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December 20, 2013

Christmas Elf Name Generator

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christmascookiesWhat’s Your Christmas Elf Name?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as one of Santa’s elves making toys at the North Pole? What would your elf name be? Use this Name Generator to create your very own elf name.

Find the first initial of your first name in the list below. That word is your first Elf Name. Then look at the list of months below and find the month of your birthday. That word is your last Elf Name.

So if your name starts with an “S” and you were born in September, your name would be Tiny Pointy-Ears! Tee hee! Continue reading

December 17, 2013

Time Period Personality Quiz Results

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trivia_quiz2Personality Quiz: What time period do you belong in?

Last week, we asked you a bunch of questions to find out which time period you should have been born in. Count up your answers and get ready to travel through time to your true destiny! Behold the results of your Time Period Personality Quiz.

You should have been born in Ancient Egypt! Starting around 3000 BCE, you would have lived in the land of pharaohs and pyramids. You could float down the Nile River and carve your stories in hieroglyphics. When you’re feeling hungry, you could go fishing or snack on dates and honey. You might have rubbed shoulders with King Tut or Cleopatra. If you were wealthy, when you died, your body would be mummified. A good career for you might be an archaeologist or professor of Classical Studies!

You should have been born in Medieval times. This time in history spanned from the 5th – 15th centuries CE across Europe. Some people call it the Middle Ages. It was a time of chaos, but also chivalry. Barbarians attacked; rulers were overthrown, and knights developed their code of honor. A system of feudalism developed where peasants farmed the land for the rich lords. You might wear your armor to a royal jousting tournament, and then relax with a fancy dinner of exotic pigeon or peacock, or more everyday fare like meat and potatoes. You’d eat with your hands, and then throw the scraps to the floor for the dogs. Yum!

You should have been born during the Renaissance. During the 14th – 16th centuries, it was an amazing time for art and culture. You might have gone to church at an enormous European cathedral. You might have seen Michelangelo painting the roof of the Sistine Chapel, or Leonardo Da Vinci working on his famous “Mona Lisa” painting. Or you might have read sonnets while floating down the waterways of Venice. Perhaps you were even lucky enough to attend an opera, and then feast on a light dinner of pasta, fruit, and goat cheese. Perhaps one day you will make your way to Italy to see where it all began. Ciao!

You should have been born during American colonial times. In July of 1776, the 13 American colonies declared independence from England. Obviously, England was not too happy with that, so the Revolutionary War began! You might have watched the founding fathers sign the Declaration of Independence or create the U.S. Constitution. You may have bumped into the first famous Americans like George Washington, or Benjamin Franklin, or Alexander Hamilton. Hopefully you don’t mind itchy white wigs though – that was the style!

Your time is in the future! You would fit right in a futuristic society. Your day might consist of checking your iDevice for your schedule, and jumping into your flying spacecar for a day of fun or work. You and your BFF might zoom around the galaxy, or play laser tag jumping from building to building. When you get hungry, you could press a button from your automatic food machine and – presto – spaghetti and meatballs appear. So enjoy this time, and know your FUTURE is bright!

What do you think? What time period would YOU love to live in? Tell us in the Comments.

–Ratha, STACKS Writer

December 10, 2013

Time Period Personality Quiz

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trivia_quiz2Personality Quiz: What time period should you have been born in?

Have you ever thought that you might have been born in the wrong era? Take our Time Period Personality Quiz today to find out your true time period personality.

