaaein
  2. Nhjao Adizrw
  3. Bcssataom
  4. Gmdiralsa
  5. Aohiltnm Ohtl
  6. Nirai Ksspya
  7. Cluina
  8. Amn ni Cbakl
  9. Nsldiaa
  10. Tino eht Ttganleu

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April 28, 2010

STACKS Kids Chat: Gordon Korman


_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi everyone! Welcome to the chat! It’s so great to see so many people here!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We will be introducing Gordan Korman in about 10 minutes!
_HeroineHiding_: Woo-hoo! When is the chat going to start already?
_qzwxqzwx13_: hi
_tomasrocks534_: HI GORDON!! Continue reading