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July 30, 2013

City Personality Quiz Results

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trivia_quiz2City Personality Quiz Results

Last week, we gave you a City Personality Quiz to find out which city you should live in when you grow up. Are you ready for your results? Count up your answers and read on. . . .

Saddle up, partner; the city you should live in is Dallas, Texas! You’re a down home country guy or gal, and while you like having a city near you, you also enjoy a small town feel. The comfort food, lifestyle, and entertainment of Texas will put you at ease. Head on down to the rodeo, or take in a football game, then BBQ with family. People who live in Texas take pride in their state, which is maybe why they say, “Don’t mess with Texas.”

You should live in sunny Los Angeles, California! A beach guy or gal at heart, you love being in the sun and close to the ocean. Your style is casual and trendy, but part of you also has an aim for fame! You like to celebrity-watch, and who knows? Maybe one day you will even become a celebrity yourself! Los Angeles is the perfect place to go on all those auditions and try to live your dreams.

Start spreadin’ the news; the city you should live in is the Big Apple, New York City!
You love being where the action is with a cool job, all different types of people, and non-stop entertainment. Since you love a busy pace and don’t mind crowds, America’s biggest city is the place you want to be. You will love all the different experiences from riding the subway to work, to taking in a Broadway show, to eating hot dogs on Coney Island.

Fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for takeoff to London, England! With its rich history and hip, current day atmosphere, England is the place to be. Ride a double-decker bus over the Thames River and past Buckingham Palace on your way to meet your mates for tea. Watch the changing of the guard, or visit Charles Dickens’ grave at Westminster Abbey. Study at Oxford University, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. At the end of the day, retire to your flat in Notting Hill, and phone back home to America where it will still be the afternoon (since England is 5 hours ahead of the East Coast, and 8 hours ahead of the West Coast!). Cheers!

“Ni hao,” will be your greeting each day because the city you should live in is Shanghai, China! A rich, exotic world where the old meets new, Shanghai is the place for you. Slurp noodles with your friends as you sit by the Bund, or the famous waterfront area to hang out and shop in. Ride your bicycle or motor scooter through the crowds to navigate to school. Take a ride outside of town to a peaceful Buddhist temple for some Zen time. See an acrobatic show, or get lost wandering the Yu Yuan Gardens. And if you miss home, don’t worry; Disneyland Shanghai is set to open in 2015!

What do you think? Can you see yourself in this city? Leave a Comment!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

July 23, 2013

City Personality Quiz

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trivia_quiz2City Personality Quiz

Have you ever played the M.A.S.H. game that randomly guesses your future spouse, your future profession, and your future home (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House)? Well today’s Personality Quiz will tell you what world city you belong in. Answer these questions to predict where you should live when you grow up.

  1. For your birthday, you’d like to go to a: A) rodeo! B) beach, baby! C) Broadway show. D) tea with the queen. E) exotic restaurant.
  2. Your lifestyle pace is: A) slow. You like to take your time and enjoy the simple things in life. B) luxurious and trendy. You like to live in style and look good at all times! C) fast! You like to always be going somewhere or doing something. You get bored easily. D) scheduled. You like to know what’s on your schedule so you can properly prepare. Otherwise, you get stressed out. E) in between. You are passionate about certain things, but other times you just like to kick back and relax with family and friends.
  3. What famous landmark appeals to you the most? A) the Alamo. B) the Hollywood sign. C) the Statue of Liberty. D) Buckingham Palace. E) the Great Wall of China.
  4. What type of food do you like to eat? A) Steak! B) It has to be healthy, and usually has avocados on it! C) You eat something different every day from salads to burgers to Ethiopian! D) You love traditional meat and potatoes, but you also like to spice things up with curry sometimes. E) Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, anything with rice!
  5. Your favorite outfit is: A) jeans and cowboy boots. B) anything beachy like shorts, tanks, flip-flops. C) kind of edgy like a graphic T and ankle boots.  D) preppy and sophisticated like khakis and a collared shirt. E) something comfy. You don’t like your clothes to scream, “Trendy!!”
  6. Where do you want to go to college? A) a college close to home, preferably with a great football team. B) somewhere sunny and fun where it feels like you’re on vacation. C) a diverse college with lots to offer, and unique people to meet. D) a prestigious Ivy League university. E) abroad, so you can experience a different part of the world.
  7. On the weekend you like to: A) be outside, preferably around animals. B) Relax with your family. You wish there were 5 days of weekend instead of the other way around! C) be busy! You’ve got playdates, games, practices, classes, and rehearsal. You never stop going. D) forget the world and read a good book, or even get a jump on schoolwork for the next week. E) ride your bike, go roller skating, or just hang out in the neighborhood.
  8. In your opinion, there is no such thing as being too _______. A) relaxed. B) popular. C) busy. D) smart. E) traditional.
  9. When you grow up, you will be a famous: A) cowboy. You were born to rule the wild west! B) singer or actor. You want to see your name in lights! C) corporate tycoon! You want to be so rich, you could own a piece of the city! D) royal. A prince, princess . . . or even a knight would do. E) athlete like a gymnast or basketball player. You’ve been training since you were 3.
  10. How do you feel about crowds? A) Don’t like them at all. B) If it’s for an amazing celebrity, then it’s ok. C) Love ‘em! The more different kinds of people, the better! D) You like them up to a point, but you like your alone time, too. E) You don’t mind a large crown of familiar faces.