  1. You want to go on vacation to . . . A) the pyramids of Egypt. Exploring tombs and cozying up to mummies is just your style. B) backpack across Europe. C) Italy. Explore the Colosseum, lean on the Tower of Pisa, gaze at the Sistine Chapel, and float along the waterways of Venice. D) road trip across the United States. E) Are you kidding? Just park the video game truck in my backyard for a week, and I’m good to go!
  2. If you could have a wig you’d have . . . A) a jeweled headpiece. B) a metal helmet. C) a long braid like Rapunzel. D) perfect shoulder-length curls. E) a green Mohawk.
  3. What’s your clothing style? A) The less the better; you’re always sweating. B) Relaxed & comfy. C) Dressy & formal. D) Preppy & all-American. E) Edgy & fashion-forward.
  4. You’d rather do a school report on . . . A) King Tutankhamen. B) Vlad Dracula. C) Michelangelo. D) Ben Franklin. E) Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computers.
  5. You and your friends are into . . . A) mystery, books, and discovering hidden secrets. B) sports, hiking, and being outdoors. C) shopping, dance, art, and music. D) helping people and contributing to good causes. E) robotics and tech-y stuff.
  6. Which quote appeals most to you? A) “Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King.” B) “Use strength in the service of justice, but tempered by humanity and mercy.” C) “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” D) “Give me liberty or give me death!” E) “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”
  7. Pick a movie! A) The Mummy (rated PG-13) B) The Princess Bride (rated PG) C) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (rated G) D) Pocahontas (rated G) E) Star Wars (rated PG)
  8. You’d like to travel by . . . A) majestic river cruise. B) There’s no place your feet can’t get you! C) sailboat. D) horseback. E) spaceship.
  9. Your last meal on earth would be . . . A) falafel, chickpeas, something flavorful. B) steak and boiled potatoes. C) pizza with all the toppings you want! D) turkey and stuffing, a nice Thanksgiving feast. E) freeze-dried ice cream that never melts.
  10. At a costume party you would dress as. . . . A) Cleopatra. B) a knight or princess. C) Leonardo da Vinci. D) George Washington. E) a three-headed alien.

Leave your answers in the Comments and click here to find out your results.

–Ratha, STACKS Writer


November 12, 2013

Season Personality Quiz Results

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FallProfile130Which season are you?

Which season best represents YOUR personality? Last week, Desertchief gave you a Season Personality Quiz to determine if you a winter, spring, summer, or fall person. Okay, now we will do the results.

If you picked mostly A’s: You are a WINTER kind of person!
From unwrapping presents to snowboarding, you have the winter spirit! You love cold days and you
are attracted to colors like blue, gray, and white. Try painting your room with cool, winter colors so you can capture winter all year long!

If you picked mostly B’s: You are a SPRING kind of person!
From having a picnic to sniffing flowers (Make sure you don’t have an allergy!), you are the spring kind of person! You love warm days and you are attracted to colors like green, light red, and light pink. Put some plants in your room so you can capture spring all year long!

If you picked mostly C’s: You are a SUMMER kind of person!
From swimming in the pool to hanging out with pals, you are a summer lover! You love hot days
and you are attracted to colors like dark red, gold, and dark pink. Turn the heat up and wear shorts all year long!

If you picked mostly D’s: You are a FALL kind of person!
From hanging jack-o-lanterns to making a scarecrow, you are a fall person at heart! You love chilly days and you are attracted to colors like brown, orange, and yellow. Get a cozy earth-toned blanket for your bed so you can capture fall all year long!

What do you think? Does this quiz describe your personality? It’s funny. My favorite season is summer, but I have a winter personality. How does that work?

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

November 5, 2013

Season Personality Quiz

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desertchief avatarSeason Personality Quiz

Desertchief19 created a Personality Quiz to determine which season you are most like. Answer these questions and come back next week to find out your results.

1. What are your favorite colors? A) Gray, dark blue, and white. B) Green, light red, and light pink. C) Dark red, gold, and dark pink\salmon pink. D) Brown, orange, and yellow.

2. What is your favorite holiday? A) Christmas! Hanukkah! I love unwrapping presents and watching snow fall. B) Easter! Passover! C) Uhh . . . does the last day of school count? I just can’t wait to have some fun in the sun! D) Halloween! It’s a delight to eat candy and hear the sound of leaves scrunching under my feet.

3. Which activity sounds most fun to you? A) Ice skating. B) Having a picnic with friends. C) Swimming in the cool ocean at the beach. D) Helping cook a big feast for Thanksgiving.

4. What drink sounds most delicious? A) Hot cocoa. B) Water. C) A milkshake. D) Ehh . . . I’m not that into drinks.

5. Which days do you like best? A) Snowy days! B) Warm days (but not too warm!) C) Hot days (maybe with some rain). D) Chilly days with lots of colorful leaves on the ground.

Click here for your results and go visit Desertchief on the Message Boards!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

October 1, 2013

Locker Personality Quiz Results

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trivia_quiz2Locker Personality Quiz Results

In last week’s Locker Personality Quiz we asked you questions to find out what kind of locker style you rock. Count up your answers and find out what your locker says about you!

Mostly A’s: Neat ‘N Tidy
You like your locker like your life – as organized as possible! You’re always on the go and you need to keep your schedule straight. If people call you a neat freak, you take it as a compliment! Your friends can always depend on you to know when homework is due, what time practice is, and what’s on the cafeteria menu. You study hard, get good grades, and are a great student. Your neat habits help you stay on top of things at school. A+!

Mostly B’s: Artistic Touch
Your locker is a work of art! You are creative and artsy, and you like to decorate it and fill it with style and memories. You might have photos of friends, magazine clippings, art you made, a magnetic Kleenex box – everything is arranged with thought. You might toss in clothes, books, and random food wrappers, but you make sure things don’t get too out of hand. You like to keep things fun at school, hang out at your locker with your friends, and your locker makes you happy. A+!

Mostly C’s: Athletic ‘N Sporty
You are a certified gym rat. You love sports and this carries over to your locker. Hanging inside might be posters of your favorite players and teams. You work hard and play hard. You balance school and sports, but being neat is not a priority for you. There are more important things in life, and sometimes the days go too fast to keep a totally neat locker! Between homework, practice, sports, friends, who has time? You still manage to get good grades and balance everything. A+!

Mostly D’s: Tech Wizard
You are a technology pro, and love your gadgets! You are obsessed with your iDevices, tablets, and computers. You may store your gadgets in your locker, but otherwise keep it neat and tidy. You might also have mini-posters of your favorite apps hung up: Angry Birds, Temple Run, Minecraft. Your friends text you (when allowed!) to meet up at your locker. You are good at figuring things out, building things, and have a mathematical mind. Your tech-savvy nature has you programmed for success. A+!

–Ratha, STACKS Staffer

September 24, 2013

Locker Style Personality Quiz

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trivia_quiz2Locker Style Personality Quiz

The school locker. With the door closed it looks just like every other locker in school, but once you open it, your personality comes shining forth from within! What does the inside of your locker say about you? Take our Personality Quiz to find out.