Click here for your results!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

July 2, 2013

Amusement Park Personality Quiz Results

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trivia_quiz2Amusement Park Personality Quiz Results

In last week’s Amusement Park Personality Quiz, we asked you a bunch of questions to find out which amusement park you are most like. Count up your answers and get ready for the ride of your life . . . literally.

Both hands up! You are a risk-taker and adventure seeker like the perfect roller coaster. You seek out thrills and don’t get scared easily. You love meeting new people, trying new foods, going new places. You are an ambitious go-getter and don’t let anything stand in your way. However, you get bored easily. Sometimes you don’t give people a chance if you think they are not exciting enough. So make sure you slow down and take time to smell the roses. Talk to that classmate you think might be boring. She could turn out to be your new BFF!

Boo! You’re not scared. You are a happy-go-lucky free spirit, and don’t take things too seriously. You love to have fun with friends and family, and enjoy all the little things like a good belly laugh, or going out to eat with your family. You are up for anything, and your friends look to you to cheer them up when they are down. You always seem to know how to make them feel better. Your motto is “Like the things you do, and do the things you like.” Because life should be fun!

All aboard! You are a play-it-safe, but still fun-loving merry-go-round. You would rather hang out a little closer to the ground, rather than fly top speed on a roller coaster. You like things that are familiar, and are close with family and friends. You are great with little kids, and you would be a great teacher or parent one day. You are the voice of reason among your friends, and they always ask your opinion on the important things. Just remember to take a risk now and then because like the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

You are a big-picture person, and like to see the view from the top, just like on a Ferris wheel. You are a natural leader. You may enjoy auditioning for the lead in the school play, or running for class President. Your friends follow your ideas a lot, and respect you as a person. You are a good problem solver, and try to be fair to everyone. You would love to travel around the world someday. In the meantime, you make a big difference in your own community by recycling, donating time and resources to charities, and speaking out about things you believe in. You believe you can make a difference, and you DO!

Is this you? Tell us YOUR favorite amusement park ride in the Comments!

–Ratha, STACKS Writer

June 25, 2013

Amusement Park Personality Quiz

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trivia_quiz2Amusement Park Personality Quiz

Now that it’s summer, our minds are on fun! Take this personalty quiz to find out the answer to the age-old question: What Amusement Park Ride Are You?

  1. You just won $1 million! You would:A) invest it in the stock market. Risky, but you might make more money! B) buy a sports car and mansion. C)put it in the bank, safe and sound. D) save for college and donate to a charity.
  2. Movie you like best:A) Oz the Great and Powerful. B) Hotel Transylvania. C) Wreck it Ralph. D) Soul Surfer.
  3. You’d love to go on vacation to:A) Costa Rica. Rainforests, ziplines & surfing! B) Disney World! All around awesome time. C) The Caribbean. Nothing beats a relaxing beach. D) Around the world! You want to experience as many cultures as you can.
  4. Among your friends you are considered the:A) Daredevil B) Class Clown C) Voice of Reason. D) Leader.
  5. Once day your car will be a:A) Space ship. B) Monster truck. C) Mini-van. D) BMW.
  6. Which is your favorite app?A) Temple Run 2 – run, jump, slide, watch out for flying monkeys! B) Minecraft – you’re not scared of those monsters. C) Candy Crush – as addictive as real candy, but better for your teeth! D) Angry Birds – you’d be angry too, if those Bad Piggies stole your eggs.
  7. On Halloween, your favorite thing to do is:A) trick or treat! B) walk through a cemetery at night. C) give out candy from the safety of your own house. D) throw a blowout Halloween party.
  8. It would be cool to marry:A) a racecar driver. B) a Hollywood movie star. C) a banker. D) the President of the United States.
  9. Song you can’t get out of your head:A) “Girl on Fire” – so inspirational. B) “Gangnam Style” – you love to go crazy. C) “Call Me Maybe” – catchy, catchy, catchy! D) “Some Nights” – just plain FUN.
  10. New food you’d be most likely to try:A) Eels – you’ve heard they taste like spaghetti …except slimier! B) Eggplant Parmesan – you like chicken parmesan, so why not? C) Fried Snickers Bars – not exactly healthy, but anything fried is always kind of delish. D) Falafel – a taste of the middle east!

Click here to find out your amusement park ride personality!

–Ratha, STACKS Writer

March 5, 2013

Fictional BFF Personality Quiz

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Trivia_quiz1Personality Quiz: Who Is Your Fictional BFF?

You know when you read a good book, the characters start to feel like your friends, and you wish they could actually, like, go to your school and come to your birthday party? Yeah, me too. So this quiz will help you determine which fictional book character would be your Best Friend Forever. Answer the following questions to find your fictional BFF.

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