  1. Hanging in your locker is: A) your class schedule so you can stay organized. B) an artsy collage right now, but you change it up based on your mood. C) everything – posters, sticky notes from friends, maybe even some old gym clothes you forgot about – pwew! D) your coat.
  2. After school, with homework you: A) do it right away in class order. B) sprawl out on the floor and do your favorite subject first. C) have to do it after soccer/lacrosse/basketball. D) type it up on your computer in between Minecraft sessions.
  3. Your backpack for the first day of school is: A) Awesome! It’s decked out with 5 compartments, water bottle holders, secret zipper areas, and is super durable. Take that – homework! B) An original. You decorated it yourself with iron-ons, bubble paint, and glitter glue! C) Doubles as a gym bag, because you have practice after school. D) Heavy. You’ve got a lot of electronic devices in there!
  4. Your favorite class is: A) Reading and Math. B) Art. C) Gym. D) Computers.
  5. Your room is decorated with: A) tasteful colors, books and toys are organized as they should be! B) styles ripped from magazines, and a mix of fun and funky colors. C) sports trophies, a basketball hoop over the door. D) Your computer, cool gadgets, and other devices.
  6. Your handwriting is: A) perfectly neat, of course. B) fun! You dot your “i’s” with hearts and make double exclamation marks into smiley faces. C) uh . . .you never really noticed. D) handwriting? You type everything on your computer.
  7. Your friends come to your locker: A) to borrow a pencil or grippie. They know you always have extra school supplies! B) to see what you’re wearing. C) to meet for sports after school. D) because you texted them!
  8. How do you pack your lunch? A) You plan a chart at the beginning of the week. B) You throw in whatever looks good. C) You usually buy it. D) Mom packs it . . . with your approval.
  9. You can’t find your field trip permission slip so you check: A) The front pocket of your binder. It should be right where you put it. B) Your art folder. It might be stuck behind your new drawing. C) Your gym bag, under your sweaty socks. D) Your phone. You scanned it in, and can print out a new one on the school’s wi-fi.
  10. Your fashion style is: A) Preppy and put-together. B) Fun & funky. C) As long as it’s comfortable, you’ll wear it! D) Fashion? You don’t care much about that, and you don’t care what people think, either!

Click here to find out your results!

–Ratha, STACKS Staffer

August 27, 2013

Dream Vacation Personality Quiz Results

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vacationDream Vacation Personality Quiz Results

In last week’s Dream Vacation Personality Quiz we asked you questions to find out where you should go for your ultimate dream vacation. Count up your answers and get ready to book your flight!

Pack your sunscreen because your dream vacation is to a Tropical Paradise! You love the sun and water, and can’t get enough of hanging out by the pool, the beach, or your little brother or sister’s baby pool. Your dream vacation location would be Hawaii, Bora Bora, Fiji, or the Atlantis resort. You’d love one of those glass cabins that sit on top of the ocean so you can see straight through as the tropical fish swim by. Or you could swim with the dolphins for some exercise, then relax in your cabana as you get spritzed with mineral water. So start saving your money because a Tropical Paradise is where you are meant to be!

Get ready to pitch your tent, because your dream vacation would be a Camping Adventure! Not just any old camping adventure though; we’re talking serious camping like the Grand Canyon, or hiking Mt. Everest, or backpacking across Europe. You love the outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and roughing it. You don’t like to be bored, and consider ziplining, white-water rafting, and mountain climbing all in a day’s work. So get your map and RV ready. You’ll be off on a Camping Adventure soon enough!

Your dream vacation is on the Italian Riviera! Sleek and sophisticated, you long to be a jetsetter off to Rome, Paris, or Madrid at a moment’s notice. You would enjoy relaxing on your yacht, then hanging with the celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival. You might gaze at art in Florence, or take a gondola through the canals of Venice. You can end the day with a plate of delicious pasta and dessert of mouth-watering gelato. Bellisimo!

Your dream vacation is an African Safari! You love animals, and long for adventure, so this is the perfect combination of the two! You will see lions in search of dinner, 12,000-pound elephants (hopefully not charging at you!) and the necks of giraffes popping out of trees. Channel the movie Madagascar (rated PG) as you ride in Land Rovers across wide open plains, and make friends with lemurs, zebras, and rhinos, observing them in their natural habitat. Rest easy as the sun sinks down over the horizon of your dream vacation on safari!

Hold on tight because your dream vacation is Theme Park Madness! You love ‘em all from water parks to Disney to Legoland, to Busch Gardens, to Universal, to the #1 ranked in America: Cedar Point in Ohio. You are a born thrill-seeker and fun-chaser, the more the better. So get your all-access pass. It looks like you’ll be travelling coast to coast and coaster to coaster!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

August 20, 2013

Dream Vacation Personality Quiz

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vacationWhat is your dream vacation?

Answer these questions to find out what your dream vacation would be!

  1. For regular family vacations, you like to go: A)to the beach. B) anywhere outside and away from the crowd. C) somewhere cultural like museums, Colonial Williamsburg, or planetariums. D) Sea World, the zoo, or any place with animals. E) to an amusement park.
  2. You consider yourself to be: A) laid-back.  B) an outdoorsy nature-lover. C) a thrill-seeker.  D) savvy and sophisticated. E) always up for fun and silliness.
  3. Your sport is: A) swimming, diving, or any water sport! B) rock climbing! Man against the mountain! C) horseback riding. Giddy-up! D) dance, gymnastics, or anything artistic. E) football, soccer, basketball, baseball. You love team sports.
  4. If you could be an animal you’d be a: A) Parrot. Beautiful colors, you can talk, and YUM! All those crackers. B)  Bear. Roam the wild to your heart’s content, and then sleep all winter. C) Cheetah. Sleek, fast, and dangerous. D) Cat. Fancy grooming, and Fancy Feast meals. E) Dog. Always up for fun and companionship.
  5. What’s your ideal weather? A) Sunny and hot, but you don’t mind an occasional evening thunderstorm. B) Cool, shady summers and cold, snowy winters. C) Hot, sunny, and dry. D) Unpredictable. You like to be surprised! E) Warm, but not hot.
  6. If you were stranded on a desert island what one thing would you HAVE to have? A) nothing! This is the life! B) plenty of water! C) your pet, Mr. Cuddles. D) a stylish bathing suit and a good book. E) a DS so you don’t get bored.
  7. How do you like to travel? A) by airplane. B) on foot. C) by camel. D) by yacht. E) by skateboard.
  8. Your vacation anthem song would be: A) “Surf’s Up” from Teen Beach Movie. B) “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. C) “Circle of Life” From The Lion King D) “All Around the World” by Justin Bieber. E) ”Live While We’re Young” by 1D
  9. You have to do one bizarre activity for 5 hours straight. It would be: A) swimming in a protected box surrounded by jellyfish. B) floating on an iceberg around Antarctica. C) training a lion. D) trying to communicate in another language with people who have absolutely no idea what you’re saying. E) skydiving.
  10. How do you feel about ghosts? A) Terrified! B) Love to tell stories about them and scare people. C) They live on. . .  In animals! D) No such thing. E) Love to go through fun houses and cemeteries, and pretend they exist, even though you know it’s fake.
  11. When you were little, you loved to go: A) to the kiddie pool in your backyard. B) to the woods. C) to the zoo. D) to the airport and watch the planes take off, dreaming of far away lands! E) to playgrounds… and you still do!

Find out your results here!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

July 30, 2013

Harry Potter Personality Quiz

HarryPotterLogoHarry Potter Personality Quiz

Today’s Personality Quiz comes from PurpleWizard50, and it’s just in time to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday tomorrow! Answer these questions to find out which character from the series you are most like. Then come back tomorrow to find your results and to join in Harry’s birthday bash!

  1. You had a huge fight with your best friend last night. Today, you are walking down the hall when you see him/her getting bullied. You… a) Stand up for him/her. b) Walk on and pretend that you didn’t notice. c) Start reading about defense strategies so that you are never in that situation. d) Play a wicked prank on the bully but never acknowledge it.
  2. Voldemort gives you a choice: Either you are hurt and he lets your loved ones be safe, or all your loved ones are hurt and you are safe. What do you do? a) You fight him. b) You get hurt. c) You cry and cry and let your loved ones get hurt. d) Use that darkness powder, escape and change your identity.
  3. If your best friend got hypnotized and is trying to hurt you, what would you do? a) Find out who did it and punish them. b) Try to make him/her snap out of it. c) Use a spell to make your best friend stop. d) Review your favorite pranks so that s/he remembers that she was your best friend.
  4. Favorite spell? a) Expelliarmus! b) I don’t really know that many. c) All of them!!! d) All that are associated with pranks and tricks!

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THE QUIZ! Click here to celebrate Harry’s birthday and find out your results!